November 8, 2013

Friday can be fun too

Angel looked really good today and the camera decided to focus on her instead! XD

A long day out today with my dearies, catching up and spending our Friday together. Life can be simple and rewarding sometimes.

It's been a long time since we've catch a movie together so we went for Carrie. Which was pretty good, but lacking in some parts. I love watching Chloe Grace Moretz on screen!

We had lunch together at Tokyo Teppan at Tokyo Street and there was a blackout while we're there lol. Well, not your ordinary lunch experience at least. Food was pretty good and Angel treated me a bento set as my belated birthday present, thanks again sweetie! (^^)

Time passes by so fast and we've all been together for 6 years (Soon!). Comparing with the days where we used to go out for shopping and spending without much concern on the price tags and now, going out for mostly food, makes me feel that we've all grown up, haha! 6 years of friendship so far and I hope we'll be able to maintain it as the time passes by. :)


  1. you're welcome sweetie~ and thank you for standing up for mehhh!! T.T i am so touch!!

  2. ~ うさぎ の てんし~- Aww, no problem! I hope that you've calmed down and be stronger to counter such situations next time~ (^^)