March 21, 2014

Hair Fix at 76Style, Midvalley

I'll say it again and again, but 76Style never fails me. I feel at ease leaving my hair in the hands of their hairstylist because I know I can trust them to do their magic with my hair. The branch I frequented is at Northpoint, Midvalley, in fact it's the only one I went to so far since it's convenient to get there with public transport and a little bit of walking. Upon arrival the staffs greeted welcomingly and the service is so good that it makes you feel really special being there.

I went there yesterday to get my hair fixed from my terrible DIY bleach back in February. To be honest, I was rather embarrassed to say that I DIY-ed it because it was terribly uneven. Can you believe that I hid that mess for a month?! Bleaching is a tricky process and I'd advise you to consult with a good stylist because it's irreversible so it needs to be done with care. I consulted with Steve on my hair condition and how I wanted it to be before we proceeded to bleach my hair. (Self reminder: I need to remember names properly (._.;))

Sat down at the window seat (I love natural lightning! :D) for my hair bleaching and I think it took around an hour plus the washing. As my previous bleaching was uneven, I was told that the outcome wouldn't be totally even but they'll try to even it out as best as they could. After many bowls of bleach of various percentages, I could see that my hair has slowly been lighten. I had my whole head done and it didn't hurt at all during the first round of bleaching. After washing though, we realized that some parts of my roots were still dark so they went back to bleach it and it did hurt a bit but just bear it with for a while as roots get done much faster. I've got to say how much I love that they'd made sure the work is properly done! :D My hair was done after 2 hours and I'm happy with it. I know my hair looks really yellow so far but I'm keeping it until I feel like it's time to add some colour to it. Thing is, bleached hair doesn't fade off like coloured hair does so I don't have to worry about that and when the roots grow out, I'd probably end up with G-Dragon's sushi hair then. (Just joking, I hope you didn't take that sushi head statement seriously lol)

Bleaching for my whole head costed me RM260 which I think is a fair price added with such good service. :D For more info and works of 76Style, do check out their Facebook page! (^^)


  1. Nice Post !
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    1. Thanks Marion <3 Will post more photos of my hair soon :)

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    1. Thanks fhenny (^^) I'm going to check out your blog (^^)