February 6, 2014

Girls Girls Girls

If there's anyone whom I'll miss after highschool, it'll be these girls. :) Although someone else among our group couldn't attend, I was more than happy to have them around me today. Some of us haven't met in months but the conversations are always overflowing.

We met up at Pavillion this morning and the first impression everyone had was on my new hair colour, haha! It's really bright and they almost couldn't recognized me until I walked closer and my friend kept saying it looks like Barbie's hair, it's my second time getting that but I'm happy you liked it.

First thing first, food. We all haven't had lunch and decided to dig in at Komugi.

I'd say we have similar tastes sometimes having three of us ordering Chicken Katsu Curry Udon (RM18.90). The curry was pretty good and the udon was fine too, however the chicken katsu was so hard to bite! We couldn't eat graciously by cutting it into smaller pieces and had to chew it off lol.

Angel's Sukiyaki Udon at RM22.90. Looks really good but I have yet to try it, hehe~

We sat there for a long time talking about common subjects to classified subjects (ie. private things lol), we just have so much to talk about until someone decides to leave to the next place. Overall the atmosphere at Komugi was pretty good, there are lots of pastries, bread and cakes but we opted for something filling instead. Price wise it was pretty fair and judging by the terms of a cafe, I think it's much more worth it than the newly opened Tous Les Jours which I saw them serving small portions with prices similar to Komugi's.

Complimentary picture of my face. After lunch, we moved on to Wa Cafe outside Tonkatsu for dessert and drinks. Great lightning for pictures there! :D

Girls busy instagramming and checking their SNS updates (Or maybe their otome games updates? Hmmm...).

Finally a group shot! As you can see all I was having was my phone. :) It tastes mechanical, crispy and sometimes there might be some shocking sensation to your taste buds. No really, I was just too full for drinks or dessert lol.

The day ended well and now I'm dreading to go into dreamland. Good night lovelies! <3

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