November 11, 2013

I think my blog is slowly turning into my cat's blog

I didn't exactly had a good night sleep last night thanks to a thunderstorm. It was so loud and scary till it woke me up from my deep sleep. I'm grateful that at least we're still fine here in Malaysia compared to our neighbouring countries, Philippines and Vietnam.

Today's one of those days where I stay at home and rest thanks to my monthly blues. With Thailand trip drawing so close, I'm seizing every opportunity I can to practice and practice my photography skills. I just got my camera not too long ago but I hope to take good pictures of this upcoming trip. :)

I'm so sorry for waking Dolly while he was having his afternoon nap. But he's just so cute and the lightning seemed so beautiful I just had to get my camera and made him my model, haha! I noticed that I've been posting so many photos of my cats lately that my blog could slowly be turning into their blog instead lol! Don't worry, that'll never happen~ :P

That aside, I've completed the itinerary for my Thailand trip and most preparations are done already. I just have to pack and that's about it. We aren't packing for 8D7N since we're planning to shop most of the time. Tops, bottoms, shoes, makeup, accessories... Oh I'm just so excited thinking bout it!


  1. looks so alike as my cat, Apiq! haha :D

  2. Syaza Suhana- Apiq must be a cute cat too~! :D