December 4, 2014

Drips Bakery Cafe

Tiong Bahru is an old district filled with the scents of coffee beans from the long stretch of cafes around the area. There's nothing more satisfying than a cafe hopping session if you're as into cafes like me. The weather was perfect today with a little drizzle but generally it's really cooling and such weather lifts up my mood too.

The first cafe I went into was Drips Bakery Cafe where I got myself a Rosemary Chicken Pie and a cup of flat white. My friend got a special of the day sandwich and we both shared a raspberry & mango tart. Drips Bakery Cafe is known for their tarts so you've got to try at least one if you're there.

The inner part of the cafe has a skylight which makes the whole atmosphere so relaxing. I really love natural light yet I dislike the heat from it, sounds ironic but being able to see outside makes the whole space seem as if you're connected to the outer area even though you're not exactly being so. Try to visualize this, it was raining and you're seeing the raindrops through the skylight while sipping a good warm cup of coffee. You get the feeling?

Anyways, I have one more post on cafe hopping (that's just what I've been up to lately) then there's also AFA for the next three days! I just got my tickets today and I'm a happy girl! I'm getting so pumped up this month as I'm attending 2 ACG events, celebrating Christmas and moving house. Lots to do but as usual, I'm happy being busy. :)


  1. Yummy! So mouthwatering (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
    ♡ ♡