October 19, 2013

Good Night

Today has been a long long day for me. Waking up at 6.30am for my CAE test which was fairly good, I can't wait for the results in a few months time! :D

My light makeup for the test today. I didn't wear lenses today as we had to take an official photo but I wanted to look at least presentable. :) I look tired here as I just got home after a long day.

I have another event to attend to tomorrow, which is my dear friend's birthday party. I hardly meet up with my friends now and I've really got to take the opportunity to catch up with them! It's a hectic weekend but I must say that I am excited! :D

This is a short update, literally, if you read the title of the post, as I'm typing here with droopy eyelids. Honestly, I am feeling a little sick and it hints that I might get a sore throat soon *prays hard for good health* So I'll be getting some sleep now and leaving you with some pictures of my sweet Anko which I took the other day. :)

What are you dreaming about my sweet girl? Good Night my loved one. <3

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