April 5, 2015


Pretty sure you can all relate with me to this gif above, unless you're some disney princess who wakes up in perfectly groomed state (oops, not Anna). I've been checking blogs more often lately and I have the urge to blog as well. What's holding me back for now is my presentation tomorrow which has caused me to be cooped up at home since yesterday. I need to get outside soon to get food (!) but the sky is not cooperating and decides to rain at this moment I'm typing out this post. :(

When I'm home I don't dress up or even comb my hair, which is so different from the usual me. But home is the only place where I can be who I want without anyone judging me. I'm in my comfort zone, recharging myself for the week ahead. :D I guess only my family and my bestest friend have seen me in this unkempt state lol. :P

I know I'm procrastinating right now to finish my presentation slides but it's only when I am procrastinating that all the usual things I do such as watching anime, variety shows, drama and gaming seem much more interesting and tempting than usual. On top of that with the new release of Spring 2015 anime I feel even more distracted because I don't want to miss out on any new episodes D:

What anime are you watching this season? :D Let's share~

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