August 14, 2014

{Review} Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

As much as I love dressing up everyday to an art college, my skin tells me that I need to give it some TLC. My skin condition hasn't been that well after I used an old foundation few months back. With all the breakouts and scars over my face, I wanted to cover it up even more with thicker base makeup which in fact, is worsening my skin condition. No exfoliator or mask could clear up my clogged pores and I was seriously debating on whether to get a Clarisonic because the reviews are just so so tempting. (But I'm just too broke to afford one lol)

When I came over to Singapore last month I did some shopping around Bugis and came across an Innisfree outlet. I follow them on Instagram and I'm not sure if I love their eco-friendly concept or their pictures whereby they place their products among the nature properties... I just love the feel from those pictures, haha! Got myself a bottle of their best selling Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask after considering some internet reviews and how tempting the benefits printed on the packaging are. On a side note, I've tried out their Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask too but it didn't achieve that deep cleansing I needed. It's good too but I needed something more as I'm wearing makeup every day.

The clay mask has a blue-grey appearance and applies on so smoothly. It has a cooling sensation and does not hardens up too much and make your face feels stiff. I'd let it sit for 10 minutes then slowly moisten it with water and massage in circular motions before washing it off. The results of this mask is so satisfying as my skin feels so much cleaner and brighter each time I use it. With just twice a week's application, my skin is slowly regaining its brightness and suppleness as other facial products are able to be absorbed into my skin much more easily. My scars are lightening up too! :D Price wise it's pretty affordable at $21 for 100ml as each usage requires only around half a thumb size so it'll last you probably a few months. It's my sole salvage for my skin right now and I'm pretty sure I'll repurchase again! :D


  1. ughhhh I'm so weak *SOBS* I might try this soon because I'm still looking for the best pore cleanser + skin care. why oh why you gotta tempt me with this post... *cries in a corner* oh well..

    1. Awww you're so cute! I honestly recommend this product but it's up to you to consider (^^)