November 3, 2014


It's submission week in 2 weeks time and I'm busy as a bee. At the same time I feel so guilty leaving my blog idle when there are so many things I want to blog about (heck, I don't even have time to properly thank everyone for the birthday wishes!) Here's a short vlog from nearly 2 weeks ago. We had our class at Orchard Road (sounds awesome but we did really embarrassing stuff around there which I'd much rather skip) so naturally we went to shop after class!

All of us had not been shopping all this while so we went all out till night time. Some of my friends even went for a drink after that but I went home with a crying wallet. I was really happy to visit the largest Etude House flagship store in the world (!!!) at Wisma Atria. Pretty sure you saw my Instavid if you followed me on Instagram ;) We also went for dinner at 4 fingers at Ion Orchard's basement which is known for its fried chicken. There is always a long queue so be sure to go there when your stomach ain't growling!

That's all for now, I hope this post is sufficient for the huge gap in between my posts. :P I can't wait to get over with this term and explore more of Singapore during sem break! I promise too that I will blog more and bring out more content once semester break starts. In fact I already have so many drafts accumulating which I'm sure they are interesting so I can't wait to get them published! :D


  1. i feel the exact same right now, so much work; cannot do anything else, and every little break is enjoyed to the max haha. Hopefully you have the semester break soon so you can relax! (me too haha)

    Happy belated birthday also!
    (P/S) that tiara looks really pretty :O

    1. Thank you and all the best in your work too! :D That tiara is a display at Etude House! (^^)