August 30, 2014

College days

'Hurry! Before August runs out I need to update it with another post!' I finally have a proper weekend where I have some time to update my blog and on top of that with some decent pictures thanks to our photography class. Time is passing like a speeding train as we rush for our homework everyday, living a pretty much same routine each day. It sounds boring but it's rather fun to be doing what you like and be productive. I know myself as a socially awkward person however I'm glad that I have at least met some decent classmates whom I can relate to and just laugh together at every little thing. With that, I'm just going to show you some photos taken during our classes.

We have been taking so many ootd that I'm starting to feel more natural posing for the camera! I'm really camera shy, unless it's only me in my room with my camera, which is the reason why you've seen so many of those beauty review shots with me posing in the photos. They were all styled, photographed and edited by me... I'm really happy to be opening up slowly and getting out of my shell!

Bringing DSLRs around in public and snapping images of the people especially is not and easy feat. While we really like to pretend that we are just tourists, technically we are as we're both from overseas, but we got so many stares as we were taking photographs around town. Knowing that we're doing all these for the sake of our assignment grades is comforting, otherwise I don't know if I'll ever try photographing public spots!

It has been over a month since I first came here and I have really learned so much! Other than managing my life myself and paying bills, I felt that going to an art college really helped me in being a more outgoing person and be able to just express myself without concerning how people look at me (with moderation, of course). I still miss home like crazy but at least with the time passing by so fast I know I'll be home real soon! :D
August 14, 2014

{Review} Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

As much as I love dressing up everyday to an art college, my skin tells me that I need to give it some TLC. My skin condition hasn't been that well after I used an old foundation few months back. With all the breakouts and scars over my face, I wanted to cover it up even more with thicker base makeup which in fact, is worsening my skin condition. No exfoliator or mask could clear up my clogged pores and I was seriously debating on whether to get a Clarisonic because the reviews are just so so tempting. (But I'm just too broke to afford one lol)

When I came over to Singapore last month I did some shopping around Bugis and came across an Innisfree outlet. I follow them on Instagram and I'm not sure if I love their eco-friendly concept or their pictures whereby they place their products among the nature properties... I just love the feel from those pictures, haha! Got myself a bottle of their best selling Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask after considering some internet reviews and how tempting the benefits printed on the packaging are. On a side note, I've tried out their Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask too but it didn't achieve that deep cleansing I needed. It's good too but I needed something more as I'm wearing makeup every day.

The clay mask has a blue-grey appearance and applies on so smoothly. It has a cooling sensation and does not hardens up too much and make your face feels stiff. I'd let it sit for 10 minutes then slowly moisten it with water and massage in circular motions before washing it off. The results of this mask is so satisfying as my skin feels so much cleaner and brighter each time I use it. With just twice a week's application, my skin is slowly regaining its brightness and suppleness as other facial products are able to be absorbed into my skin much more easily. My scars are lightening up too! :D Price wise it's pretty affordable at $21 for 100ml as each usage requires only around half a thumb size so it'll last you probably a few months. It's my sole salvage for my skin right now and I'm pretty sure I'll repurchase again! :D
August 10, 2014

Great Morning Start

A cup of rose buds tea and some ginger snaps I got from Marks and Spencer few weeks back was literally the perfect start of my day. Check out my home ware which I got from IKEA, which its matte cool colours plus this gorgeous glass I got for only 90 cent took my heart away! My room is shaded from the sun thus I'm glad to have bought a desk lamp (also from IKEA) to save my life, otherwise everything would look so dull and dark. Ugh.

The week has been a roller coaster ride, meeting new faces each day and attending orientation events throughout the week was supposed to be tiring for an introvert like me however surprisingly I was able to pull through without feeling too much of a withdrawal symptom at the end of the week. I'm slowly coming out of my shell, yay... Still, if only I knew how much trust to put into people, I might've not had feelings of being an outcast. My trust and loyalty to people are on either one end of the scale, hardly any in between. That doesn't mean that there isn't any good people around, I'm more than glad to have met some nice school mates moreover a group of Christian friends in this sea of people. God is good. :)

Today marks a week of my parents departure and I'm all alone in this sunny island. Homesick still kicks in every now and then, but I'm learning to grow stronger and more independent which is a good thing! I'd probably regret saying this, but I'm looking forward to the huge amount of work college has to offer. My theory: More work, less idle thoughts, time flies past faster.
August 5, 2014

Say hello to my animal friends

I must be the luckiest person whereby my whole family (minus the cats) visited me 2 weeks after I came to Singapore for my studies. It was a rather haste decision in booking the bus tickets because my mom told me to do so as she saw me sobbing over Skype....which I had gotten over with the very next day itself. Ohhh well..... :/ Thus it came upon as more of a vacation for my family in Singapore and we decided to visit the Singapore Zoo since we had not visited a zoo in years. Back in Malaysia you can hardly see any animals in their compound so we gave up on visiting the zoo... :(

First thing in the morning we saw ducks wiggling their butts at us as we ogled at how cute they are. I think we were the silly ones who were more amazed at the ducks rather than the fishes swimming around in the River Safari aquariums.

Then it was fishes upon fishes upon fishes showing their default grumpy faces as they swam about in the cold water while we sweated like pigs watching them.

Complementary photo with a panda! While I was oozing with happiness and got really shy to take a picture with it, it decided to just roll on its back and chill. That's how it's supposed to be though, just chill and take a pic. Thanks panda for the tip ;) Though honestly I did prefer the red panda over the 'normal' panda. Probably because it was red. Probably because it was about the size of my cats. Probably because it was just moving back and forth like what my cats do. Probably because it just reminded me of my cats. My mind is just fulled of cats, I'm sorry you had to read that from a cat maniac. LOL

The rest of the day was spent at the Singapore Zoo itself. I hardly took any pictures as our energy had depleted and our legs were just killing us with each step we took and we had to sit down so many times. We didn't even get to finish touring the whole zoo as it was beyond our capabilities that day. Seeing some of the animals up close was really amazing. It's as if there wasn't any barrier in between and I felt so close to them. I am still in wonders of how amazing the existence of these creatures are.

Lately, every little bit of things makes me think of how lucky I am and I never fail to be even more grateful for each and every day. I guess it's something I didn't realize back when I was living in comfort with my family and all, but now that I am away from my comfort zone, I tend to discover more things and realize the tiny details of life which makes it so wonderful. Have a great day ahead. :)