December 14, 2013

A walk in the nature

I'm most certainly not the kind who enjoys going to the nature. But for getting some quality time with my family, oh well... An hour plus ride from home to Hulu Langat recreation forest where we went for its cool mountain waters. My dad and my brother had a fun time dipping in the river while mom collected rocks while chatting with her friends. Me? Just snapping away as usual.

I guess it's a rare opportunity to see me so close to the nature! I've been to camping when I was 12 and I hated the experience, sweaty with bugs everywhere and you never know what you might see. No, that's just not for me. My travel preferences are cities, malls, museums, galleries, aquariums, theme parks and the closest to nature of all is beaches. What about you?


  1. Really nice pictures :DD Looks like a nice place to go to :)

    xx Mandy

  2. Mandy Ooi- Thanks sweetie! If you like the nature then it's a good place to go. :) It's only RM 1 for entrance and you can spend your time having a picnic or barbeque there. (^^)