May 8, 2014


First of all, I must say that I'm terribly sorry for not blogging lately. I've been busy wasting my time on anime, manga, drama, variety shows and painting. (Wait, maybe painting's not so bad after all...) To compensate for the lack of updates, here's another set of cat pictures hoping that the cuteness would satisfy you. I promise I will blog about interesting things soon, like the upcoming C2age and some beauty reviews. :)

Last week, my brother brought back a kitten from his school. It's a boy and it's really cute, being so small and such thus I couldn't resist from whipping out my camera and lying down on the floor to capture its cuteness. Which might've scared the little thing with shutter sounds continuously for 10 minutes. Since we have 2 cats at home already we decided that we will send him to a better home once he grows stronger and named him Timmy for the time being. He moves very fast thus most of the pictures were blurry but he learns fast so that's good. (^^)


Timmy: I love hiding at dark spots especially in between legs!


Timmy: Stop sniffing me all over.


Dolly: Hey! Where are you going? I'm not done yet!
Timmy: Away from you at least.

Dolly was born in our house so he's really kind and friendly with people. He's been taking care of Timmy since he came to the point where he doesn't get to sleep much or eat much as he tend to him. He's looking more tired than usual lately so I hope there won't be any health problems with him; afterall we love him so dearly. Anko on the other hand, hates strangers and has been hissing at Timmy since day 1 so she has isolated herself all the way up at the attic ever since. Funny thing is that she hates going downstairs to relieve herself since Timmy is there she actually pee-d on my parents' bed a few nights ago. Obviously my parents were mad about it and we had to shut her out of our rooms in case she does it again. Eww...

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