May 11, 2014

Meeting Reika and Hiiro @ C2age 2014

I was C2age yesterday with my best friends, Angel and Ky Li! I was there since 7.30am as I stayed over at Angel's house the day before and she had to arrive early since she was a volunteer for C2age. The event starts at 10am so naturally I was way too early but it's always nice to see people setting up booths and witnessing the countdown to the start of the event. It was held at Help CAT college like last year so the venue was pretty small but it was still filled with event goers and cosplayers. I don't cosplay anymore so I went there for the event and also for meeting Reika and Hiiro. Reika especially, since last year I only saw her from afar and didn't get to take pictures of her clearly. (^^;)

Honestly, the even was pretty bland to me, nothing else really caught my attention other than the special guests invited. Normally I would be spazzing out seeing awesome cosplays but the magic didn't seem to be there when I was there yesterday. Perhaps I was just too tired from waking up at 6am, who knows?


The highlight of the day was of course the meet and greet session. We paid RM30 on the spot for the so-called meet and greet, only to know that it turned out to be a fan signing event. RM30 for autographs? I'm not sure if I can be happy about that. This was before we knew what we paid for lol.

The committee announced that no photos with the cosplayer and no skinship is allowed unless otherwise approved by the cosplayer themselved. It felt really unfair to be honest, since we actually paid to enter the event and paying extra for the fan meeting only to get an autograph. This was where we mustered out our bravery out of nowhere. Seeing those before us had hugs with them and took picture of them, we decided that three of us will share a photo together with Reika and Hiiro. At least that saves time and doesn't distrupt the flow of the fan signing that much, haha (^^;) When it was finally our turn to meet them, Angel got hers signed by Reika first then Hiiro. Behind her was me getting mine signed by Reika and when both of us are finally in front of them, we decided to ask them directly in Japanese if it was okay for us to take a picture all together with them both! They were perfectly okay with it and we quickly took a selfie of five of us! :D Mission accomplished YAY!


Here's the photo! I'm really happy about it but I hope I had remembered to set the settings for my camera aperture for group photo! (;A;) Both Reika and Hiiro were blurred out being at the back but oh well, at least we got them in the shot. :/ We were terribly nervous thus our faces all looked funny in the picture but it serves as a nice memory nonetheless. :')

We actually learned from Ky Li's sister afterwards that the audience was gasping when they saw us taking a picture. And Angel told me some of the committee were saying things like 'selfie girls, selfie girls' about us. Shoving all things aside, we still got a picture with them in the end with their permission and I feel that that's what matter most. I secretly think that our Rm30 was quite worth it in the end. :3


Autographs from Reika and Hiiro! :D I love Reika's recent Joker cosplay so much and I knew I had to get this print of hers! Though I wished that the one she took in Romania would be available too but I'm much satisfied having one of her prints. :) I didn't buy Hiiro's print though but Angel bought it. Before we got to the stage for our turn to meet them, Angel insisted that I let Hiiro sign my sketch of her cosplay print and I'm glad she told me so! Hiiro was really surprised and she kindly signed it for me (^^)

The meet and greet session was the last slot of the day's happening and I left around 7.30pm. That's like 12 hours being at an event and I guess I'm deserving what I should today since I couldn't wake up for church and my leg hurts from muscle cramp :( I finally met Reika and Hiiro so I'm staying at home today instead of going to the event again :P I did a mini photoshoot with Ky Li and I'll be posting those photos soon. (^^)


  1. Envy you XDD Got to take a picture with Reika & Hiiro O3O I like your quick sketch of Hiiro's postcard too XDD (Y) (Y)

    1. Thank you! (^^) There are also others who got to take picture with them too! :D