January 29, 2014

{Review} NYX Crystal Silk Liquid Crystal Liner + Chinese New Year look tutorial

With Chinese New Year around the corner, I thought I'd make a tutorial for this festive season! Putting aside the usual red or pinks, I wanted to emphasize the theme for this look which is Year of the Horse with a brown smokey eye makeup. Last week I popped by Sephora to check out their makeup goodies and grabbed myself an NYX Liquid Crytal Liner in Crystal Silk. NYX products are really affordable to me so I always check out their section, haha! I got this at RM19 for 5ml but it's really pretty and pigmented so it's really worth it. :) I love the color and I feel that it'll go really well with this festive season~

The liner brush is really soft and it's easy to use as well. Precision wise, it doesn't give you a super thin line but that's alright to me. It takes a while to dry up after you apply and I'm not sure about this, but the first time I used it without any foundation or concealer on my eyelid, it stings! It stings until it's dried but after that it's alright. However when I used it with my base makeup done today, there wasn't any stinging sensation. So I'm thinking that it might be risky for those with really sensitive eyes. :/

I'm wearing Dizon Eye Hazel lenses here just in case you want to know. :) It's enlarges my eye naturally without any fancy colour and so I can focus more on my eye makeup instead. Been curling my hair whenever I go out with this haircut because, well, it wasn't cut skillfully. I tried to book an appointment with 76style but their schedules were all full so I had to resort to a local housing area salon again. It isn't THAT bad but I just can't leave my hair straight, the only way to make it look presentable is to curl it to save it lol. I'm planning to get another haircut after CNY to fix that haircut and probably getting a shorter fringe above my eyebrows. I have a pretty short forehead so we'll see if the stylist says yes to that.

Getting this tutorial done was not easy, I mean the editing. I've been playing around with lightroom and photoshop a little more lately and I'm happy with the outcome of the pictures. Moreover, I know it's been a while since I've got a tutorial done so I wanted to step up a little bit with the tutorial section. Took out a few magazines and flipped them through so many times to get an idea of what I want and to start recreating my own makeup tutorial section. I've been looking at magazines differently nowadays, they're not just a source for fashion, makeup and beauty, it's more than that. There's the photography, graphics, fonts, arrangement, texts and color combination parts piled up in one issue. I've learned to appreciate them even more, haha!

I hope you like the outcome of this post and I'll blog again soon, see ya!


  1. Awesome tutorial dear. the glitter on the lash is super pretty!

  2. Sabrina Tajudin - Thanks sweetie! I'm glad you liked that, maybe you can use that in your own looks too? :D

  3. Love your tutorial,it look so professional! <3 The lens look so natural i had to scroll up again to re-check your eyes lols. http://azwaa.blogspot.com

  4. Azwa Amanina - Thanks dear! <3 They look really natural and they're very comfortable as well. :) Sometimes I forget that I'm wearing any lens too, hehe...

  5. Nice tutorial and concept there *thumbs up* 😁
    I actually wanted to buy the glitter pink one from the range but due that I don't oftenly use glitters I's give a pass for that in eventually 😂
    CNY is just a few days ahead. Hapoy CNY. Huat ar! /LOL/

  6. Oooohhhh, I love this look and you looks so so so beautiful in these photos!!! You did a wonderful job~ I'm excited that it's year of the horse because I'm a horse in Chinese Zodiac!! Hehehehe. What about you?? ^.^

  7. Caydence - Thanks you! (^^) I've read your Peony tutorial too and it was good :D I hadn't thought of buying a glitter liner too because I thought I won't be using it a lot. But it was RM19 and it's CNY soon, so I pretty much used that as an excuse for new makeup lol :P Happy CNY in advance to you too! :D

    Bunni.Berri - Thank you! (^^) I hope you'd try it out too :D I'm a pig in Chinese Zodiac, still many years to come, hehe~

  8. Seriously nice make up and technique! :)

  9. Innanie Ariffin - Thank you! :) I hope it gave you some inspirations and ideas (^^)

  10. Totally love this look!
    Looks like your article came from a magazine :p
    Love your eyebrows <3


  11. My Nguyen - Oooh thanks! Certainly I got my inspirations from magazines thus the resemblance in them. I really love how they make the tutorials look so interesting in them! :D