November 30, 2014

Socks Obsession 2.0

Earlier this year I started with this socks obsession and I haven't stopped collecting socks ever since. Even my friends around me knows how crazy I am with them and there will be at least one coordinate throughout the week with socks. My storage box overflowed so I went to get more storage from Ikea last week but honestly I felt that I still need more. You know how girls have lots of lipsticks and lipglosses which they claim are of different shades? It's the same case for me with these socks.

Most of my purchases are from Taobao, which is a china website that works similarly as Ebay. The prices are much cheaper compared to usual price range for socks in Singapore. You still have to pay for shipping fees but it is more worthy to buy in bulk or along with other items. Personally I prefer to buy from Taobao myself as I can monitor and exchange conversation with the seller regarding my purchases, which makes it more convenient when it comes to cases where you need a refund. It can be a little more pricy this way so alternatively you can opt for an agent.

The yellow socks are so vibrant and cute, which is perfect for adding a pop of colour to a coordinate. To me, having white sporty socks is a basic as they match with lots of outfit! There are a variety of them in different length, number of stripes and colour of stripes but any one can be a basic start off. My friend got me the pomegranate colour with cats one from Korea and I absolutely love it! It's a very unique colour and there are cat motifs on them! Anything with cute cats on them wins my heart.

The rest of my collection are generally pastel mesh socks. Got them from Taobao too and surprisingly their quality are much better than my previous haul. Some of the mesh socks I had had holes in them already and sadly I had to throw them away. It's hardly obvious in these pictures, but those three from the right are of the same motifs in different colours, white, lavender and black. The lace details are so beautiful and delicate! The one on the far left is a baby blue one with vertical stripes. I wish I got more of it in other colours!

I figured that since it's cold in some countries, this post came at the right time? Well, not that I care if it's warm or cold since I wear them regardless of the temperature.

On a side note, it's down to one week before I go home! My friends are already back in their countries and here I am impatiently waiting for the weekend which AFA happens so I can go home the next day. I haven't got much planned this week except for a cafe hopping session. Any Singaporean readers out there with something interesting that you know I should check out?
November 28, 2014

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Even I am amazed by myself at how my weight still stays the same despite having so much good food lately. My instagram has been filled with mostly food pictures that I wonder if I am still a beauty and lifestyle blogger or a food blogger. Or maybe just a glutton. What say you?

After going for a gorgeous dinner by the river the night before, I went for nice brunch the next morning. My friends would probably know how much I fancy cafe or restaurants which are isolated as it never fails to make me feel as if I've discovered a hidden gem. Back in Malaysia I know of a hidden Starbucks outlet which I visit almost every Sunday after church and the ambiance of this place I went for brunch largely reminds me of it. The exterior of Chye Seng Huat Hardware is of an ordinary hardware shop yet once you entered through the side door you'll discover that the interior is in fact a cafe with an art craft shop on the second floor.

The cafe has an outer area for smokers too but my friends and I decided to shy away from the sun and relax in the cool air conditioned interior.

The cafe serves coffee (obviously), pastries, cakes and all day brunch. The daily brewed coffee comes at $3 which was pretty cheap if you need a quick morning coffee fix and of course you can also opt for other coffee choices or juices.

We watched the barista prepare a freshly brewed cup of coffee for other customers who got their own coffee beans from the shop and my, coffee making was such an art! The way he watched the temperature to make sure they are measured to ideal and the many steps took to ensure the coffee experience was to perfection was truly impressive. Specially brewed coffee is nothing like the instant 3-in-1 coffee.

Brunch were served and I got myself the Italian Breakfast at $12. The portion and quality was good for the price paid. Personally I believe that great food deems a great start of the day. With my usual busy college schedule I hardly had any good breakfast for the past 4 months so having a nice brunch makes me really grateful for the time I finally have to enjoy such treats.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware is a definite must to check out if you're into hidden cafe spots like me. It's located just a 10 minutes walk from Lavender Mrt at 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563. There are lots of other cafe along the way too so it's a nice area if you're into cafe hopping!
November 27, 2014

Dinner by the River

Personally I'm one who doesn't drink or club and would choose to stay home over socializing anytime. Hello fellow introverts :D

Clarke Quay is just the place where all these things I'd usually avoid are gathered at. And yet yesterday I chose to step out of my comfort zone to just explore and see more of this tiny island. Give a moment for self-applause... Done.

It was pouring just as we got there and naturally my friends and I were bummed about the sudden weather change. These days it has been raining every day in Singapore and it is only nice if it's raining while you're cooped up in your room marathoning dramas. You know what I mean ;) Gladly, the sky cleared up around 6 plus so our plans for the night was able to proceed as arranged! We are pretty indecisive people so we circled the place nearly 10 times before settling down for a Thai restaurant by the river. Food prices here soars up high but given the atmosphere and experience you pretty much pay for what you get. 20 dollars for an average portion of Thai fried rice. That's like 4 times of what I can get at a food court!

We escaped the place before it got too crowded and my friends headed over for a second round to drink and later on a third round to club. Social butterflies really impress me with their overflowing energy to visit crowded places one after another. As for myself I chose to retreat back to my four walls fort to recharge myself after a simple night out. Anyone's with me?
November 17, 2014

Cream Shadow Love

Classes have officially ended so I finally have time to post this! This was filmed some time back when I was still pretty obsessed with cream eyeshadow, not to say I don't now, but I'm just not as crazy into them right now. I've reviewed NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil 625 Sparkle Nude which is a gorgeous shade of Champagne colour, Innisfree's dual eyeshadow pencil and three of Shiseido's Cream eye color which I got quite some time ago but never really got to use them till now.

On busy days I want to just get my makeup done as quick as I can thus I always try to time myself to be faster and search for faster ways to complete my makeup. Talk about 5 minutes makeup challenge each morning! I'm just kidding, I take about 15 minutes to get my full face makeup done each morning. For me, I find that using cream eyeshadow is much faster than powder eyeshadows as they glide on easily and the colour builds up really fast and blending is also much easier. I didn't even have time to wash my eyeshadow brushes while rushing my work so pencil eyeshadow are to go!

Right now I'm pretty much done with Semester one so I have lots of time to do what I love! Being so busy in school makes me feel empty during holidays because I need to think of what to do myself... I've got a few blog posts planned and some plans on exploring Singapore so you can probably tell what my upcoming posts are going to be, hehe :D Anyways, If you have any beauty products recommendation feel free to drop me a comment and I'll check them out! :D
November 9, 2014

19th Birthday Celebration

Unlike the past years where I would blog about my birthday right on the day itself, this year I've gotten so busy to the point where my birthday post is delayed over a week. That means I've gotten more productive too, haha!

Honestly I wasn't as excited to celebrate my own birthday even though I would tell others '19th birthday only comes once, have fun!'. Each year I'd spend my birthday going for a nice dinner with my family. Times like this are probably the hardest to go through during your first year studying abroad. You'll really miss home...

Anyways, I didn't want to ruin the day after all so seeing that it's Halloween on the same day, and many people are dressing up at school (in fact the dressing up thing has been going on throughout the week!), I went in a cosplay even though I said I wouldn't cosplay anymore. My costume choice was Chihiro from Spirited Away because who doesn't love Spirited Away?! If you haven't watch it you're totally missing out! Anyways, I got called cute and some people couldn't recognize me with dark hair colour, hahaha! It was fun being a 10 years old on my birthday :P (I might also plan for a photoshoot :3)

Later the day I went to a cat cafe with a senior and since we both love cats I was happy that I got to share my cat obsession with her. Good things need to be shared, haha! Cat vitamin never fails to boost up my mood and I saw this cat cafe few months back and have been itching to visit it. Cat cafe has got to be my favourite cafe ever! *internal screams* Meomi Cat Cafe, the one we visited, is a little different from other cat cafes on this island. Their cats are not adopted but were bought instead. Thus instead of local breeds, we got to play around with different cat breeds which was really fun because I've never seen a scottish fold and maine coon in real and I fell in love with them. We both made it a point to visit more cat cafe during our semester break so you'll probably see another post dedicated to it.

However the highlight of my birthday this year was actually celebrating it with my newly made friends! I only know them for a few months and already they are surprising me and celebrating my birthday. I really felt warmth in my heart. All the gifts and cards they gave me were spot on, haha! Can't believe they know me even to the point where they know what blush shade I'm missing lol! As I read through their card messages when I got home, I didn't know why but tears suddenly started rolling down. Perhaps I have become more sensitive towards these feelings ever since I got here...

I just want to say a big fat thank you to all my friends here in Singapore. Whether they are from other countries or from other schools, everything they've done so far has been wonderful to me. Thank you for making me feel special even though I really wanted to just dress up and visit a cat cafe and call it a day. I hope we'll spend the coming years together through out freshly bonded friendship! :D
November 3, 2014


It's submission week in 2 weeks time and I'm busy as a bee. At the same time I feel so guilty leaving my blog idle when there are so many things I want to blog about (heck, I don't even have time to properly thank everyone for the birthday wishes!) Here's a short vlog from nearly 2 weeks ago. We had our class at Orchard Road (sounds awesome but we did really embarrassing stuff around there which I'd much rather skip) so naturally we went to shop after class!

All of us had not been shopping all this while so we went all out till night time. Some of my friends even went for a drink after that but I went home with a crying wallet. I was really happy to visit the largest Etude House flagship store in the world (!!!) at Wisma Atria. Pretty sure you saw my Instavid if you followed me on Instagram ;) We also went for dinner at 4 fingers at Ion Orchard's basement which is known for its fried chicken. There is always a long queue so be sure to go there when your stomach ain't growling!

That's all for now, I hope this post is sufficient for the huge gap in between my posts. :P I can't wait to get over with this term and explore more of Singapore during sem break! I promise too that I will blog more and bring out more content once semester break starts. In fact I already have so many drafts accumulating which I'm sure they are interesting so I can't wait to get them published! :D