August 10, 2014

Great Morning Start

A cup of rose buds tea and some ginger snaps I got from Marks and Spencer few weeks back was literally the perfect start of my day. Check out my home ware which I got from IKEA, which its matte cool colours plus this gorgeous glass I got for only 90 cent took my heart away! My room is shaded from the sun thus I'm glad to have bought a desk lamp (also from IKEA) to save my life, otherwise everything would look so dull and dark. Ugh.

The week has been a roller coaster ride, meeting new faces each day and attending orientation events throughout the week was supposed to be tiring for an introvert like me however surprisingly I was able to pull through without feeling too much of a withdrawal symptom at the end of the week. I'm slowly coming out of my shell, yay... Still, if only I knew how much trust to put into people, I might've not had feelings of being an outcast. My trust and loyalty to people are on either one end of the scale, hardly any in between. That doesn't mean that there isn't any good people around, I'm more than glad to have met some nice school mates moreover a group of Christian friends in this sea of people. God is good. :)

Today marks a week of my parents departure and I'm all alone in this sunny island. Homesick still kicks in every now and then, but I'm learning to grow stronger and more independent which is a good thing! I'd probably regret saying this, but I'm looking forward to the huge amount of work college has to offer. My theory: More work, less idle thoughts, time flies past faster.


  1. this post made me curious of how a rose bud tea would taste like, it looks so delicate and beautiful so I guess it tastes... idk... calming? (I even googled it but of course I can't taste it through google) I wonder if I can find any rose bud tea around, I've never seen one, though *sobs* anyway, it's a great way to start your day indeed! I mean, even though I never really have a rose bud tea for breakfast but I do love sipping tea to start my day <3

    1. Hmm... I'm not sure where you can actually find it as my mom got it at a market for me. It's really soothing and makes you feel calm. It has lots of benefits and I'm pretty sure you might've googled that as well? :D