February 28, 2014

Classic Twist #ootd

Scarf - Vintage
Necklace - Sampheng Market, Bangkok
Top - From my Ririchiyo cosplay
Bottom - Singapore

With most fashion weeks happening lately, I just couldn't keep myself from viewing those brilliant collections, I mean, who doesn't like fashion? Setting aside my favourite collection from Moschino, I've been eyeing on those coats, tux etc. which gives off that classy high fashion look. I wanted to wear something like that too but the weather is scorching hot in Malaysia so I made do with a white blouse and gave it a little modern twist with those leather pants.

I've stopped cosplaying now, but the cosplay outfits are still taking up some of my wardrobe space yet I can't bear to pass it to someone else. Why not, I thought, to incorporate them into my daily outfits? One aspect I love about this blouse was the cutting of it, since the anime had a classic uniform, the blouse was tailored that way too and I love it! Having it slightly oversize was a plus point too, it makes you look lovelier and adorable when your hands are half covered by the length of the sleeves. Anime girl's moe-ness, you get me? XD

Matched with a scarf headband and a gold spiked necklace, I think they went pretty well with this look! :D The scarf is a hand-me-down from my mom, I think you've noticed why in my last ootd post. My outfit items are from all over the place, neither do I know why. I don't have a specific brand I love I guess, whatever looks nice to me is good to me.

I've been cooped up at home for the longest time ever and it was nice getting a breath of fresh air today. I didn't buy much except for junk food which I plan to munch on when I resume on my artworks. Today's been a rather long day out for me (even though it was only half a day lol) and I came home with no water supply. While some country has extremely cold weathers, we're having extremely hot weather to the point where the national water supply has decreased so drastically. I pray that we'll have water again soon... :( (Else I'm going to stink D:)
February 23, 2014

{Review} The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

I have always battled with pimple and it's aftermath, scars. I'm sure I'm not the only victim of this, almost everyone of us has gone through that phase or still going through as we're growing up. I used to think that 'Scars will clear up overtime' but they take forever to clear up and it's of no help to wait for them to heal when you cover them up with thicker makeup thus clogging your pores leading to more breakouts. I didn't trust any of those products in the market who'd clear up those scars for me because I've tried some and they don't work so well. I had 2 sheets of Hydrogel Snail Mask from Nature Republic which I got from my aunt and snail mask does help in clearing up scars but they cost a ton. That's why I've pretty much given up on searching for a product that'll help with my skin problem.

That is until my cousin sister pass me a bottle of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion!!! I'm so grateful that she got me this product. I didn't buy it, so I don't know the price but I think this product is a great investment in your daily skin care.
Update: I just found out from The Body Shop's website for the price of this product. It's MYR 55.00. More info please check out their website.

The product comes in 30ml and it's around the size of my hand. Simple packaging like any other Body Shop's product but what I'm looking for is not just the packaging but the effectiveness of the product itself.

At first, I was doubtful if this will even work out well on my skin so as usual, I read some reviews by other bloggers and they have positive feedbacks and I thought, let's give this a try. By the way, that's how I usually decide whether I'd purchase a product haha! I'm a rather impatient person, if the product doesn't show much result around a week's time, it'll forever be shoved aside until it's time to toss it away. I did the same for this product and it didn't show much difference by then and I was going to do what I had said, but seeing that I don't have a proper night lotion, I might as well use this as night time moisturiser. Trust me, not only I didn't have any breakouts which would usually visit me every time it hits my monthly blues, my face actually look brighter and there are less blemish scars! I was taken aback by how good this product worked on me and it has definitely gained a place in my skin care list.

The product dispenses with a pump, one pump is enough for your whole face. It comes with a cap as well for hygienic purposes. The thing is, the bottle is opaque and I have no idea how much product is left inside. But based on my assumptions, I felt like as you dispense the product, there's a lever below which pushes the remaining product upwards like the other Body Shop's products I've used before.

Here's one pump of the product. It has a soothing tea tree fragrance which I love but the smell doesn't linger around the entire night. After application, my skin felt really smooth and silky, non of that sticky moisturiser feel and that's a plus point for me. I don't need any extra greasiness for my oily T-zone.

Body Shop's products are against animal testing and it has always been using ingredients which are as natural as possible so it should be mild enough even for sensitive skin. It's a great product and I totally recommend this one for anyone who faced the same problem as I am. Better makeup always start from better skin, so take good care of your skin~! :D
February 21, 2014

Let go of your past and embrace the future.

I'm back with my third artwork! One mistake I made here was not using the right paper for this piece. I wanted a blurred background so I tried diluting acrylic and apply a light wash of colour, I know I was risking it but I didn't thought it'll turn out so bad, in the end the paper crumpled and I had to put a dictionary and my bible over it for 2 days to flatten it out a bit. I'm kinda grateful that the texture hadn't got destroy neither was there a hole in the paper, hehe~

The message I wanted to express for hope and growth. As you can see, I tried to portray the image of spring, a new beginning, a new hope, with snow melting away. Spring marks the new cycle of the year where things start afresh again. Don't worry if you made mistakes at some point in your life, you can always start again! :D And growth was to represent how I used to set boundaries on myself in art, telling myself I can only do this and that but through this portfolio preparation, I have explored so much more about art and have broke through my own boundaries. With this mindset, I believe I will learn more and more and improve myself further.

For this artwork, I took inspiration from a blooming rose. It hasn't been fully bloomed yet, meaning that the process of developing hope and growth are still ongoing.

For the colour palette of the rose, I took reference from this amazing artist I found, MALL, you should all check out her artworks! I love how colourful, bright and cheerful her artworks are, and they seem to be telling a story :D

Lately I've been working all day on these artworks and perhaps it's due to lack of sleep, I'm having minor nose bleeding every now and then. :( I hadn't got nose bleed for a few years already so I don't exactly know why they came back... I used to have frequent nose bleeds in my younger teenage years and that was really crazy, I could easily soak up more than 5 tissue papers at one go lol! Oh why am I talking about nose bleeding now... (^^;)
February 18, 2014

Realistic portrait of my cats

I feel like I'm on a roll lately, churning out artworks one after another (It's still the second one so far, what are you talking about?!). Yesterday I decided to do one in Black and White of my beloved cats. There's no better happiness than drawing someone you love, I kept stopping halfway and squeal at their cuteness lol. My family loved it so much and I hope you'll love it as much as we do too! Mom even suggested that if I get to have to drawing back, she'll frame it up and put it on display! XD

Both my cats, Anko (left) and Dolly (right) just took their bath that morning and their fur coat was in their best condition. I took these photos around noon, just when they were going to have their nap (I'm sorry for waking you up!) and as usual they're not that camera friendly and walks away when I try to take pictures of them. I had an idea of how I wanted the drawing to turn out already but I needed to get them pose for me how I wanted it to be and after many shots I finally got these two pictures.

If you didn't know about the story of my cats, Anko is actually Dolly's aunt and Dolly's a boy but we named him before we could identify his gender when he was born. Since Anko was more 'superior' than him, I drew Anko's portrait above Dolly's haha~

Like my previous artwork, I have this thing to record down my process and I draw. Because once I've put another stroke into it, it's different from the previous one already and I just wanted to stop and look back on my progress sometimes. Do anyone of you do that as well?

I didn't mention this previously, but having no official lessons in art means I can't draw with guidelines. None of those circles, cross and markings I have ever used in my artworks. I simply draw what I see and that's how I interpreted my artworks. I know they are not 100% perfect in terms of proportions, but this is as far as I can do and as long as they still look good, that's fine to me. If you want 100% perfect, you might as well take a photograph of it then...

The final outcome.

Mom's question was, "Are they angry at each other?' No, I just wanted them to gaze far away confidently. :) Like how I live each day to its fullest and count my blessings each day to be sure that God is always with me and he will hold my hand as I walk, thus I am assured that the next day will be good as well so I live my life confidently in the presence of God. And that's how you should live life too, don't worry about the problems ahead, just do your best today and have confidence in tomorrow.

Moving on to my next artwork soon, I hope you enjoyed viewing this one! (^^) I'd love to hear your feedbacks and comments~! :D
February 17, 2014

Feeling Arty Lately

Counting down to my interview at Lasalle on 28 March, I'm frantically preparing my portfolio for assessment at the same time. I was baffled when they told me I had to present a portfolio as I simply had no idea on how is it like at all. Here in Malaysia, we don't require such thing to enter an art college so I didn't bother to find out what it was and how it should be. Pencils, brushes and colours left my hands ever since I graduated high school so you probably can tell that my art skills have gone downwards all these while.

Picking up my art tools again, I started out with a colour pencil artwork as my first one to present in the portfolio. I never had any official art lessons, mainly just those where they give you a topic and ask you to draw as a kid. None of those classes where they teach you on how to draw, paint and techniques so all these while I've been drawing based on what I see and my vast imagination which works fully to its potential when I decide to head off to dreamland. (That explains why I've got these huge panda eyes recently)

Thank God that my mom was a fine art diploma student so she has a mini library of artbooks. It truly assisted me in gaining ideas and to spark off that inner creativity in me. For my first artwork, I went for a 1920s flapper girl style so I did some research on 1920's artists back then and incorporated some elements into mine as well! :D

The artist was Edward Burra, I was attracted to his artwork on the cover page itself of a copy of 'The Great Artists' dated back in 1986. This issue itself is older than me! I'm a colourful person and I'm always attracted to expressive expressions. They give off a cheerful vibe and there seems to be a story within the drawings where you can imagine the story behind them. Mom said that these artists who drew that way had weird, one of a kind thinking that's why their artworks stands out from the majority. She didn't like it that well but that's not the case for me.

That period, artists were rebelling the traditional art styles and cooperated their own styles into their drawings. One major difference is how they drew human in their own style and sometimes out of proportions. I felt that people were starting to enjoy drawing with their imagination and broke through the art boundaries. :)

Here's my artwork! As you can see, she isn't perfect but I drew her in how I imagined I wanted her to look. She has a popular flapper girl bob with dark black hair and strong eyes and lip makeup. To me, flapper girls dress up comfortably and has an effortless look so I drew a simple dress for her but matched with a fancy hat to spice up her look. Flapper girls had these beautiful headdress and simple hats back then so I tried to keep the hat simple but gave it a turban style twist for that extra pop. The salmon pink went well with the whole look and made her look feminine as well. (^^)

How do you like it? :D I know I haven't been blogging as often lately because of this but I hope you'll enjoy my art process just as well as I do. Actually, I have some review products on hand which I have yet to get them done because I simple have no time to take photographs of them and my face lol. All my time have been devoted into preparing my portfolio lately and I'm getting cooped up at home most of the time with my hair tied back and fringe settled with a velcro for utmost comfort as I'm working on these art pieces. But once the interview is over, I believe I'll have more time foe myself again and probably more products for review as I plan to shop a bit while I'm at Singapore hehe~
February 14, 2014

Love Yourself Today.

The perfect beauty is not being perfect, but accepting your imperfections. Often in this modern society, we strive to conform to the standards of beauty unknowingly set by ourselves. A slim figure, a V-shaped face, tall nose bridge, large eyes etc. Cosmetic surgery are becoming more and more common where you can go and 'fix yourself up' with just a swipe of card. I can't say that I'm not fascinated by cosmetic surgery itself, in fact it's really tempting and growing up, I'm sure you too had at least had a split second of thought on getting cosmetic surgery someday but perhaps it's out of your wishlist because you either can't afford it or you're too scared to go under the knife. The Korean program on cosmetic surgery, Let Me In, is in fact one of my favourite programs which I never missed an episode when it's airing on Channel M. It's really shocking to see how they 'transform' themselves from ugly ducklings into swans and I don't blame some of them as they had some disorder with their jaws or hormones or stuff like that. But what ticked me off to write this post was when I saw one of the girls who wanted surgery because she was told she looked like her mom and that she had a square face. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE A SQUARE FACE AS WELL.

I'm not jealous of her getting her face done, rather I was quite pissed to see how she despise her natural born face shape. You're lucky if you have oval, round, triangular or heart shape faces because generally they still look slimmer than square face. Truth be told, I was once very shy of my square face as well and had constantly wondered why I have such a face shape. I like my eyes, my nose and my mouth but why does my face shape looks so out of place? You don't see it in my older pictures on my blog though because I know how to conceal it with my hair and of course I used to photoshop a lot on my face to make it look sharper in them. However when it comes to photos taken by others, I hated it so much because they upload it without any digital retouch. Still, it's something I was born with and who was I to blame? My parents, because they birthed a daughter with such a face shape? God, because he decided to give me such a face shape? NO!

As I grew up, I became more understanding of my own self. In fact, it is no one's fault that I got such a face, neither it's actually that bad to have a square face. We tend to look on the negative perspective more often than the positive perspective when we're insecure and we feel lack of confidence towards ourselves. It gets even worse when someone else points it out too. Thing is, you've got to start loving your so-called imperfections if you want to love yourself and embrace it. Make it work, show others that you're able to make something which they deemed imperfect to be something that looks good. Like my face, I used to cover it up with my hair all the time but now I've learned to show it off and be proud of it. 'Werk it girl!' they said. So you've gotta work it with all you can, be confident of yourself and break the standards of beauty which people has set and shine in your own throne.

It brings me to this question, 'where has true beauty gone to?'. I believe that if a person is beautiful on the inside and knows how to love themselves, embrace their beauty and project those love towards other, they are beautiful. It's no use being a superficial Barbie or Ken if you're all about wealth, looks or material things. But sad to say, that's just how some people are.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a single female ranting on Valentine's Day. Rather I just want to say that no matter if you're single or taken, try to just love yourself today. There is no need for fancy presents or food, just simply the thought of loving yourself a little bit more than usual and that you're special. Then show your love to people you love and make them feel special too. If you don't first start to love yourself, how are you to love others and show them your true love deep from your heart? And if you feel like you need someone to love you first before you can start to love yourself, remember that there's always God who loves you. Even if you don't believe in Him yet, at least believe that you're loved by Him.

Finally, Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! I want you to know that I love you! :D

February 8, 2014

Hand-Me-Down #ootd

Beanie - Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
Top - Armani Exchange
Overalls - Vintage item

Basically, the main point of this outfit were the hand-me-down knitted top and the striped overalls. I always have a soft spot for vintage items or second hand items because they felt really exclusive and special to me. Fashion used to be following the trend and the current season colours however in recent years it has changed. People started to wear what they like to please themselves. And just like how fashion runways are always bringing back the older trends, we like to bring back the trend which we love by merging it into our own style. Matched with a beanie for a fun look, which also hides away a bad hair day, haha!

This was my outfit when I went out with my friends the other day. It was pretty comfortable except for the fact that the suspenders kept slipping so I had to readjust it every now and then.

Fun fact: Did you notice that my finger was put into the side of the overalls instead of the pockets? I didn't notice that until I edited the pictures lol! Throughout the whole day I kept doing that by accident and I had to keep in mind to not put my phone into that slit or else it might've dropped out!

Do you like this outfit? Leave me a comment below! (^^)
February 6, 2014

Girls Girls Girls

If there's anyone whom I'll miss after highschool, it'll be these girls. :) Although someone else among our group couldn't attend, I was more than happy to have them around me today. Some of us haven't met in months but the conversations are always overflowing.

We met up at Pavillion this morning and the first impression everyone had was on my new hair colour, haha! It's really bright and they almost couldn't recognized me until I walked closer and my friend kept saying it looks like Barbie's hair, it's my second time getting that but I'm happy you liked it.

First thing first, food. We all haven't had lunch and decided to dig in at Komugi.

I'd say we have similar tastes sometimes having three of us ordering Chicken Katsu Curry Udon (RM18.90). The curry was pretty good and the udon was fine too, however the chicken katsu was so hard to bite! We couldn't eat graciously by cutting it into smaller pieces and had to chew it off lol.

Angel's Sukiyaki Udon at RM22.90. Looks really good but I have yet to try it, hehe~

We sat there for a long time talking about common subjects to classified subjects (ie. private things lol), we just have so much to talk about until someone decides to leave to the next place. Overall the atmosphere at Komugi was pretty good, there are lots of pastries, bread and cakes but we opted for something filling instead. Price wise it was pretty fair and judging by the terms of a cafe, I think it's much more worth it than the newly opened Tous Les Jours which I saw them serving small portions with prices similar to Komugi's.

Complimentary picture of my face. After lunch, we moved on to Wa Cafe outside Tonkatsu for dessert and drinks. Great lightning for pictures there! :D

Girls busy instagramming and checking their SNS updates (Or maybe their otome games updates? Hmmm...).

Finally a group shot! As you can see all I was having was my phone. :) It tastes mechanical, crispy and sometimes there might be some shocking sensation to your taste buds. No really, I was just too full for drinks or dessert lol.

The day ended well and now I'm dreading to go into dreamland. Good night lovelies! <3
February 4, 2014

Rock Grunge #OOTD

A simple outfit I put together today channeling that Rock Grunge feel. I didn't have much time to get myself ready this morning so I pulled out the three basic colours from my waredrobe, A blue denim jacket, a yellow loose tank top and a red tartan skirt. Accessorised with a sheer black scarf tied around my wrist and a black choker. The colours were inspired by Seto Ayumi, she always play around with the three basic colours along with black and white and they never go wrong.

I had to take these pictures with a self-timer thus many things could go wrong, out of focus, composition, pose etc. It was a fun tryout though the photos resulted in black and white in the end as they deemed the best. The pastel colours of my room just didn't bring out the outfit lol.

On a side note, today was a pretty good day! There were some minor conflicts which happened this morning among our relatives partly because of me but I am not the one at fault, I was just the one who presented the source without knowing anything beforehand. It's not my fault when people have conflicts because of some photos I posted on my SNS, no one told me that I couldn't post them, in fact they let me took the photos at the first place. Setting that aside, I'd say it was a good day because I received an email of me winning two premier tickets for the upcoming movie, The Book Thief! Later the day, I received another email of me winning a giveaway! I'll be blogging about that when I get my prize yay!

Chinese New Year reunion dinner

First of all, I'd like to apologized that I've accidentally deleted some comments on my previous blog post. In fact, it's not the first time I've done that and I find myself really stupid at times where my mind tells me to click 'publish' when I moderate comments but my hand clicks 'delete' instead. I genuinely sorry for my silly mistake and have repost the comment on behalf of my reader. I'm really sorry. m(_ _)m

Therefore, I've changed my blog commenting settings to non-moderation to avoid any further silly mistakes likewise which made me wanna slap myself for being so careless. There is no way to recover them but I only have a copy of the comment sent to my email and I thank God for that. This shows how much I appreciate each and every comment you left me and even if you're a silent reader, I'm happy that you're still reading my blog, thank you!

Back to the post, I've been real busy lately going out for visits every day thus my blog posts do seem to have shrunk in content. Though I felt that I need to update this space as often as I can, I live by quality over quantity as well so I'm trying my very best to bring out the best content I can even though I'm literally half-dozing off right now. I want to share my happy moments with you all too and make your day better so it's something I'm happy to do. (^^)

Here's my look for yesterday! A little casual cool, matching a white tee with leopard printed shorts and tying a blue checkered shirt around my waist. Accessories were a simple cross statement necklace and my one and only red leather strap watch. It's really comfortable and I always think that blue, brown and white looks good together, hehe~ Comfort is the key when you're visiting so many houses in a day!

My makeup was much lighter today, but I decided to add some fun by drawing just a triangular flick instead of a full width eyeliner. It gives off a subtle cat eye look. (^^)

How can you miss you Yee Sang in a CNY dinner? My knowledge about Yee Sang's ingredients are simply Salmon, Crackers, Pomelo and some other random colourful bits and sauces. I tend to grab the salmon and crackers as soon as I can, haha!

My parents always say that we need to drink chinese tea to wash away the oily after taste and unclog your blood capillaries lol. Not sure how well that works but I've been drinking tea ever since I was young and I love it! Glad that I have no problems sleeping after tea or coffee~

"Lou Ah! Huat Ah!"

As we Chinese mix the ingredients of the Yee Sang together, we'll say prosperous wishes for the year. It's a fun tradition and we still enjoy it till today, it's a must every CNY!

Nutritious soups are an important part of our diet. My mom loves and appreciates soups so much that she'd boil them every other day so we always have soup at home. I'm not so much of a soup fan because I'm simply too lazy to learn and boil various types of soup lol.

Cod fish which I super love but is super expensive here. I love it's soft texture and its milky taste! I only get to eat it maybe 2 to 3 times a year and each time I have it I'll savour it slowly. (^_^)

We actually had more courses but I didn't take picture of every one of them because... I don't like chicken, prawn or sea cucumber and I've totally forgotten to take pictures of the dessert because I was too absorb in our dinner game haha :P Because there was always leftover after each course, we played a game where everyone gives a random number and we add them all up then we counted the person who'd eat one of the leftover pieces. It was really fun and exciting and we all had a good laugh while dining XD

CNY dinners are always really exclusive and grand for me, we tend to splurge on food especially on special occasions like this. I hope it gave you an insight on our Chinese New Year traditions and till then, bye! :D
February 2, 2014

Modern Pin-up take

Since I got my hair bleached, I've been experimenting with more hairstyles lately. (^^) With Pin-up style being a trend this S/S 2014 as seen on Vivi and Emoda, it's about time I try out the style. I've always had a soft spot for vintage styles and items and I was first introduced to pin-up style back when they were showing ANTM cycle 5 on my local TV. Seeing the corsets, socks and hairstyles, I instantly fell in love with this style which I view as more of an art.

Then there's me, with the modern take of this pin-up style. Fashion trends nowadays are pretty much recycling old trends by picking up bits and pieces here and there and incorporating them into new styles. Trust me, if you ask your parents, they'll tell you so. ;)

What I wore was a casual street style loose top and leather shorts matched with gold spikes necklace and a faux red leather watch. My makeup was done in a similar way to my previous tutorial but my hair I styled it in a rather pin-up look.

All I used was a simple travel hair straightener which is about 2 1/2 inch in length and 1/2 inch in width. Just simple curling technique done on my fringe and I ran through my fingers through the curls and slightly style them. One thing to note is that you want to separate your fringe into 3 sections, top, middle and bottom and curl them in any direction for that messy curls look. Hairspray is optional, but with my bleached hair, I left it just like that for the whole night and it remains the same still when I got home. As for the remaining hair, I pulled them back into a lose ponytail and wrapped the elastic band with a piece of my hair. I also pulled out several strands of my hair and curled them for a softer look.

Initially I got my inspiration from the popular Korean permed fringe hairstyle and I used that idea for this look. It's a versatile look, you can wear it as I did or you can pop a beanie or a snapback and it looks really cute as well. Alternatively if you like it a little more pin-up you can add a bandana as well. It's so easy and it took me less than 15 minutes to get it done! Very cute and fun and you might be grabbing some attention with your hair as well, so I hope you'd try it out! :D Thanks for reading~!