November 28, 2013

Touched Down

Just got back from Bangkok a few hours ago. There are lots of things to clean, settle and catch up with these few days so I doubt that I can blog about my trip so soon. Nevertheless, I decided to put an effort to my blog with a short update.

This shot was taken on the flight just before the sun eventually shy away from the horizon. The view was so breathtaking that I just couldn't stop clicking on the shutter button on my camera!

8D7N in Pattaya and Bangkok made me feel so outdated with the latest news as soon as I came back here. Yet I'm very glad to be able to breathe in fresh air and listen to local slang again! Over 500 pictures and video clips of the entire trip for me to filter through so they won't be surfacing on my blog until I'm done with all the post-processing. Till then!

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