January 18, 2015

Lasalle Open House 2015

*blows off dust*

It's 2 weeks into term 3 and this term has proved itself to be more intense and exhausting than before. It's pretty much self explanatory seeing that it's the last term of my foundation studies and there is only 7 weeks this term. Let's see... I've got a project due this Wednesday and I'm not halfway done yet *self-applause*

Honestly juggling with so many projects on hand is not an easy feat and the datelines are closing in every second, unless I've got some supernatural powers, I don't think I will get much sleep or time to do my own things this term. :( Which probably means I'm going to leave my blog idle for some while.

But for now, I just want to show you some pictures from my college's open house on Friday and Saturday since some of my works got chosen for exhibition! :D If I am to say a gratitude speech, my line would probably be 'I'm thankful for my friends' support along the way, many sleepless nights and the mountain of snacks and instant noodles that pulled me through.' XD

Amazing works by the foundation studies students!

I made the paper bottle standing in the middle of the group. Visualizing and crafting this wasn't easy, given how small the parts were and how we had to make them 1:1. I must say that I'm pretty lucky to have gotten everything right in one try, and that some skills from my past cosplay prop making experience did contributed into this. I definitely learned a lot of stuff through cosplay! XD

Planar building works by other students.

Mine's on the right. This project was the most time consuming one. I was pretty easy to figure out everything, but it's the cutting, slotting and smoothing the edges that took up most of my time. The project occupied so much of my time to the point where I neglected cleaning my room for nearly a month. Yup, my room was pretty much a rubbish dump back then :/ My fingers hurt so much cutting bristol boards everyday, sometimes an entire day during weekends and I was really afraid that my fingers might break off or something because they were sore to numb. Making art is not easy, people :P

I've got some other works chosen for exhibition too but I didn't get to photograph them. We weren't told where they were published too so I don't even know where some of them went... ^^; I didn't really stay around much during the open house as I went back home to rush more work. My friends who stayed back as volunteers to help out the event sent me pictures and Snapchat of the performances in school so at least I got to see what happened lol. There's always next year if I want to hang around during open house ;)

Really wished that my family or friends could come visit me and view my works on exhibition however everyone's far to busy to make it here. It's quite sad to say this but usually my parents always miss out on these events. The number of times my parents, or should I say my mom attended these events are calculable on my ten fingers throughout my primary and high school period. You can sort of say that I'm used to it but I still hope they will surprise me one day with three of them (my dad, mom and my brother) coming to visit me and attending such event. :)


  1. Wow amazing work! I wish I could see your other works :(
    You are majoring in art/architecture?

    1. Thank you! I'm delighted to hear that! :D I have some other works on my instagram :) @HanieKuar
      I'm majoring in Fashion Media but I enjoy making 3D models and digital art :)

  2. this looks soooo amazing :o definitely something to be proud of!