January 4, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014

It's been a week since Comic Fiesta and usually I'll blog about it the day itself or the day after but this year I've been sort of slacking thanks to *coughs* LOL-ing *coughs* so please forgive me for that. I know I'm guilty. As usual Comic Fiesta is the largest, most epic and in my opinion, the one event where I get to meet so many friends thanks to my special privileges as an official blogger. It's my fourth year being an official blogger and I'm so grateful for this pass every year! :D Thank you CF!

As a blogger I get to go into the event halls much earlier and it's always the Culture Japan booth which I go to first. I like their T-shirt but I can't afford it being a poor student... so it always makes me jelly seeing others wearing it around events. (._.) Anyways, I met Ridley and Chelses who were there cosplaying as Kanata and Mirai. They were both CF's official blogger last year and it was really nice to meet them again after a year! :D

Of course, I couldn't miss out a selfie with Ying Tze who was cosplaying as Kizuna also from Culture Japan! I only saw her on stage at AFA so I was happy to finally say hi and chat with her. :D

Coffytiam selling cosplay guests' prints and photobooks, did you get yours?

I really love Saber and the Fate/Stay Night series and this year there were so many Saber cosplayers around and they are all of different versions! I was doing a mini photoshoot with Angel on day 2 and there were two Saber cosplayers doing a photoshoot next to us too.

After roaming the event halls, I went out to check out the crowd and I couldn't even see where the line ends! There were pictures of people camping the night before outside the event which was really shocking! Salute to them who has so much dedication to our local ACG event XD

I've recently got hooked onto LOL and it was really awesome to be able to witness the Winter TLC live. There were so many people watching the game that both sides where the game was screened was filled with people sitting down with their eyes focused on the gameplay. I joined in as well and everyone exclaimed together whenever one party was getting attacked which was really fun lol :P

This year, Comic Fiesta has expanded to 2 floors with the stage area situated on the third floor. I was there for the opening and the Culture Japan talk which was inspiring as usual. This year I even got Angel to join me haha!

I saw this levitating figure at one of the premium art booths and it was so impressive! Such an eye opener!

I always tell my friends, 'The best part of being an Official Blogger for Comic Fiesta is the opportunity to attend the interviews.' Every time I attend them I learn more about the guests and get to know them better than just visuals. Cosplayers are interesting people and we have so much to tell! We are all different people who are connected through a mutual interest and I'm glad to see this interest spreading wider and wider.

This year though I wasn't able to record a video as recording wasn't allowed so I'm really sorry that I can't bring you the interview contents. m(_ _)m Meeting King, Mon, Liui and Aza was amazing! I saw Mon at AFA SG 2014 and Aza back when she was still in SPcats at AFA MY but never had I ever have the chance to see them up close. I only got selfies with Mon, King and Liui as Aza left the interview room as soon as it was over. :( I got coscards from King and Mon too and getting coscards from them was like getting a belated Christmas gift! XD

This year I got a photo with Jimmy Choo! I like how supportive of him towards his son's achievements and how he will be at events where Culture Japan is held. On a side note I wanted to take a photo with a famous designer *shy* (>///<)

There were many other friends I met at Comic Fiesta this year but I didn't manage to take selfies with all of them. Clockwise, my friend from Anime Club back when I was at Taylor's College Subang, Chai from ohmylittlegirl.net, Caydence, my long time reader slash friend and Poka cosplayer from Vietnam! :D

I didn't include the pictures from my mini photoshoot with Angel as I've got so much more to say about that which I will keep it for the next blog post. I also did a short photoshoot session with Chai and I hope I'll receive photos from her soon so I can share them on my blog. :)

As for a personal update, college is starting tomorrow and I have a morning class on Monday itself. Talk about Monday Blues! I'm so worried if I'll be able to get up on time tomorrow! I miss home so badly right now after coming back to Singapore from my 1 month break at home. I spent last night crying and skyping my family... Pray that time will pass by faster and that I'll be home soon for Chinese New Year! :D


  1. I think I saw you in CF hahaha lovely pictures :)

    1. Oooh really??? I hope to meet you at events then :D Please come and say hi XD