April 26, 2015

Upcycling Fashion Garment Production

I'm so excited that I'm finally blogging about this school project that I've been working on the past 5 weeks! :D This term I finally started on my major, which is Fashion, and for those who don't know, in my college we are required to study foundation in visual arts for 3 terms before getting into our major. Every year it's the same project for year 1 students, which is an upcycling project. Upcycling garment means that we have to source second hand clothes, deconstruct them and reconstruct into a new piece thorough fabric manipulation. Also, for this project, we were required to hand sew which explains why it took me so long to get it done.

My friend, Han Wen modelled for me and we did the photoshoot at Pinnacle@Duxton. It's an urban HDB (which are the low cost flats in Singapore) and on the 50th floor there is a sky bridge where you can access so by paying $5 per person at the security counter at block 1G, first floor. You can spend all day up there till 2145 where the gate auto locks.

The theme I chose for my project was superhero, hence the strong colour choices and the setting of the photoshoot. I wanted a cityscape background up high, and this was the perfect rooftop area for me to shoot. Seriously, we could see all the way to the sea from up there! It's safe to hang out up there and it's well maintained too so if you're visiting Singapore and would love to explore more perhaps you can try going up here since it's not a typical tourist place.

Photos were shot with a loaned Canon 550D so I had to get used to the camera on the spot. It was nice taking photos through a viewfinder but because I wasn't familiar with the gear I ended shooting in jpeg which I only realized after I printed the photos and noticed the drop in quality. I'm still really disappointed over that right now :'( On the bright side, I plan to work this semester break and I'll be getting myself a proper DSLR at last! :D

Overall the project was pretty fun although I did end up having a few sleepless nights while sewing the garment. It was a fulfilling experience since I had to do all the design research, planning, sewing, styling and photoshoot by myself within a month. It sounds a lot but I really did enjoy the process and seeing the final results at the end. :) My submission is this coming Tuesday so right now I'm preparing all the things I need to display my works. I still don't know what to do with my garment after that, since I didn't make it fit to my size (it's a size 8, slightly altered) and if I am going to sell it I don't know how to do that yet. :/

Anyways, it's 4 more days till I meet my family in Singapore and we'll be going back to KL together! :D I can't wait!
April 13, 2015

Spring 2015 anime

It's midnight and I'm typing this post from in my bed. So I was just watching the new episode of the new season of Sidonia no Kishi and suddenly I thought, I'm pretty sure most people know that I'm a huge fan of anime, manga and cosplay but I've never really talk about what anime I watch. Thus, I thought, I'd share with you which anime I'm watching this season and maybe you can recommend some to me or my list might interest you to start watching some new series! :D

First of all, I'm still watching the leftovers from last month. Some anime runs longer than others so they tend to overlap into the new seasons.

World Trigger | ワールドトリガー

I started watching this series after I saw its promotional poster at Kinokuniya. They had a brief copy of the manga for browsing, and after looking through it and reading the synopsis I decided to pick up this anime. The style is a little laid back and filled with slight comedy but it's about this world where they have to fight 'Neighbours' from other dimensions to defend their own world. Btw, this anime does their opening song with a different timing.... It's usually midway of the show ^^;

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu | 暗殺教室

I'd kill to have Koro-sensei as my teacher. ;)

This series is about class E students in an elite school which has been chosen to kill this creature that has, apparently, destroyed half the moon. The creature has agreed that he will only allow these students to be able to kill him while he being their teacher. I love this anime because it's not just about the assassination itself, but how the creature, or teacher, or Koro-sensei cares about them and teaches them life lessons even though he is not so normal himself. The anime is funny and the characters would dance to the opening song, and whichever anime that has its characters doing that is probably one to look out for ;)

Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 | 黒子のバスケ

Kuroko no Basuke was the first sports anime that got me interested in the sports anime genre. Sorry, Slam Dunk :P I've been watching this series since the first season and hasn't stop till now. Probably because I can't play sports well so I like to watch these anime and enjoy the suspense and excitement... ^^; Other than this anime, I also watched Haikyuu, Yowamushi Pedal (Which is my favourite thanks to Onoda-kun's Hime power! :D) and if you count Free! as a sports anime too, then yeah, I've watched that too :3 Sports anime are great and they're a must to check out! :D

Those are the leftover anime series from last season, and below are the new series or season 2 of am existing anime series.

Fate/ Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Season 2 | フェイトステイナイト UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS

I started watching the Fate/Stay Night series since the 2006 one. I've watch every series other than the spin-off series Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya so you can tell how much of a fan I am XD My favourites are Saber-chan, Rider-san and Archer. For the Fate/Stay Night series, for me it is best to watch Fate/Stay Night 2006, Fate/Zero then Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. There's also a Fate/Prototype Series which you can watch whenever you want~ The 2006 series differs from the game, but the current running series is said to be following the game storyline.

Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki | シドニアの騎士第九惑星戦役

I got to know this anime after I saw Kaname, Reika and Yuegene cosplayed characters from this series last year at AFA SG 2014. Prolly because they were so cute and their cosplay was so cool that I decided to look up the series and started watching during my sem break. I was instantly hooked onto the series and I downloaded episodes and watched them everywhere on my phone. This anime was seriously an unexpected find and it is just so awesome. I seriously recommend this anime and I'm so looking forward to the storyline progression for the second season! :D

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid | 魔法少女リリカルなのはVIVID

Angel lent me her Nanoha series DVD collection back in high school and I remember the many days I marathon the series as soon as I got home. I even cosplayed at Vita from the series with Angel as Fate Testarossa. We were just such big fans of the series. I never thought that after a few years they decided to continue to anime series with Nanoha Vivid so I'm really excited to watch this series. I didn't read the manga because there were so many chapters already when I was introduced to the series so I didn't bother to start reading lol ^^; I'm more of an anime person.

Digimon Adventure Tri | デジモンアドベンチャー tri.

Digimon is like part of my childhood memories. As far as I can remember when I was young, I used to watch a lot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Pokemon and Digimon. I'm not the typical girly girls lol XD I really really loved Digimon and I used to draw them and colour them. Sadly I don't know where these drawings have gone to but I know that I drew a lot of them especially Patamon which was my favourite. I mean, he's so freaking cute and have you seen its transformation??? When it finally transformed int Angemon I was like 'Ha! I knew my choice was right!' I was fangirling over Angemon and I still am :3

Denpa Kyoushi | 電波教師

This is a new series which I just started watching about an Otaku teacher who teaches high school students. Ok, anything with an otaku lead has a soft spot in my heart. (Yes, you, Onoda-kun X3) Moreover, it's because I have a cousin who's also an otaku and gamer that teaches in high school that got me even more interested in this anime. Well, it's not like what happens in the anime will happen in real, but I just love how it links to something I can relate to in real, haha! It's been funny so far, but there might be a story twist or something deeper in the plot so we'll see! Also, this anime came from a manga so I'm thinking that I might check out the manga if it hasn't progressed too far with too many chapters :P

Owari no Seraph | 終わりのセラフ

Finally I'm also watching this new series where a young boy tries to fight over the vampire dominated system. I don't really know how the story is going to be yet since I didn't read the synopsis but I figured it's an interesting 1st episode so I'm giving this a try. I don't usually read the synopsis of an anime but instead I prefer to just expect the unexpected. :) The vibe of this anime reminds me sort of of the last 2 season's anime, Shingeki no Bahamut so I'm thinking this might be interesting. :)

And that's all I have for this post! There's actually quite a lot of anime already since I'm also watching Running Man every weekend and catching up some period dramas. Half the time I'm home I'm either gaming or watching videos while eating, drawing or just anything else. I love to multitask because it makes my work process more interesting, hehe :3 This post took me longer than I expected to draft out so I hope you enjoyed reading it! I might do this every new season of anime :D
April 8, 2015

How has the blogging scene changed for me

Here's a more personal post for today. This is just purely my thoughts and feelings after blogging for over 5 years.

As I write this down, I don't even know how many people this will reach. I know there are a few who are still reading my blog and some I've grew so close to them that they are now my friends, but other than that I do not know how many of you out there are actually reading my blog. And this huge wall of incoming text.

I started 'blogging' since I was 12 if I'm not remembering wrongly. Back then I was on Piczo which has been shut down now (I can't believe so many years have passed by!) and that was my very first platform where I was able to reach out to people and make some 'blogging' friends. I would share drawings, anime and gif, pretty much like Tumblr these days. After a year or two, I moved over to Blogger where I started out with some random blog URL which I cannot recall already.

Today my blog is named 'It's Me, Hanie' but before this is was called 'Myau-Club'. Pretty sure some of you who has been following me since then will still remember that blog name. ^^; When this blog first started, I was blogging about random stuff of my life. Then when I started following the Gyaru trend, it gathered more readers and according to the Blogger stats I had like 400+ views each post. The actual blog has now been privated, but you can still find some of my 'Good Old Gyaru Days' at the back of my archives.

So what is it that has changed for me?


Under 'Myau-Club' I could easily share just about any photos of Makeup, Fashion, Hair, Hauls and cute stuff around me. Those photos weren't the best quality you'd find, they were mostly shot with my phone camera before there was any photo editing app. I still remember some of the photos were shot with my old Sony Ericsson phone, with an actual keypad. And that was fine too, I was able to still blog and get readers to comment on my posts.

Today, you see all these blogs are competing with one another, who has the best visual and high quality photos, who has the best styling, lighting and poses. I do understand where the technology has bring us to and that we must always aim for the better, but I do realized at the same time that blogging has become much more commercialized.


Blogging is now a way to source for income. It has surely come a long way and it is recognize for it's ability to generate interest towards a mass audience. With large blogging companies managing dozens of blog and commissioning ads to these blogs, more often than not we see the same advertorial post on several blogs. I've done advertorials myself too so I know that but it's not something I really enjoy.

The ability to generate audience and money through blogging is really very very tempting. But if you notice, I stopped taking advertorials or place ad banner on my blog since a year ago because I know that in these ads they will give you a guideline of what to write, and most bloggers out there will write in the benefit of their clients as they are receiving payment for that. In fact, some even copy-paste the entire ad layout that they received into their blogs, which is funny, because it is painfully obvious. Moreover, with sponsored ads, do you honestly think that every product out there is the best there is in the market? Blogging is a business now and in business you know that there are a lot of sweet talk to convince potential customers to buy a certain product.

I'm not saying that all bloggers who do ads out there are fake, because I know some bloggers are genuine. And I do respect bloggers who are able to promote a product with their creative writing skills which makes their post relatable and convincing. But what I want to really say is that with the rise of advertorial blogging, there is a huge swarm of ad-focused blogs. These blogs are created with the mindset of advertorial blogging and you will see that 80% of their posts are ads. Even if they don't label them, they are still ads ==

The power of Social Media.

Back when I first started blogging there wasn't the use of Facebook lol, neither was there Twitter or Instagram. I still remember using Friendster when I first signed up for Facebook.... and left it there for years before I actually started using it. I'm still amazed by how I was able to still gain audience without promoting on social media lol. I only needed to blog decent content, engage with readers through comments and I saw my followers growing just like that.

Time has changed and even toddlers know how to use an iPad. Social media is so much of an influence today. I get my latest news content when a story goes viral on social media instead or what? TV or newspaper. I hardly access to those nowadays and everything is available instantly online.

I'm a social media user, but I don't know how I can help you to gain followers because I am still figuring that part out myself. Even with good content, there are some accounts that I follow which has only a few hundred followers, whereas a selfie-loaded account has thousands of followers. :/

Bloggers are also using these platforms to spread news on latest content on their blog or the latest happenings in their life. In fact, some social media users are so well known on these platforms that they do not need such thing as a blog. With everything so instant, I wonder, is there still people out there who read blogs? Like actually reading them instead of viewing pictures? Is there even anyone reading what I am writing right now?

The Blogging Community.

Everything is so sped up today and everyone moves on really quickly. This current blog peaked at 200+ views a day but now it has dropped to 1/4 of the views as I haven't been active the past year. I know I lost a lot of readership and what you see at the side there, the followers, is not as accurate as you think it is. It is quite sad for me to say too, but most of the figures you see there are follower stats from my old blog, Myau-Club that I was somehow able to move to this current blog. On Bloglovin I have 40+ followers so that might be more accurate if you're wondering.

I used to check my stats quite often when my blog was at its peak and would spend hours thinking of new content daily to keep the numbers up. But once I stop being as active, the numbers dropped tremendously to the point that it is now depressing for me to just look at them. Even if I do try my best, it is now very very hard to gain new readers. Times have changed.

So instead, I and some bloggers I know of, we tend to look at the comments we get instead of the numbers of views that we get. We feel that this is more of an accurate representation of reader engagement than just pure numbers. When we speak out or share contents, we really do hope that we will receive responses instead of just a one way conversation. It really motivates us even if it's a short comment.

That said, there are also some 'readers/bloggers' out there who are pretty much copy-pasting comments into any blogs they come by. Because comments are a way to gain a blogger's attention, some people comment because they want these bloggers to come visit their blogs. More blog views = better chance of getting advertorial or sponsors. As readers you might not notice it, but I myself as a blogger I've received comments like 'Nice outfit! [inserts blog link]' on a completely unrelated post. Well, thanks for your not-so-genuine-copy-pasted-comment. I will still read your blog because I am curious of who you are, but don't expect me to be a returning reader.

Blogging has changed so much in these years and you might or might not relate to me in these aspects. But it is sort of what identifies me today among my friends, that I own and run a blog and I would like to say that although it is not as fun and casual as before, blogger friends that I've made are constantly supporting each other and it is a nice community. There isn't much that I can change writing this post, so you might want to take it as a PoV post?

If you have read all the way till here I would like to say thank you to you, really, for actually reading these thoughts that I've penned down. :')

Btw, I do reflect and try to improve my blog so please don't start flaming me :X
April 7, 2015

{Review} Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Device

It's been a long while since I've done a review post and I blame it on the terrible lighting in my room. I have no class today and the landlord was out so I could freely take photos in the living room where there was better lighting. :D I love bright, clean and white spaces which is why my room back in Malaysia is mostly white. Over here I have no choice but to compromise, and to be honest, the darkly lit room has worsen my eyesight this year. I didn't need any glasses but I think I might need prescription when I go for an eye sight check up when I'm home. :(

So anyways, today I'll be reviewing on Philip's VisaPure Facial Cleansing Device. I've been deliberating on whether I should get a Clarisonic for the longest time ever since I wear makeup most of the time for long hours. But before I even saved up to get one for myself, my parents got me VisaPure instead for Christmas last year. As I know, the retail price is around RM700 which is much more expensive than Clarisonic. There are 2 models for VisaPure, blue is without speed setting and pink is with 2 speeds settings. As you can tell the function is less fancy compared to Clarisonic and it doesn't oscillate, instead VisaPure's brush spins. Luckily my parents got it after a huge price discount at around RM400 or I'll feel terrible since Clarisonic Aria is only RM690 (Still cheaper than VisaPure lol).

I have been using this since Christmas and ever 3 months you have to change the brush head. I'm now on my second brush head already. So far I haven't experienced any purging effect which I've heard most users got from Clarisonic and it has kept my skin pretty clean. Of course I still get pimples around that time of the month, but most of the time my skin is clear. :D Also do take note that I don't use it as a daily regime, I only use it every time after I remove my makeup.

It's really simple to use, all you need to do is to press the button and it will start the device. It will spin for 20 seconds, pause for 1 second then continue for another 20 seconds, pause for 1 second and finally another 20 seconds before it stops. In the instructions manual it describes that 20 seconds for each side of the face and the remaining 20 for your T-zone.

The device is set to function up to 30 rounds before charging is needed. So far I've only charged it once, which means you most likely do not need to bring the charger along for a short trip if you've charged it well enough before you depart. :)

The device comes with a drying stand which also serves as a charging port. You can connect the charger at the back of the stand. It doesn't support USB charging so you might need a universal charger depending on where you are.

It is also completely waterproof since I always use it in the shower and do everything in one go XD And usually how I'll use it is that I'll wet the brush, apply some cleansing foam, 'smooth' it out on the brush then I'll start washing my face.

There are 3 brush heads available, normal, sensitive and exfoliating. The pink one is the sensitive brush head which has finer and softer bristles and the white one is the normal brush head. I've not tried out the exfoliating one yet so I can't say anything about that. For the past 3 months I've used the normal brush head and now I'm moving on to the sensitive one. Of course you can use both concurrently but I prefer to save the brush heads for 3 month use each so I don't have to purchase so many of them. The retail price shown on Philips website is RM59 but my parents got it cheaper at RM45 if I didn't remember wrongly. Philips has an annual sales so they got these deals from the sales. ^^

Brush head replacement is really easy, with just on click you can change the brush so it should be simple enough to use. The brush head size is much smaller than Clarisonic which I thought was not much of a problem. Besides, I already have difficulties getting the areas on my nose bridge so a bigger brush head might not do good for me. 60 seconds with this brush head size is more than enough to wash my face XD

In general I will say that it's a good product but I am not promoting or selling it so it's entirely up to you to decide. I am just reviewing a present I got from my parents that's all ^^ I've been wanting to review some beauty products lately so I decided to review on this since it's something different from my usual review on beauty products. I think I might have more things to review but I'll see if I have time to do them or if the lighting is cooperating or I won't be able to snap a decent photograph :/

I should be doing my fashion sketches now so bye! And do follow me on Tumblr as it's much easier to update over there XD It's like a sub-blog with my inspiration, photographs and artworks. :)
April 6, 2015


Today's post is a little different, I've been wanting to do this for quite some time ever since I watch bubzbeauty did it. Not sure why I kept hesitating but today I really felt like doing this TMI thing so here it is!

1: What are you wearing?
Black A-line dress. I wore it with an Obi inspired waist belt today but I took it off as soon as I reached home. :P

2: Ever been in love?

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
Friendship breakup? Yeah. I have trust issue because often I get betrayed by people whom I trust.

4: How tall are you?

5: How much do you weigh?

6: Any tattoos?
No, and I don't plan to get any.

7: Any piercings?
None as well because my skin is too sensitive :( I like cute earrings

8: OTP?
I don't have any ^^;

9: Favorite show?
Shiawase no Pan. It's not a fancy movie with amazing storyline, but the visual and the peace I felt from it was just delightful.

10: Favorite bands?
The Runaways! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! XD

11: Something you miss?
Home, definitely home. :'(

12: Favorite song?
There's just too many! I love anisong, so does that count?

13: How old are you?
20, I feel sort of old now that I'm not a teenager anymore, but I'm glad that I'm told that I look younger than my age XD

14: Zodiac sign?
Do you mean horoscope? I'm a Scorpio and people always give me this reaction O.O when I tell them I'm one. What's really the big deal?

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
I don't really know what I look for, but I know what I dislike. Smoking, drinking, tattoos and excessive piercing is a no-no to me.

16: Favorite Quote?

17: Favorite actor?
Sato Takeru. The best Kenshin ever!

18: Favorite color?
Mostly red, but I love the primary colours red, blue, yellow, black and white so yeah, these are basically the colours I always wear or use in my artworks ^^

19: Loud music or soft?
Preferably soft when I'm doing work, but loud ones when I want to just release some stress.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
Consult my Rilakkuma in my bed.

21: How long does it take you to shower?
15-30 minutes

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
1 hour, including the time I roll in my bed before actually planting my feet onto the floor hahahaha XD

23: Ever been in a physical fight?
Yeah, only with my brother.

24: Turn on?
People with manners and is able to impress me.

25: Turn off?
Rude, ignorant, bitchy people.

26: The reason I joined Blogger?
Can't remember why, but eventually blogging became part of me.

27: Fears?
Dentist, Needles and Worms. Both Dentist and Needles makes me faint, literally. And with Worms you'll hear me screaming at my highest pitch (and crying at the same time).

28: Last thing that made you cry?
Homesick. It has always been after I came to Singapore...

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
Everyday, to my Rilakkuma :3 'I love you, Ittekimasu~'

30: Meaning behind your Blogger Name?
'It's Me, Hanie', I guess it's self-explanatory?

31: Last book you read?
Bible lol ^^; I hardly have time to read nowadays.

32: The book you’re currently reading?

33: Last show you watched?
Yowamushi Pedal last night. I'm having mixed feelings with the ending. :'( I want more of Hime Hime

34: Last person you talked to?
My mom through skype :)

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
Best friend :D

36: Favorite food?
'Sour-spicy vegetable' (?) It's a chinese dish called 酸辣菜 and I love the one my grandma makes. I can't wait to go home for some more!

37: Place you want to visit?
All of Japan!

38: Last place you were?

39: Do you have a crush?

40: Last time you kissed someone?

41: Last time you were insulted?
I don't remember when ^^; It's either I don't really get negative remarks or I'm just too blunt to notice...

42: Favorite flavor of sweet?
Chocolate XD

43: What instruments do you play??
I can't play any well :( I learned Piano, Melodica and Recorder when I was young but I'm too bad in playing instrument. My theory was way better than practical.

44: Favorite piece of jewelry?
Tattoo choker :D

45: Last sport you played?
Walking. Yeah. Walking. I can't do sport. I will faint after a 300m run. Unless... if you count esport as a valid answer, I play League of Legends almost every day XD

46: Last song you sang?
Hito ni Sasayaku, it's the opening song for Rolling Girls which is actually a cover of an old song by The Blue Hearts.

47: Favorite chat up line?
It's not really a chat up line, but I do find myself ask new people I meet with this question: 'Do you like/watch anime?' XD

48: Have you ever used it?
Yeah, a lot of times. XD

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
Last Friday with my best friend from high school. :D We watched Insurgent together and I forgot to bring my wallet out with me that day. It was so embarrassing but I'm glad I was with a friend or I'll be helpless D:

50: Who should answer these questions next?
You can answer them if you'd like to and post me a link to your post below! But I would really like to know more about Chai and Yaptus ^^

Thanks for reading! It took me almost an hour to finish this, but it was fun! I just finished my school presentation today and my feedback was average, but I think I managed to pass so that is good enough for me already :D I was told by my friends that I did great but my lecturers weren't as impressed :/ Now that that's done, I will focus more on my fashion project instead. :D Oh btw, I've started a Tumblr account where I'm thinking of putting my art WIP there and also reblogging things that inspires me. So if you're interested in seeing those, do follow me on Tumblr! :D
April 5, 2015


Pretty sure you can all relate with me to this gif above, unless you're some disney princess who wakes up in perfectly groomed state (oops, not Anna). I've been checking blogs more often lately and I have the urge to blog as well. What's holding me back for now is my presentation tomorrow which has caused me to be cooped up at home since yesterday. I need to get outside soon to get food (!) but the sky is not cooperating and decides to rain at this moment I'm typing out this post. :(

When I'm home I don't dress up or even comb my hair, which is so different from the usual me. But home is the only place where I can be who I want without anyone judging me. I'm in my comfort zone, recharging myself for the week ahead. :D I guess only my family and my bestest friend have seen me in this unkempt state lol. :P

I know I'm procrastinating right now to finish my presentation slides but it's only when I am procrastinating that all the usual things I do such as watching anime, variety shows, drama and gaming seem much more interesting and tempting than usual. On top of that with the new release of Spring 2015 anime I feel even more distracted because I don't want to miss out on any new episodes D:

What anime are you watching this season? :D Let's share~
April 4, 2015

Tiny changes to the blog

Woah, here's a super late night post from where I'm writing. It's 2.30am and I am still awake :X

Anyways, this is just a short post to update on the tiny changes I've made to my blog. As of now, I have imported all my blogger comments to Disqus. I've been wanting to do this for some time now seeing how my blogger friends all have their comment system in Disqus. Makes me wonder why haven't I done so since Disqus has been out there quite some time... :/ I made this change because I know that the Disqus system is linked to the user email and everytime you get a reply they will notify you. Since I've always wanted to engage into some discussion or chat with my readers, and blogger comment doesn't notify them when I reply, I figured, it's time I change things up.

So, hopefully, with this change we'll be able to converse more! Hoping to see email notifications of comments and replies yay!

Alright, I shall go to bed now :3
April 2, 2015

Gallery Sitting Experience

I haven't been much inspired lately to blog, so I went over to Twitter to 'seek for help', not that it's usually helpful when you rant with 140 characters, but at least it's a space where I can freely rant as most friends or family do not follow me on that platform. :D So the other day I tweeted 'I wanna take photographs for my blog but I don't know what concept or subject I want .__________.' and Chai told me about the 1 photo an hour challenge. I didn't know about it before until I gave it a search and I thought, why not? It seemed fun and it gives me a little 'push' to take photographs daily.

You know how things don't always turn out the way you wish they will? I rushed to school in the morning so obviously I forgot about taking photos... Later on I was busy with my class work and going around the school and the 1 photo an hour thing was then at the back of my mind... At least till I was doing my Gallery Sitting shift that I was able to remember to take photos as I was all alone and feeling bored trapped in the small gallery space. :(

As such, here's my account of 4 hours doing my shift at the school gallery.

2.15pm Got my bags down and went around the gallery to check on the artworks. Making sure they are in good condition then proceeded to open the gallery for viewing.

3.00pm The sky got dark and still no one came to the gallery. I'm halfway flipping through my newly bought issue of Zipper in this lonely space on a gloomy day.

4.00pm A few visitors came and each time I get so nervous to speak but I try my best to smile ^^; Oh, the sky cleared up and I doodled Ayumi-chan on a piece of receipt paper to pass time.

5.00pm By now some classes are over so there were more people going around outside the gallery. My friend came soon after to visit and I brought her around and explained to her about the artworks. We had a good chat before my classmates came over too, which made me much happier than the previous few hours of sitting in solitary. Gallery closed at 6.00pm and I finally got to go home!

Anyways, the exhibition is still up till 10 of May at my school. Although I won't be doing the gallery sitting shift anymore, I will be really happy when people visit the gallery and hopefully notice my artworks? :) It's my first time having my artworks to be actually up in a legit gallery space which made me really proud of myself. At least I am reassured that pursuing the arts industry is the right choice. ^^