December 9, 2013

Bangkok November 2013

This post has been dragging forever to ever surface on my blog; I was just too occupied with lots of things on my mind to get down to the editing of the pictures and videos. But since it's a Sunday today, I supposed I should give my mind a rest and do something I enjoy. :)

Spent our 6D5N here in Sabai Sabai @ Sukhuvit. It's a beautiful boutique hotel and the staffs are friendly too. However the location's a little far from town or public transport, yet we're glad we stayed here whilst the demonstration was going on in Thailand.

You might have known, I met Pony (Park Hye Min) at Siam Paragon! I love her Pony's Beauty Diary videos so you can guess how excited I was that moment!

We arrived at Bangkok from Pattaya at noon so there was a lot of time to kill before we go to Asiatique thus we decided to visit Siam Paragon. However! We took two cabs and got lost because we didn't have a specific meeting point. Wasted an hour worrying for nothing when we were actually pretty close by! Note to self: Always get sim cards when travelling in groups.

To get to Siam Paragon, Siam Center or Siam Discovery (they are all alongside each other) take a BTS to Siam station.

Finally made it to Asiatique! It's easy to get there, take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and follow the exit to Asiatique and take the free shuttle boat. Don't worry about the queue, each ferry takes about 100 passengers.

I love these vintage boards!

I was really tired after the long journey from Pattaya to Bangkok, getting lost in Siam Paragon and walking through rows and rows of shops at Asiatique. But I had to take a selca to show that I've been here right?

Our next day was spent at Chatuchak market. And yes, you'll spend a whole day there and you wouldn't want to go anywhere else after that because your legs are going to be sore!

It's easy to get there too. We alight at the Mo Chit BTS station and entered through Gate 2. Since Chatuchak is big, I'd recommend you to get a map or download it before hand. Section 5 & 6 has a lot of vintage clothings, section 7 is mostly artworks, section 8 to 19 is mostly handicraft and section 14 to 23 are mostly in trend clothes. It may not be 100% accurate but that's what I can remember. :)

Your arms, legs and wallet are gonna sore! Bring lots of cash as they don't receive cards!

The next day we finally got to relax a little bit more. Back to Siam Paragon again for some indoor shopping! I didn't get to visit Siam Center this time round, but I hope I can go Bkk again with my friends instead! :D

Lots of cute Christmas decors! Christmas never fails to make me thrilled!

When you go on such a long trip, you've ought to stock up some 'inner beauty'. They have much more selections compared to Malaysia that we went crazy over lingerie shopping lol!

Not to be missed is After You Dessert Cafe located at the Ground Floor! Check out my full post on it!

At night we visited Chinatown and everything sold here was so expensive! Even the cab fare was expensive too! We paid 200 baht from Siam Paragon to Chinatown and 300 baht back to our hotel at Sukhumvit!

The pomegranates were HUGE and I was so tempted to try the juice until I saw the price. 100 baht for that small bottle? I might as well get a few large sized juice from 7-11. My mom's friend did try it out and she said it was just too sweet. :(

Next morning we took a tour from our hotel down to Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm & Zoo. It's an hour drive from Bangkok, that is, without any traffic jam but I'd tell you the visit was worth it!

Ahh! It's a crocodile! To be honest, even though I knew it was dead, I was a little nervous to get close and take a picture with it. What it it really bites? :P

Do catch the crocodile show! It's an eye opening experience, negatively. I felt really bad for watching the show as they were dragging the crocodiles forcefully by it's tail up to the platform and trying to gain tips from tourists by performing those dangerous acts. Most of the time they weren't even telling you about crocodiles; They'll just tell you 50RMB, 100RMB or 200RMB with China tourists there and people enjoy throwing money to them.

I see myself not going there again.

Hey there, I'm just chillin'!

The elephant show was pretty cute, but since there wasn't any 'excitement' the crowd was seemingly much lesser than the crocodile show. I actually enjoyed the elephant show better since they treated them with more care.

We spent 2 hours before moving on to our next location which was Ancient Siam. It's a very good place to visit! Spend a whole day there exploring countless building, monuments and statues which they have preserved or recreated from all over Thailand. You can get a golf cart or a bicycle to explore around the whole area.

We took a tram tour to three of the major locations with a tour guide explaining mostly in Thai lol. I wish I can come back here to take more pictures!

Upon returning to Bangkok we visited Terminal 21. It's a pretty nice mall but we didn't buy much since we were low on cash. It's worth a visit though! The nearest station is BTS Asok.

There is no record of Day 5 since it was pouring while we visited an outdoor market. There's a good wholesale market at Chinatown called Sampeng Market. I bought lots of accessories and snapbacks there! For more items you can get wholesale price at 3 items above but certain items such as accessories I had to get at least 6 pieces above for wholesale price. You might get lost if you try to walk there yourself after alighting at Chinatown so just tell the driver to stop at Sampeng Market. It's not widely known so you've got to try your luck with a taxi driver who actually knows the place!

Last day while having lunch at the hotel's restaurant. There are a lot of selection from their menu and the prices are very affordable as the portions are huge!

Goodbye Bangkok! I don't really miss it honestly because I'm pretty satisfied with my buys and my skin can finally breathe in some fresh air back in Malaysia! Seriously guys, Bangkok is so polluted that I wouldn't want to stay there for long. You can see there's a layer of dust above it while you're in the plane.

Excited to go home!


  1. Nice trip :D Wow you met Pony- I love her too! <3
    Great blog :)

  2. Hue- Thank you :) I was really happy to meet her! :D

  3. Omg!!! You met pony!!!
    I'm envy you so much, she's so pretty and such an inspiration!
    I've always wanted to visit Bangkok, it looks like you had so much fun ^_^


    1. I was so happy! It was pure coincidence and I didn't know she was holding an event at Siam Paragon when I was there. Only when my mom told me there's this makeup artist I like holding an event there, I rushed over and saw her! Glad I showed my mom her videos, haha! By the time I arrived, the event was over but she was still there for some interviews and she posed for my camera as well, hehe~ :D It was one of my best memories in Bangkok :D