March 5, 2014

Art Progress

Time flies as I was working on my artworks for the past few weeks! February seemed exceptionally short for me, probably because I was busy with CNY celebrations, nail art and these artworks. There's no regret on 'I should've spent my time doing _____' so that's a good sign of being productive. I'm really happy with how life's going along lately, doing absolutely things which I love all the time so there isn't much things around that'll bring me down. Alright, enough with the blabbing.

Seeing how time passes by and it's already the fifth day of March, I thought I should update my blog a little to keep it alive. Since drawing and painting is basically what I've been doing lately, I thought I'd show you my progress! By the way, I'm nearly done with my portfolio for my interview end of this month so I can take things a little more lightly now, hehe~

Folk Art Painting (One-stroke painting)

I learned this technique back when I was learning nail art so I thought, why not transfer it onto paper instead? It's my first try on paper and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. Downside of this though was that I had to use so much acrylic paint for this to the point where is breaks my heart because acrylic is not cheap D:

Watercolour painting again! :D So far I'm still experimenting with watercolours because I'm still new to this media. But it's quite fun and the possibilities are limitless, with the exception of occasional mess up which I try to conceal it the best I can.

Another cat painting. I drew this based on Dolly's picture. Cats are always curious of new things aren't they? So I thought I'd draw a raspberry tart with Dolly trying to sniff it, hahaha! He loves food a lot XD

This one I did just yesterday, an anime style lolita girl. I'm half-satisfied with how this came out, because there were just so many things which were new to me and most of it were my first try. :/ But I like how her eyes 'sparkles' hehe~

I know, this may look like a half-effort post, but the artworks were my 100% effort so I wanted to upload them on my blog. Instead of single entries like my previous posts, I wanted to compile them up into one post. I hope you liked them and feel free to throw me comments or critiques! :D


  1. I love your art!
    Do you have a deviantart?

    1. Thank you :D I have one, I created it not too long ago. :)
      Just sharing the link with you here because I'm keeping it low profile for now hehe

  2. Wow, you are artistic! I wish I had this talent.