November 14, 2013

Miss A Hush inspired makeup

Many Kpop artist and groups are making their comeback this lately, it just gets me hooked onto my laptop checking updates everyday! I listen to many Kpop songs to the point if I list them all out, it'll be endless, lol! From their songs, styles to personalities, most of them are just so captivating! :D Usually those who has great fashion sense catches my attention first but when I know the group members more I usually end up liking someone else from the group... (^^;)

Anyways, since I have finished my nail art course (I'm left with preparing for exam) so I'm home lately. I know my blog has been idle for some time already so I decided to put some effort for a proper blog post (instead of my cats pictures :P). As I said, with so many Kpop comebacks topped with their great styles I decided to choose Miss A's look in their new song, Hush. It projects a very feminine image sprinkled with some sexiness to it but not too exaggerated. I love how they have sleek comb-backed ponytails, cropped turtleneck tops, leather bottoms plus a pair of pumps to go with. It's something I would wear too! :D

It took me a long time to photoshop these photos because I wanted to achieve that 'Hush' mood in the mv. I'm still not really good in photoshopping but I tried my best (^^;) And.... my lips weren't red enough to achieve the look I wanted so I sort of photoshopped them redder which explains why there's some colour difference lol... (^^;)

Sometimes I just put on makeup for fun at home and take some pictures. So what do I do after that???

Simply remove it. :P

In the next post I'll be showing you how I remove my makeup so stay tuned~! :D


  1. Hahha, I love your look. Same goes to me, I love to apply makeup even its night time and after that I will remove it. LOL. This happens especially when my I'm doing my assignments or report. haha. What to do, makeup addict :P

  2. Wiida Ribbon- Thank you~! :D Sometimes makeup's a great stress reliever to me too ;D