January 28, 2015

Far East Mention Mannequins | FEMM

Oh My Goodness. I just had to blog about this.

I know I almost never blog about music but recently I've been looping songs on Spotify but it gets boring sometimes as most of the songs there are the mainstream songs and western songs. I know there are indies there but most of them I've heard so far aren't really my thing. As I was scrolling through my personal Facebook, I came across my friends sharing about this 'DANCE IS NOT A CRIME'. These two girls danced robotically to a remix of Anaconda and they looked so cool in seifuku. I searched them up and found out that they are actually a pretty new group that started in 2013 and only got more popular in 2014.

They are FEMM, which stand for Far East Mention Mannequins with the members RiRi and LuLa. The group is from Japan but they sing their songs in English, which came rather amusing as they are much better than what you'd expect from usual Japanese English accent. I mean I can totally tell what they are singing so I think you can too XD

Here's the video that got me interested in them. They actually have a full version for this but it's not available to play in my country :( But if you're able to find that video, do check it out because I think it should be really cool :D

I'm sold, totally. They are just too cool. How did they come up with all these dance moves?! And I really want to know how they developed the ideas behind each of their music videos! As of now they only have a short list of songs but I'm pretty sure these girls can go far and they will release more great music. I must say that Electro-Pop-Club is not really the kind of music I'd usually opt for while doing my artworks but it's fun to change the mood once in a while from slow paced songs to something really funky. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for anything Japan. Japan and it's quirky and weird stuff ❤

By the way they have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram too. I'm following them on all these platforms already because I can't wait to see more of them!
January 18, 2015

Lasalle Open House 2015

*blows off dust*

It's 2 weeks into term 3 and this term has proved itself to be more intense and exhausting than before. It's pretty much self explanatory seeing that it's the last term of my foundation studies and there is only 7 weeks this term. Let's see... I've got a project due this Wednesday and I'm not halfway done yet *self-applause*

Honestly juggling with so many projects on hand is not an easy feat and the datelines are closing in every second, unless I've got some supernatural powers, I don't think I will get much sleep or time to do my own things this term. :( Which probably means I'm going to leave my blog idle for some while.

But for now, I just want to show you some pictures from my college's open house on Friday and Saturday since some of my works got chosen for exhibition! :D If I am to say a gratitude speech, my line would probably be 'I'm thankful for my friends' support along the way, many sleepless nights and the mountain of snacks and instant noodles that pulled me through.' XD

Amazing works by the foundation studies students!

I made the paper bottle standing in the middle of the group. Visualizing and crafting this wasn't easy, given how small the parts were and how we had to make them 1:1. I must say that I'm pretty lucky to have gotten everything right in one try, and that some skills from my past cosplay prop making experience did contributed into this. I definitely learned a lot of stuff through cosplay! XD

Planar building works by other students.

Mine's on the right. This project was the most time consuming one. I was pretty easy to figure out everything, but it's the cutting, slotting and smoothing the edges that took up most of my time. The project occupied so much of my time to the point where I neglected cleaning my room for nearly a month. Yup, my room was pretty much a rubbish dump back then :/ My fingers hurt so much cutting bristol boards everyday, sometimes an entire day during weekends and I was really afraid that my fingers might break off or something because they were sore to numb. Making art is not easy, people :P

I've got some other works chosen for exhibition too but I didn't get to photograph them. We weren't told where they were published too so I don't even know where some of them went... ^^; I didn't really stay around much during the open house as I went back home to rush more work. My friends who stayed back as volunteers to help out the event sent me pictures and Snapchat of the performances in school so at least I got to see what happened lol. There's always next year if I want to hang around during open house ;)

Really wished that my family or friends could come visit me and view my works on exhibition however everyone's far to busy to make it here. It's quite sad to say this but usually my parents always miss out on these events. The number of times my parents, or should I say my mom attended these events are calculable on my ten fingers throughout my primary and high school period. You can sort of say that I'm used to it but I still hope they will surprise me one day with three of them (my dad, mom and my brother) coming to visit me and attending such event. :)
January 5, 2015

Misaka Mikoto cosplay photoshoot

First day of school was pretty boring, it started off with an Illustrator workshop then theoretical stuff which absolutely puts me to sleep. I'm still feeling homesick after being home for a month so I had no appetite at all, basically I'm just telling myself to eat because I have to. :( I'm counting down to the days when I can go home again.

Bad things aside, I did a mini photoshoot with Angel during Comic Fiesta 2014 with my newly purchased reflector! After the photoshoot though, I learned that 110cm is too big for me to handle myself and I am looking to buy an 80cm one with a handle instead. Lesson learnt.

There are still so many aspects in photography that I have to learn and learning to control the reflector too so forgive me if I didn't use the reflector quite well. Please share me some tips if you can. :) I'm always happy to learn~

Honestly I can't thank my friends enough for willing to be my guinea pig each time we go to events. What's better than to use them as your subjects when they are perfectly ready in costumes? XDDD Still, shooting for them makes me feel like I have to do better as a form of gratitude after all the troubles they went through to pose for me :)

Lastly a 'sort-of-candid-shot' to end up this post. We were googling image references then we came across a picture that did the same pose. It was funny so of course we tried to replicate it for fun haha!

All in all the photoshoot session was pretty fun and we went in and out of the event halls a few times as it was raining every now and then and we had to make our escape. The only people I've shot so far are my friends so I'm not sure how it'll be if I ever get the chance to shoot with others. I always admire how those cosplay photographers are able to capture the angles, composition and light so well! It's not a day's journey so I hope with lots of practice I'll get somewhere someday! :D
January 4, 2015

Comic Fiesta 2014

It's been a week since Comic Fiesta and usually I'll blog about it the day itself or the day after but this year I've been sort of slacking thanks to *coughs* LOL-ing *coughs* so please forgive me for that. I know I'm guilty. As usual Comic Fiesta is the largest, most epic and in my opinion, the one event where I get to meet so many friends thanks to my special privileges as an official blogger. It's my fourth year being an official blogger and I'm so grateful for this pass every year! :D Thank you CF!

As a blogger I get to go into the event halls much earlier and it's always the Culture Japan booth which I go to first. I like their T-shirt but I can't afford it being a poor student... so it always makes me jelly seeing others wearing it around events. (._.) Anyways, I met Ridley and Chelses who were there cosplaying as Kanata and Mirai. They were both CF's official blogger last year and it was really nice to meet them again after a year! :D

Of course, I couldn't miss out a selfie with Ying Tze who was cosplaying as Kizuna also from Culture Japan! I only saw her on stage at AFA so I was happy to finally say hi and chat with her. :D

Coffytiam selling cosplay guests' prints and photobooks, did you get yours?

I really love Saber and the Fate/Stay Night series and this year there were so many Saber cosplayers around and they are all of different versions! I was doing a mini photoshoot with Angel on day 2 and there were two Saber cosplayers doing a photoshoot next to us too.

After roaming the event halls, I went out to check out the crowd and I couldn't even see where the line ends! There were pictures of people camping the night before outside the event which was really shocking! Salute to them who has so much dedication to our local ACG event XD

I've recently got hooked onto LOL and it was really awesome to be able to witness the Winter TLC live. There were so many people watching the game that both sides where the game was screened was filled with people sitting down with their eyes focused on the gameplay. I joined in as well and everyone exclaimed together whenever one party was getting attacked which was really fun lol :P

This year, Comic Fiesta has expanded to 2 floors with the stage area situated on the third floor. I was there for the opening and the Culture Japan talk which was inspiring as usual. This year I even got Angel to join me haha!

I saw this levitating figure at one of the premium art booths and it was so impressive! Such an eye opener!

I always tell my friends, 'The best part of being an Official Blogger for Comic Fiesta is the opportunity to attend the interviews.' Every time I attend them I learn more about the guests and get to know them better than just visuals. Cosplayers are interesting people and we have so much to tell! We are all different people who are connected through a mutual interest and I'm glad to see this interest spreading wider and wider.

This year though I wasn't able to record a video as recording wasn't allowed so I'm really sorry that I can't bring you the interview contents. m(_ _)m Meeting King, Mon, Liui and Aza was amazing! I saw Mon at AFA SG 2014 and Aza back when she was still in SPcats at AFA MY but never had I ever have the chance to see them up close. I only got selfies with Mon, King and Liui as Aza left the interview room as soon as it was over. :( I got coscards from King and Mon too and getting coscards from them was like getting a belated Christmas gift! XD

This year I got a photo with Jimmy Choo! I like how supportive of him towards his son's achievements and how he will be at events where Culture Japan is held. On a side note I wanted to take a photo with a famous designer *shy* (>///<)

There were many other friends I met at Comic Fiesta this year but I didn't manage to take selfies with all of them. Clockwise, my friend from Anime Club back when I was at Taylor's College Subang, Chai from ohmylittlegirl.net, Caydence, my long time reader slash friend and Poka cosplayer from Vietnam! :D

I didn't include the pictures from my mini photoshoot with Angel as I've got so much more to say about that which I will keep it for the next blog post. I also did a short photoshoot session with Chai and I hope I'll receive photos from her soon so I can share them on my blog. :)

As for a personal update, college is starting tomorrow and I have a morning class on Monday itself. Talk about Monday Blues! I'm so worried if I'll be able to get up on time tomorrow! I miss home so badly right now after coming back to Singapore from my 1 month break at home. I spent last night crying and skyping my family... Pray that time will pass by faster and that I'll be home soon for Chinese New Year! :D