July 27, 2014

Give it your A game

Life in Singapore has been pretty fine lately, prolly because that wound in my heart is healing day by day. I've received so many comments and advices and truly, those which came from people who had been there or are being there are the most heartfelt ones. There is no way the simple 'Good Luck!' or 'All the best!' or 'It's a good place to study!' can treat a homesick person because what we need is beyond things that we already know. (Or else why would we choose to study abroad at that specific country?!) Let me tell you this: You will never know the journey others has been through until you've stepped in their shoes.

One thing I do find which really helped me in overcoming this homesick thing was finding back my old self. I asked myself, why am I crying like a baby? Where has my old self gone to? Have I even lost myself from this change? While constantly questioning myself the same questions, I slowly got a grip of my old self and stood up stronger. Before I move forward, I needed to know who I am once again. With that said, it doesn't mean that everything is fine yet. Sometimes I still notice as if I do not belong anywhere especially when it comes to meeting new friends. More than often they will gather in groups and you feel like you're being left out. There is nothing you can really do about it except to be patient and slowly find your own clique of friends in this new place. Meanwhile, I find that it's best to just explore the country, discover the new things and have some solo fun, hehe...

Photo credits: Caroline Goh

One Piece - H&M // Socks - Gift // Shoes - Bugis Street // Bag - Bugis Street // Necklace - Bangkok

Many thanks to Caroline, my senior whom has help me shoot these awesome pictures which I could use to update my blog ;) It was nice knowing you and you're a wonderful friend in Christ. :)
July 19, 2014


Current location: Singapore

With all the standard stuff settled (Student Pass, Bank, Phone and Accomodation), I'm left with a few days before the college's registration day. Mom came with me on Monday to get all these done and had returned to KL last night. Sending her off was not easy, I started crying while having lunch and sobbing profusely when she boarded the bus back home. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks the rest of the day and I ended up crying myself to sleep. Woke up this morning feeling a little better, yet a morning Skype session with my family makes me cry once again. Cried during lunch and after that as well. My day consist of doing nothing much but crying. Isn't it ironic to think that I used to shut myself in my room for hours and yet I cam crying for not seeing my family for a day or two when they're just a 5 hours bus ride away?

Still, it was my choice to study abroad to begin with, and I was so eager to do this when I went for the interview. Such experience are often described as overwhelming, once in a lifetime and a fruitful experience. Who knew that I will be suffering from homesickness desperately?

Signing off,
The kid who used to cry for 2 months when kindergarten started.
July 7, 2014

June & July Insta Life Updates


It sure has been a while since I last updated this space of mine. I have been busy with lots of rather boring stuff which you probably might not want to know at all. Stroked off majority of my to-do list before I go to Singapore (which is next week btw, time flies!) means that I got myself a new phone, yay! Having been a user of an outdated phone model for the past 2 years, it was like opening a new realm of door to me; I finally understood how smartphones are taking over everything you used to do on other devices. My, you can do pretty much everything on them!

Going back to the title of this post, here's a quick run through of my life lately which you probably might've known if you follow me on Instagram (@HanieKuar) but I'm just gonna elaborate more on them.

Timmy has been with us for a month or two and we finally decided to let him go to a better home. It's not like we didn't like him, although he was really playful and naughty for sure, we just couldn't take care of 3 cats at once. Anko didn't like him too all the while and being with him under the same roof makes her really moody. It's not every time you meet someone new and accept them and be friends for many years thus I was really grateful when I met up with my dear friend Angel the other day and we had a nice long chat. Oh look, I've got a new hair colour too and we're matching ombre sisters now! Though I'm not sure if I really look good with dark hair again, I had to dye it dark as I'm most probably not going to dye my hair for the few months in Singapore. It costs a lot more over there and I might not even have time to deal with hair issues so I'm planning to only get my hair done when I'm back in Malaysia during the break in December. You know how I'd normally blog about my new hair? This time round I went to 76style as usual and the process was pretty bad although it doesn't look so in the outcome. It's something I'm not sure if I want to talk about online yet but if you really want to know do leave me a comment. On a side note, I'm really looking forward to December for the anime conventions I'm planning to attend, moving to my new house in Malaysia and meeting up with Chai! Her blog is really good and I hope that you'd drop by and say hi to her! :D