March 30, 2014

Socks Obsession

I usually refrain myself from buying too much whenever I visit Singapore, but I went on a splurge this time round. I don't exactly know what has gotten into me that made me bring back 7 pairs of socks from Singapore. The pair of shoes which I over-wear are the faux brown leather ones I brought back from my Bangkok trip last November, and being leather shoes they are versatile with most looks and I love matching them with nice socks as well. That said, I only owned 3 pairs of socks previously which were from H&M but they don't have any designs around the hems so once worn with those shoes, the designs were unseen until I remove my shoes. (Which hardly ever happen when I'm out) And that beats the purpose of having cute socks if you can't see their designs. :(

Anyways, I just got back from Singapore last night after 7 hours of bus ride (Thanks to being stuck at customs for an hour and the terrible jam. I don't get why there're so many tourist around this time of the year :/) so instead of sorting and editing the pictures of my Singapore trip, I decided to show you some of what I've bought. I did shopping mainly for socks, skin care, socks and some clothes so with socks being the highlight of my purchase I'll be showing them first, heehee~

A complimentary shot of my face can't be missed. I felt like my skin got better in Singapore. Maybe it's the food? Environment? Or maybe it's because I had so much fun there? ;) More on my Singapore trip when I got the pictures sorted out~

Ta-daa! 7 pairs of socks in total. Well, to be exact, one of them (the panda one) was from Kelly when I met her in Singapore. As you can see, some of them were fun and loud in prints and design whereas some were more girly and feminine. I got different styles of socks to match with different outfit styles as they can be a highlight or complete an outfit. You don't have to always match socks with leather shoes or closed toe shoes though, sometimes it's fun to match them with heels instead! :D

Aside from the panda one, I got the 3 from the left at Haji Lane for $13 and the other 3 at JRunway for $15.

When I saw the socks, I wondered, 'Kelly, did you read my mind?' How did she know that I was hunting for these cute socks and got me a pair too? :D It's really cute and I love how it has some part translucent and a panda face too. The zebra one was really cool as you can either wear it as zebra print itself or flip it down to reveal the zebra face! The fries were just too cute! I was instantly sold when I saw them. The material were thick and nice too but not too warm so you can wear it any day :D

Moving on to the girlier side, I got a vintage maroon coloured one with some lace. I've always love these lace socks and has been looking for them ever since I out grown my lace socks which I had when I was very much younger. Among shops I've looked at in Malaysia I haven't seen any for adult feet size so seeing these in Singapore made me happy. The other two polka dots one are similar except for the colour and I had a hard time choosing which to get and ultimately took both of them to the counter. The last one is also a translucent pair and they had leopard prints on them. It's really cool too and I have already ideas on what to match them with. In fact, I wore them the very next day itself! XD

I really love these socks so much and for once I'm happy with the money I spent on little items like these. Usually when I buy something, I consider whether the fabric or design is worth to purchase so even if I like them but they're overpriced in my opinion (Example shorts with so little fabric yet costing the amount of 2 tops) I'd just put them back to the racks. However, since I know I will be wearing these socks for a long time I'm happy to get them into my closet. XD Do you have any weird obsession on items which you'd buy them for higher price too?
March 27, 2014

Blog Giveaway: Snow White skin with KOSÉ SEKKISEI lotion mask

A while back I was given some samples of KOSÉ SEKKISEI lotion mask to try them out. KOSÉ is a Japanese brand established since 1946 by Mr. Kozaburo Kobayashi. Since then they have always been producing quality products catering to majority skin care needs. As I know, the brand is easily available in most Asian countries as we're keener on skin care products with Whitening effects which focuses more on eliminating dullness, redness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Oh how we love fair skin!

Since the best way to test out any skin care products is to try it yourself, I tried it out and you can see how my skin appears after a week. Usually in a week's span, you can only see minor difference but KOSÉ claims that this product gives you an instant whitening effect along with moisturization, pimple prevention and smooth skin. With the recent short of water supply lately, I had to wash my face with stagnant water on some days so I had breakouts all over my face. Remember, hygiene is really important for proper skin care!

Stop motion video created with 216 shots over the span of 7 days. Each picture was individually edited to match the brightness and tone as closely as possible. Although I'm pretty satisfied with my first attempt on stop motion video, I admit that at some point I really felt like giving up because getting this whole video done took me more than 10 hours and I needed to finish editing it in a day as I haven't got any other vacant days on my schedule. I'm a pretty patient person when it comes to things I enjoy (that includes editing photos) but this was more of a perseverance test for myself. I hope you watched it well and sorry for the rant lol :P

Anyways, each application takes about 5-10 minutes but I always choose to leave it as long as it should, which is 10 minutes in this case. When removed from the packaging, you can tell that there's so much solution packed in it as it was dripping onto my hands as I applied it onto my face. Surprisingly, the solution is absorbed so quickly into my skin and by the time when the 10 minutes is up the mask has nearly dried up. One thing though, the scent is rather strong upon application but after trying it out for a week, I pretty much got used to it already.

From the first day, some of my breakouts have healed up quite a lot already. And after each application, I did notice that the previous scars were getting lighter but what actually amazed me the most is how my skin looks like it's glowing! I mean, I took all these photos in my room with the same lightning with just a little difference in where the background was but I could tell that my skin looks healthier and glowy and I REALLY love that.

The lotion uses oriental plant extracts and the three main ingredients are Coix Seed extract, Angelica extract and Melothria (White Lotus) extracts. Coix Seed is used for increasing metabolism, whitening, moisturization and prevention of skin roughness. Whereas Angelica functions as an disinfectant along with whitening and moisturizing effects. Lastly, Melothria helps to control melanin production and has whitening effects on the skin.

As I couldn't show you the actual size of the product since I was given only samples, I can only tell you that they're sold at RM170 for 200ml and RM260 for 360ml. It might sound a little pricey but fret not, because I'm giving away these pocket masks to 24 of you! So if you want to try it out before you make up your mind to purchase one, just leave me your name, email and answer to the two simple questions below in the comment section:

1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

*Note that this giveaway is only open for Malaysian readers. Winners will be contacted and they will have to collect their prize from Nuffnang's office

I'd love to know your feedback so I really hope you'd participate and try these masks out. (Hint, hint: I've even marked out where the answers are) It's been like forever since I've had a giveaway so I'm really curious of the response too, hehe~

After submitting your answers and while waiting for the results, you can check out KOSÉ's Facebook Page and their SEKKISEI lotion's page for more info on their products. Also, they’re searching for Ms. Cinderella and if you think you’ve got what it takes to be Cinderella, be sure to check out the contest as you’ll get a beauty transformation! :D

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March 22, 2014

Catching up with my friends

As you know, few days ago I went to get my hair fixed at 76Style and since I'm out, I thought I'd meet up with my best buddies for it has been long since our last meet up. It has been only a month since but we're already missing each other, I guess you know how close you are when you're eager to see each other's faces after a short span of time. I was still getting my hair done when Angel arrived so I had to trouble her to come all the way to the saloon. It was funny how the staff were flustered when she said she was there to met me and once she told them 'It's the girl who got her hair bleached' they all got what she meant! XD

Our stomachs were grumbling when Ky Li arrived so we quickly decided to try out Manmaru Homemade Udon restaurant which opened only a few months back. It's located at second floor, Midvalley.

What's surprising about this place is that it has a cafeteria concept, meaning you order what you want, pay your bill and get your seat. There's a wide selection of Udon but we all decided on the same one, Kake Udon. I guess we read each other's mind sometimes :P

We each got ourselves a set lunch costing RM12.90 which came with tea, vegetables, char siew and an egg. That's really affordable and we were so full by the time we gobbled up our food. Of course, since it's like a cafeteria style and there wasn't much people left after we finished, we stayed there chatting away for over an hour.

When it's time to get ourselves up from our seats we headed over to Gardens and after walking in rounds and failing to secure a table at Starbucks, we ended up having our coffee fix at Pastis Cafe & Dining. To be honest, the prices on their menu consider expensive for me which explains why I've only been ordering drinks every time my friends brought me there. :/

I have high caffeine tolerance, or rather, it doesn't do anything to me. I can finish a whole cup and fall asleep the next moment lol. On the other hand, Angel can't take caffeine so every time she drinks it she'll tell me to stay up late to chat with her haha! Does caffeine affect you???

Nowadays we pretty much spend our time chatting away at restaurants and cafe every time we meet up. We hardly ever shop now, does it mean we're old now? (lol) Still, I think the most important thing about meeting your friends is not what you do, instead it's whether you had fun together or not. When you have fun, even the simplest thing that occur that day would be instilled in your memories together. :)
March 21, 2014

Hair Fix at 76Style, Midvalley

I'll say it again and again, but 76Style never fails me. I feel at ease leaving my hair in the hands of their hairstylist because I know I can trust them to do their magic with my hair. The branch I frequented is at Northpoint, Midvalley, in fact it's the only one I went to so far since it's convenient to get there with public transport and a little bit of walking. Upon arrival the staffs greeted welcomingly and the service is so good that it makes you feel really special being there.

I went there yesterday to get my hair fixed from my terrible DIY bleach back in February. To be honest, I was rather embarrassed to say that I DIY-ed it because it was terribly uneven. Can you believe that I hid that mess for a month?! Bleaching is a tricky process and I'd advise you to consult with a good stylist because it's irreversible so it needs to be done with care. I consulted with Steve on my hair condition and how I wanted it to be before we proceeded to bleach my hair. (Self reminder: I need to remember names properly (._.;))

Sat down at the window seat (I love natural lightning! :D) for my hair bleaching and I think it took around an hour plus the washing. As my previous bleaching was uneven, I was told that the outcome wouldn't be totally even but they'll try to even it out as best as they could. After many bowls of bleach of various percentages, I could see that my hair has slowly been lighten. I had my whole head done and it didn't hurt at all during the first round of bleaching. After washing though, we realized that some parts of my roots were still dark so they went back to bleach it and it did hurt a bit but just bear it with for a while as roots get done much faster. I've got to say how much I love that they'd made sure the work is properly done! :D My hair was done after 2 hours and I'm happy with it. I know my hair looks really yellow so far but I'm keeping it until I feel like it's time to add some colour to it. Thing is, bleached hair doesn't fade off like coloured hair does so I don't have to worry about that and when the roots grow out, I'd probably end up with G-Dragon's sushi hair then. (Just joking, I hope you didn't take that sushi head statement seriously lol)

Bleaching for my whole head costed me RM260 which I think is a fair price added with such good service. :D For more info and works of 76Style, do check out their Facebook page! (^^)
March 19, 2014

A Date With Yu Heng X Freshel

‘I want nice clear skin but I’m too lazy to care for it.’ Does this sound familiar to you? Fret not, because Freshel is here for you!

Two weeks ago I was invited to Freshel’s ‘A Date With Yu Heng & Freshel’ event. Being my first time attending such blogger event, I had absolutely no idea of what to expect, and it didn’t help at all that I didn’t even know about the product line. Yet through this event I learned a little more about their products so I’ll be sharing them with you. A little on the background, Freshel launch only a few years back under Kanebo. It’s a Japanese brand which caters more to Asian skin and what’s so special about Freshel is it’s time-saving concept.


The event took place at Royale Chulan, Damansara. The place was so elegant and the natural lightning illuminated the space so wonderfully!

We were lucky to have met Freshel’s ambassador, Yu Heng, who’s a local singer and composer currently based in Taiwan. Yu Heng shares her beauty secret on how she balances her busy work life with self-pampering time using Freshel’s products. With their time-saving concept, even a busy person like her can achieve bright and moisturized skin! Trust me, she was wearing light makeup and her skin looked so beautiful!

For a period of 3 months, she has been applying paper masks soaked with Freshel’s Whitening Lotion onto her skin for 5-10 minutes, day and night. She told us she had breakout issues due to weather and stress some while ago but this product saved her skin just before a big day. Although how she uses it does finish up 2 bottles of the lotion in a month, since her skin looks so radiant and beautiful; I trust we all acknowledge that it was worth every penny spent. :D

Freshel’s Whitening range seeks to help out pigmentation, freckles or uneven skin tone. The range consists of Whitening Lotion Light/Moist (RM52 for 200ml), Whitening Emulsion (RM52 for 130ml), Whitening Gel (RM67 for 80g) and Whitening UV Gel (RM67 for 80g).

For normal skin types, they have the Moisturise range which moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling sticky. Product line up are Moisturise Lotion, Moisturise Emulsion (RM52 for 130ml) and Moisture Gel (RM67 for 80g).

The last range from Freshel caters for aging skin or very dry skin. It’s the EX Moisture range which carries the EX Moisture Lotion, EX Moisture Emulsion (RM59 for 130ml) and EX Moisture Gel (RM82 for 80g). Also, as a top up for aging skin, they have also the Lift Moisture Cream (RM67 for 35g) and the Lift Moisture Eye Essence (RM56 for 35) which are the one in red packaging.

As of now, Freshel has only released 3 ranges of products, whitening, moisturizing and extra moisturizing. While some of us need that, some of us might be looking for something else. If you’re constantly worried about acne or breakouts, there’s news that they’ll be releasing a range cater for those skin problems soon! :D

Freshel also introduced us to their cleansing products which consist of Cleansing Lotion (RM44 for 200ml), Clear Soap (RM30 for 130g), Cleansing Oil, Pack & Massage foam (RM48 for 150g) and Cleansing Cream (RM44 for 250g).

Notice that they have 5 products solely for cleansing purposes? I love using cleansing oil to remove my makeup, but some of you might prefer cleansing lotion because you don’t like it to be oily. We all have different preferences when it comes to removing makeup and skin cleansing. Thus, Freshel aims to cater for these preferences with these products.

Freshel keeps making a point on time-saving but exactly how time saving can their products be? Each range features their All In One Gel which serves as a lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and moisturizing makeup base. That means once you’ve applied your skin care, your skin is ready for base makeup and you can skip your makeup base. :D

Moreover, they have recently released a new product which is the Whitening UV Gel which contains SPF26 PA++ for mild sun protection. Using it with the Whitening Gel, this serves as a day cream and the latter as a night cream.

Another feature which was really good about this product is that it is refillable!!! As a student myself, every penny saved is a huge thing for me. The refill for Whitening Gel and Moisture Gel is RM59 for 80g and EX Moisture Gel is RM74 for 80g. That’s about 7 or 8 ringgit saved which I can buy myself a meal XD

With BB cream widespread in the market these days, Freshel has also released their own BB cream products for different skin types. Here they have the Mineral BB cream EX (RM67 for 50g), Mineral BB cream Pore Cover (RM59 for 50g), Mineral BB cream UV (RM59 for 50g) and Mineral BB cream Moist (RM59 for 50g). The EX is for dry skin with SPF32 PA++, UV is for whitening and sun protection with SPF41 PA++ and Moist is for normal skin types with SPF28 PA++ as above. Whereas the Pore Cover with SPF30 PA++ is for users who wants to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Again with the time-saving concept their BB cream serves as an essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen and tinted makeup base which can be use right after you apply their lotion.

Freshel is not losing out on CC cream as well! CC cream, known as Colour Control cream or Colour Correction cream serves to brighten up your skin tone with a natural finish. Like the BB cream, you can apply this right after you apply the lotion. What’s more, it removes with a regular face wash meaning more time saved on your night time routine. This product has a SPF20 PA++ sun protection which is pretty mild. The product is not out in the market yet tho, it’s set to be out in May so do look out for it! :D

With all the products introduced, how can I miss out on a picture with Freshel’s ambassador? I love how we’re both wearing white, with a white background behind, haha!

Lastly, a group picture with the other bloggers who attended the event as well. I had fun meeting fresh faces and knowing more about these bloggers. Also, a very big thank you to Nuffnang for inviting me to join this event! :D

For more info and updates on Freshel's products, visit their Facebook page and their Website.

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March 12, 2014

{Review} Dizon Eye Hazel

Lens Info
Base Curve: 8.60
Diameter: 14.50
Water Content: 42%
Place of Origin: Korea

I've always been wearing fancy lenses or lenses which look somewhat natural but not that natural (If you get what I mean, haha!) so I wanted something more wearable on days where I don't want too much attention on my eyes. I guess it sounds like an invalid excuse seeing how bright my hair is but I actually got these lenses way back in January. I've actually did a tutorial/review wearing these, maybe you hadn't notice, so here's the link to that.

With a pretty natural design, these lenses are meant for subtle enlarging. It has a limbal ring as you can see, but they aren't that opaque so it blends naturally into your original eye colour if you have dark brown eyes like me. The colour gradient looks really transparent and some of you might worry that it has that halo effect but so far after wearing it for many times I haven't seen any of that sort so rest assured. :)

Comparing indoor lightning and direct sunlight on these lenses, I think there isn't much difference either. The colour appears a little brighter with sunlight, but that's how my eye would look with strong light too. It blends pretty well in both situations, with a minor setback being the limbal ring if you look closely which I think it's still alright considering you're wearing lenses so it'll show in one way or another.

Comfort wise, these lenses are amazing! You know I'm either cooped up at home the entire day or out from early morning till evening so lenses HAS to be comfortable for long hours when I'm out. Throughout these few months of wearing them, I haven't got any problems with these so I'm giving them a thumbs up. With it's natural design and such comfort, sometimes I even forget that I'm wearing lenses until I'm about to wipe off my makeup lol! A side note, it's always best to remove your lenses before removing your makeup! :D

Guess what? I'm pretty much done with my portfolio that's why I've got some time to do this review today. I actually got 4 pairs of lenses (Who wears 4 pairs of lenses for a pair of eyes?!) back in January so I'll be reviewing the others soon! Since January I've been having guests at home and more guests are coming up until end of June. There's the phrase 'The more the merrier' but I love isolation, peace, quietness and privacy lol. I'm not complaining about having so many relatives at home, rather I feel as if I need to get a breath of fresh air as soon as possible. Does that happen to you too? XD On a relatively happier side, I recently got 2 adverts which will be up this month. I know adverts sounds like I'm selling products but they're pretty famous brands in Asia so perhaps you'll have a look at them? I'll try my best to cater to the advertiser's requirements but most of all I'll be thinking about my dear readers as I write. After all, you all mean so much to me. :) Thanks for reading! :D
March 6, 2014

Life Size Doll House

I don't think I've mentioned this, but my parents just got a new house! :D It's a single storey house which they plan to stay for many years to come, that's why they wanted everything on one floor, to save the hassle of going up and down when you need something. However, depending on whether I get accepted into Lasalle after the interview end of this month, if I do, I might not stay at this house but we'll see then.

I had some errands to do this morning around Damansara area so after that we head over to Ikea to get some ideas prior renovation of the new house. Of course, I had to had their ice cream and curry puffs which were just so so so good!

I always love visiting Ikea since young. It's ever changing interior displays, fresh ideas for you to spice up your rooms and of course, being a life size 'Doll House' where I can play around with. They have all sorts of settings, bedroom, office space, shop layout, sewing machines..... you name it. I can spend hours looking at each tiny detail and get fascinated as I visit one setting after another, it's just so much fun! Since I brought my camera out today, I thought I'd snap a few pictures of myself there, pretending it's my room lol. (And if you would just ignore the price tags please~)

I love the print on the sofa, the lamp behind and undoubtedly this pink owl pillow which looked so cute! Too bad it was RM19.90 for the pillow case itself. ( ̄へ ̄)

This is the first time I've ever posted the profile of my face because my face is really flat. I'm an Asian in and out, haha! I'm slowly trying to accept my looks and embrace the beauty of it. It's alright having a flat face, because I still look good from front and 3/4. XD I'm loving this picture of my reflection in the mirror and the romantic setting of the place. The flowers were situated strategically for this photo to be taken so nicely!

You know why stars uses mirrors with lightbulbs around it? Because it illuminates your face perfectly from every angle! The lightning was so perfect that I couldn't miss out by not taking a selca.

It was great going out today, especially Ikea. I got some inspirations for my upcoming artworks today so I'm happy about that. :D I'm also happy to be able to blog about something other than my artworks lol. If I have some time I'll probably do some reviews this month, we'll see (^^)
March 5, 2014

Art Progress

Time flies as I was working on my artworks for the past few weeks! February seemed exceptionally short for me, probably because I was busy with CNY celebrations, nail art and these artworks. There's no regret on 'I should've spent my time doing _____' so that's a good sign of being productive. I'm really happy with how life's going along lately, doing absolutely things which I love all the time so there isn't much things around that'll bring me down. Alright, enough with the blabbing.

Seeing how time passes by and it's already the fifth day of March, I thought I should update my blog a little to keep it alive. Since drawing and painting is basically what I've been doing lately, I thought I'd show you my progress! By the way, I'm nearly done with my portfolio for my interview end of this month so I can take things a little more lightly now, hehe~

Folk Art Painting (One-stroke painting)

I learned this technique back when I was learning nail art so I thought, why not transfer it onto paper instead? It's my first try on paper and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. Downside of this though was that I had to use so much acrylic paint for this to the point where is breaks my heart because acrylic is not cheap D:

Watercolour painting again! :D So far I'm still experimenting with watercolours because I'm still new to this media. But it's quite fun and the possibilities are limitless, with the exception of occasional mess up which I try to conceal it the best I can.

Another cat painting. I drew this based on Dolly's picture. Cats are always curious of new things aren't they? So I thought I'd draw a raspberry tart with Dolly trying to sniff it, hahaha! He loves food a lot XD

This one I did just yesterday, an anime style lolita girl. I'm half-satisfied with how this came out, because there were just so many things which were new to me and most of it were my first try. :/ But I like how her eyes 'sparkles' hehe~

I know, this may look like a half-effort post, but the artworks were my 100% effort so I wanted to upload them on my blog. Instead of single entries like my previous posts, I wanted to compile them up into one post. I hope you liked them and feel free to throw me comments or critiques! :D