May 11, 2015

DIY Kawaii Shoelaces

It's been over a week since I've returned to Malaysia and I've been meaning to blog but was occupied in bringing my Taiwanese friend around my country. Took the opportunity to be a tourist in my own country as well. :3

Anyways, today's post is a mini tutorial on customizing your shoes, or rather customizing shoelaces to make your shoes look more kawaii! I have always wanted to do this but hadn't got a suitable pair of shoes until I decided to use up my Topshop gift card from my birthday last year to buy a pair of comfortable sneakers after countless pairs of my shoes broke (thanks to the daily excessive walking in Singapore) and a terrible blister experience.

Here are my new kicks! Got them at $46 after a 10% student discount at Topshop. They look really nice already but since school shoes around this region are plain white and they look really similar to these, I wanted to make them look different to become a fashion item instead of a uniform. Got those lovely ribbons from Spotlight in Singapore and they costed me $17 which made my wallet cry so badly. they are 3m long and 1.5cm wide each, although 2m will be sufficient for this DIY. And I'm pretty sure there are places that sell them at a cheaper price.

First of all you want to take off the existing shoelaces *obviously* because they will be used to measure how long you want to cut your ribbons off. I suggest you measure the length of the shoelaces before you go for ribbon shopping because shoes have different shoelace holes and length.

Cut the ribbon at a slanted angle once you've measured it against the existing shoelaces. Slanted angle prevents the ribbon from fraying and it makes it easier to lace your shoes later on.

To prevent the ribbons from any fraying it is best to melt the edges. Get a candle if you're new to this and heat it (don't burn it!) closely to the flame and it will melt and curl by itself.

Lace up your shoes and you're done! I made pink and black shoelaces for this tutorial but feel free to try out colours like blue, mint, lavender or peach! :D You can even try other types of ribbon too~

On a different note, I am so glad to be home! Love my balcony, the amazing view outside and of course the gorgeous natural light I wake up to every morning... I am letting myself rest and do things I love this month hence I plan to blog more, meet up with my friends and draw things I love. :) Since it's a long summer break, I'm thinking of taking up a part time or freelance job to save up for a DSLR hehe ^^

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