November 15, 2013

{Review} Etude House Wonder Pore Series

In the previous post I mentioned that I'll be showing you how I remove my makeup. Products which I used are Bifesta's Sebum Cleansing Lotion, Biore's Cleansing Oil, Etude House's Wonder Pore Whipping Foam and Wonder Pore Freshner. All these products are my favourite and I have used them for a long long time! To show you how I remove my makeup, I thought it's best to record a video! :D However, I omitted Bifesta's Sebum Cleansing Lotion in the video as I got too nervous and I forgot about that lol, sorry!

It's my first time recording and uploading a full length video so pardon my skills! Didn't expect creating videos are such a challenge! A big salute to all the Youtubers out there! I'll be doing reviews for Etude House's Wonder Pore series below the video.

My makeup removing + facial routine usually goes like this: Cleansing Lotion for eyes and mouth > Cleansing Oil for entire face > Cleanser > Toner > Moisturiser (The current one I'm using is Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Gel).

I'd skipped the cleansing lotion in the video and proceeded to the cleansing oil instead. Works the same actually, but I prefer using two products. Remove your makeup and massage at the same time with the cleansing oil. Then, remember to emulsify the oil with water by massaging in circular motions. Wash off and continue with cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

I like to use gentle circular motions to ensure all residue are removed and give more attention to areas around my nose, eyebrows and hairline. I get acne easily around these areas. :(

Back to the review, my favourite cleanser by far is undoubtly Etude House's Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming! It's my second bottle already and I'm still loving it! :D

Formulated with an oxygen-delivering 'Carbonated' ingredient and pore-caring natural ingredients, this 2 in 1 foaming wash and mask effectively treats impurities inside pores and helps prevent future pore related problems.

As a daily Face Wash: Dispense on a facial cleansing brush or a palm, and massage onto wet face with gentle circular motions. Rinse of with lukewarm water.
As a Mask: Apply generously all over wet, cleansed face and leave for 1~2 minutes. Massage with fingers or a Pore Cleansing Facial Brush in gentle circular motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use 1~2 times a week.

The product claims to be a 7 in 1 pore solution
- Deep cleanse pores
It cleanses well, but I'm not too sure about deep cleanse.
- Balance your skin's ideal pH level
I have to give a yes for this. The other day I tried on some facial product samples and I broke out immediately. Rashes were popping out all over my face and it irritates my skin as well. After using this product, the toner and homemade Rice Water mask my skin finally calmed down. So I feel that it does balance out the pH level of your skin.
- Minimize appearance of pores
Pores on certain areas of my face does become less visible. I used to have pores all aside my nose and they are gone now. :)
- Refine the skin tones
Not sure about this one too, I haven't seen much difference...
- Control a large amount of sebum
It does do the job, but don't expect 100%~
- Keep the elasticity of pores
I don't know why you'd keep the elascity of the pores?
- Moisturize inside and outside of skin
The product is very mild and doesn't dry out my skin at all, I love it! :D

There's 200ml of the product but you can't judge how much you're left with until it's almost finish lol. Also, it's good that it pumps out in foam however, as you can see in the video, sometimes it doesn't end up being a ball of foam. It's not a huge problem to me but I'll just state it for anyone who's concern about that.

Next, it's the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner. I tell you, this is one awesome toner! Thumbs up for both the product and the packaging! To be honest, for a long time I used to skip my toner because it didn't look like it did anything for my skin at all. Plus, I dislike toners which you have to pour out onto your palms or a cotton pad because you can't really control the amount of the toner. Etude House's Wonder Pore toner uses a pump and it pumps just the right amount. I usually use 2 pumps but I did a few times more in the video as my toner is finishing. I got myself a new one already, haha!

It's best to use both the Wonder Pore series products together to achieve best results. :D Both are products which I absolutely love and would totally recommend them for anyone looking for new facial products!

Ahh... I'm in love with Etude House's products~!


  1. nice blog layout, simple and clean!

  2. Biore is also my current makeup remover. <3 I'm planning to try out Etude's I'm blooming clear cleansing water after my Biore is used up. It's claimed that no cleansing is needed.You can give it a try too. :3

  3. Swee San- Thank you! I tried to keep it simple for easier reading. :) I love your blog too btw~! :D

    Caydence- I haven't heard much bout that series yet. Maybe I'll try that out too, hehe! Now I'm looking at the Moistfull series as I'm looking for a proper moisturizer...

  4. you're so pretty with that huge eyes. i heard about this product too, gonna try it out soon ( :

  5. AnnTan- Thanks for your flattering comment! <3 Do try them out, they're good! :D

    And thanks for following~ ;)

  6. i like the wonder pore freshener. i m into my 2nd bottle already

  7. Sunshine Kelly- Me too! I'm on my 2nd bottle for the Freshner and going onto the third bottle for the Whipping Foaming~ (^^)

  8. Nice blog layout and cute :D
    Do you use the BB cream from Etude House?

  9. Nikoru Nicole- Thank you <3 I used it most of the time, but I wasn't using it here. It's my favourite BB cream though! :D

  10. Oic... cause I heard that it's really good.. Hot Sales in Singapore! I was thinking to buy it but until now I still yet to go and buy cause my BB cream yet finish to use it..


  11. Nikoru Nicole- It's really good and I would recommend it to you too. Etude House's BB cream last for a long time too, I had mine more than a year ago and I've still got lots of products in mine. :)