March 2, 2015

Chihiro Ogino - Spirited Away

I was thrilled when I saw Chai blogged about Comic Fiesta, on top of that she finally released the photos from our mini photoshoot! :D I would hop on a rainbow and dance on it if I can right now~

Chai and I got to know each other through mutual friend and we just clicked right away after commenting on each others' blog and through twitter. It's still fascinating for me to know a good friend through blogging and social media. After a whole year of getting to know each other through online platforms, we finally met at last year's Comic Fiesta where we both were the official blogger for the event! :D Being an official blogger for 4 years now, you don't know how happy I am each time I meet a friend who's also an official blogger. (Why do I feel so old all of a sudden....)

To cut things short, I asked Chai if she would do a photoshoot for my Chihiro cosplay because I love her photography and I thought her style suited what I had in mind for my Chihiro cosplay. :) Honestly when she sent me a preview of the pictures I was like 'How did you....?!', it was so beautiful and I begged her to teach me (✪ω✪) Please check out her blog!

It was drizzling during the photoshoot but the cool weather made it up or I'll be a sweaty Chihiro already by the end of the shoot. Spirited Away has always been one of my favourite Ghibli movies along with My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery, Howl's Moving Castle and many more. I chose to cosplay Chihiro because I love her personality and her relationship with her parents were relatable to me on some levels. I'm not sure how good my portrayal of her was, but I had fun cosplaying her even though I'm a decade older than her now lol XD

Angel was there to help me carry my bag too and Chai took a picture of us which I really appreciated since most of our photos together are selfies as we usually don't have anyone else to take picture of us. :) Having good friends around while doing the photoshoot made me feel less awkward even though I think I can improve further ^^;

Thank you so much Chai! Hope to meet you again soon! :D


  1. You did a great cosplay of Chihiro and the photos turned out quite nicely~ I also like your friend Angel's genderbent cosplay of Naruto. ^-^ Thanks for sharing!

    Catherine | leekcat

    1. Thank you! :) I'm sure Angel would be happy to know that too ^^

  2. you look amazing! love the picture's <3

    1. Thank you! Pictures credit to Chai ^^