January 29, 2014

{Review} NYX Crystal Silk Liquid Crystal Liner + Chinese New Year look tutorial

With Chinese New Year around the corner, I thought I'd make a tutorial for this festive season! Putting aside the usual red or pinks, I wanted to emphasize the theme for this look which is Year of the Horse with a brown smokey eye makeup. Last week I popped by Sephora to check out their makeup goodies and grabbed myself an NYX Liquid Crytal Liner in Crystal Silk. NYX products are really affordable to me so I always check out their section, haha! I got this at RM19 for 5ml but it's really pretty and pigmented so it's really worth it. :) I love the color and I feel that it'll go really well with this festive season~

The liner brush is really soft and it's easy to use as well. Precision wise, it doesn't give you a super thin line but that's alright to me. It takes a while to dry up after you apply and I'm not sure about this, but the first time I used it without any foundation or concealer on my eyelid, it stings! It stings until it's dried but after that it's alright. However when I used it with my base makeup done today, there wasn't any stinging sensation. So I'm thinking that it might be risky for those with really sensitive eyes. :/

I'm wearing Dizon Eye Hazel lenses here just in case you want to know. :) It's enlarges my eye naturally without any fancy colour and so I can focus more on my eye makeup instead. Been curling my hair whenever I go out with this haircut because, well, it wasn't cut skillfully. I tried to book an appointment with 76style but their schedules were all full so I had to resort to a local housing area salon again. It isn't THAT bad but I just can't leave my hair straight, the only way to make it look presentable is to curl it to save it lol. I'm planning to get another haircut after CNY to fix that haircut and probably getting a shorter fringe above my eyebrows. I have a pretty short forehead so we'll see if the stylist says yes to that.

Getting this tutorial done was not easy, I mean the editing. I've been playing around with lightroom and photoshop a little more lately and I'm happy with the outcome of the pictures. Moreover, I know it's been a while since I've got a tutorial done so I wanted to step up a little bit with the tutorial section. Took out a few magazines and flipped them through so many times to get an idea of what I want and to start recreating my own makeup tutorial section. I've been looking at magazines differently nowadays, they're not just a source for fashion, makeup and beauty, it's more than that. There's the photography, graphics, fonts, arrangement, texts and color combination parts piled up in one issue. I've learned to appreciate them even more, haha!

I hope you like the outcome of this post and I'll blog again soon, see ya!
January 24, 2014

Singapore January 2014 - Universal Studios Singapore

Following my previous blog post on my first day in Singapore with my family, we spent our second day at Universal Studios Singapore! I've been there two years ago with my besties and I'm glad to be back again with my dear ones. Prices for the tickets didn't increase if I had remembered correctly; $74 for adults and $54 for children.

I take back what I said about there wasn't any long queues despite being a peak season back then. This time we went on a Saturday and boy, the queues were really long! You can expect those thrilling rides to be at least an hour queue even during lunch time. Still, I'm glad we were able to get on most of them except for Rapid Adventure which happened to face technical difficulty as we were queuing for it. More about that later!

A picture of the globe is a must! With people walking here and there, this was the only picture I managed to save from those I took.

Even when we were in another country, there's no place like home. Genuine malaysian food taste way better lol!

Finally got our tickets, look how excited my brother was!

Every area of the theme park had different uniforms. I just had to take a picture of his red cheery uniform!

Brought my Elmo cap which I bought 2 years ago back to USS. People were staring at me but you know, it's cute, fun and is there anywhere else more fitting to wear it than USS itself?

I wish some of the buildings were functional, then maybe we could've got ourselves a Hollywood makeover at the makeup studio? Hmmm...

I'm just loving these lamp posts and these random signs. Makes me feel like I'm at the place itself!

While queuing up for Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, you tell me it's out of business? It's a new ride to me since it wasn't opened 2 years back and I was really curious to find out how good the ride was. I'm not a big fan of Sesame Street except for Elmo... I'm sure you can tell. :)

The ride though, was a little boring for me. It's more of a family ride so it's really colourful with interactive talks along the way. I filmed it on video which you can watch at the bottom of this post.

They had all these vintage window displays all over New York area.

Preparing to launch!

It looked so cool when my brother stood on the drain cover where the smoke came out so I told him to pose for me. Love the photo with the befitting background, it's like a scene from those Superhero movies, I just wished he dress up a little nicer, lol.

Looks like I've gone to America, haven't I?

Outfit of the Day
Cap - Universal Studios Singapore
Top - Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
Bottoms - Bugis Street, Singapore
Socks - H&M
Shoes - Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
Bag - Vintage item

My parents looking so happy here. They say 'Child at Heart', theme parks always bring out that inner child no matter how old you are.

Two years back I didn't get to go on the Revenge of the Mummy ride since my friends and I chickened out. But this time I went in there with my family. We spent an hour 'underground' queuing for the ride. I heard that if you see a long queue anywhere in Singapore, there must be something really good ahead. Sure enough, the ride was awesome, not scary to me, since it was so dark to the point I could hardly see much other than feeling the drops, turns and screaming my lungs out or laughing hysterically; I can't remember.

I'm not sure about you, but whenever I go on thrilling rides like roller coasters, other than screaming, I laugh like a mad person. I don't know why, maybe it's just funny and exciting that's why I laugh? But I sure know that some of my friends are creep out by me when they sit beside me lol.

After the ride, we hurried to catch the Waterworld show. There's 3 zones, Soak zone, Splash zone and Dry zone. We sat at the Dry zone because we didn't want to get soaked. The show was pretty great, and it was good to rest our feet for 30 minutes while watching the show. (^^)

Next place we went was Far Far Away. The castle never ceased to amaze me, it's just so beautiful and I'm sure at some point, every girl dreamt of being a princess.

Madagascar, woohoo! Let the party begin! The whole place just cheers you up! With all the 'I like to move it move it' songs playing around, you just feel like dancing to the beat. The casts are so cute too, my favourite's Marty the zebra's who's black with white stripes~

Being cheeky while lining up for The Crate Adventure! I kept taking pictures of myself that day, mom was like, 'Stop taking, ah hah! I blocked you!'

These flower lights were so beautiful when they lit up at night!

Glad I got a better camera this time so I could take low light pictures pretty well with the assistance of some post-processing. Look at those four penguins getting their master plan laid out.

The four friends together. I love how they complement each other so well. Makes me feel happy whenever I watch Madagascar again!

Marty with his awesome 'hair' here. Marty, you look so good you know? :3

Population: Glamorous. Can I register myself as a citizen here?

Taking a snap at the back alley of New York. Everytime I visit USS I just had to go here for some photos.

We're breaking the law with a smile.

Anyone wants to get some Tarot readings with me? The door will only open to those 'invited'. Looks like I wasn't, but a picture is good too. :P

So I said at the beginning of the post that we missed out on Rapid Adventure at the Lost World since there was a technical malfunction where the conveyer belt folded. Sigh... we were half way in the line already too! To compensate, they gave everyone in the line a free one-time-use express pass which we used on the Canopy Flyer. It was the last thrilling ride we have yet to go on.

By the way, we went on the Transformers 3D ride after the parade. My family rushed into the queue for the ride leaving me behind so I didn't take any pictures since I was in a panic. Found them later and went on the ride with them. But why is it that everytime I go USS something will go missing? The last time I nearly lost my phone, this time I nearly lost my family... (;^;)

It was getting dark outside and most rides were closed. We went for Shrek 4D adventure to kill time while waiting for the fireworks show.

The castle at night. It looked beautiful but I wished it was lit up a little bit more. After all, so much effort has been put into building it, adding some touch ups to it will look better don't you think?

Beautiful waterfall sculpture as we waited for the fireworks show. It was so beautiful and you can watch it in the video below.


Phew! I'm finally done with this post! I actually hesitated for a few days to get myself started on this because I know it'll take up my whole day to get it done with. But I'm glad I finally did it and I'm happy to share the pictures and the videos with you all. (^^) Although travel posts always take longer than usual to edit and draft, they're always the posts which makes me feel really happy as I read them. They don't get as much views compared to review posts lol but I'm happy with them and I guess that's how I push myself to put effort into posting them up nicely. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope it cheers you up too!
January 20, 2014

Ippudo @ Pavillion

Went out today with Hermes for lunch and some girl talks. I met her a few years back but never really talked to her till Comic Fiesta last year. I don't really have much blogger friends so it was nice having someone who understands what I had on my mind lol~ Sadly we both forgotten to take pictures together so we shall save that for next time ;)

We went Ippudo at Pavillion for lunch. It's my second time there and I finally got to try their ramen! First time having tonkotsu ramen and it's pretty good. I've always had miso or chicken based broth so pork bone broth was really special to me, haha!

Oooh, look at how yummy and thick the soup is! Mine was Shiomaru Motoaji.

We ordered a set so it came with green tea and dessert at RM29.90++. This was Yuzu Sorbet, a citrus sorbet with some nata de coco. It was a fine balance of sweet and sour. :)

Did some CNY shopping later after Hermes left at Avenue K's H&M. The lightning in the fitting room was really great, I just had to take a few selcas!

Outfit of the day!
I tried to wear something different from my usual black and white today so I matched a sheer white top with leopard printed shorts. Brown shoes to match the outfit and I wanted to match it with black socks at first but it was in the laundry so I tried matching it with purple navy socks and it looks pretty good too, hehe! And a simple gold spiked necklace to complete the look~

Top - Singapore
Bottoms - Cotton On
Socks - H&M
Shoes - Bangkok
Necklace - Bangkok

One more selca to end the post, haha!

Gonna get my hair done soon for CNY and I can't wait to post the results! Crossed fingers that it'll turn out right!