November 30, 2013

Pattaya November 2013

Finally sat down and filtered through hundreds of pictures of my Pattaya trip and post-processed them. Neither my photography or my photoshop skills are that great but hey, we need to start somewhere right?


This was a 8D7N trip in Thailand and we went to Pattaya before heading back to Bangkok. We were truly on the 'vacation-mood' while we were there compared to the city. Maybe it's because things are different there and you are so close to the beach. :D We booked ourselves at the Sabai Wing hotel which had a great location and a great pool, not so great on the room lightning and the view outside your window though. I guess it's accommodated for couples mostly then?

Pattaya was great with the beach and their street food. The place itself was pretty huge but no worries as you can just hop onto a tuk-tuk anytime and it's cheap too! However, I must say that the pollution in Thailand is pretty bad. :( As soon as I arrived there I started breaking out and it just makes me feels so depressed seeing my face like that. I mean, don't you want to look good on your trip? Thank goodness the rashes calmed down a few days after we went to Bangkok!

I have started a Lookbook account. Well, to be frank I've had it long ago but I've never posted anything because.... I'm too shy to take my outfit shots :/ Anyways, since I've started it, I hope you'd give my some support by Hyping my look if you like it! :D


Day 2 at Pattaya was a on-the-road-adventure day! Because I have no interest in those extreme water activities, I decided to stay on land and explore the city with my mom instead. I love hanging around the beach especially because it's just so beautiful! You don't get to see the beach when you live in a city. Don't worry if you're like me, there's so much to explore and you won't get tired of the street food I tell you!

Visited a mall and I just had to take a touristy shot in front of Mcdonalds. I gotta say I love their spinach pie lol!

On a side note, while I was having breakfast myself at the hotel buffet (I woke up too late so my travel group were done eating already), an aunty came towards me and said another male worker complimented me lol! I felt really happy and shy at the same time haha!

Nighttime activities were limited if you're not the sort to drink and 'have fun' but we were able to visit the famous Alcazar show. The ladyboys were so pretty and the performances were awesome too! I just wished it was longer though. We took pictures with some of them and omg, their boobs were so huge that they were nearly the size of my face!

The next morning we departed to Bangkok which I will be continuing in another post. There's just way too many pictures of Bangkok haha! Till then~


  1. nice post ! cant wait to read your next post about bangkok !

  2. Seereena R- Thank you! I'll try to get it done asap! > <