October 15, 2013

Avant Garde Barbie

Avant Garde (new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature).

Halloween is drawing near, are you as excited as I am? I'm not dressing up for Halloween as usual but I'm excited about it since it's on my birthday itself :P This year I tried something different from my previous years Halloween tutorials and go for something more spooky.

My first Halloween tutorial for this year is Avant Garde Barbie. Barbie has always been portrayed as beautiful and perfect so I wanted to give her look a bit of a Halloween twist. Let's get started shall we?

Applied my primer > foundation > concealer > powder > eyeshadow primer.

My skin condition had been terrible lately and it's still healing with lots of redness and scars. Makeup do wonders in covering it up nice, don't you think so? :P

As this is a Halloween - Avant Garde Barbie look, I tried to keep the Barbie style even with elaborated makeup.

1. Using a hot pink eyeshadow, dab it all over your lids but not over your crease area. Dabbing motions helps to intensify the colours more.

2. Using a burgundy eyeshadow, apply it all over the area above your crease and under your lash line. Don't be afraid to go over, after all we want it to look exaggerated.

3. Slowly build up the gradation with Private Viewing by M.A.C which is a reddish brown eyeshadow.

4. Intensify the gradient even more with a black eyeshadow. Keep in mind that all the eyeshadow used should be matte. Also, here I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes with white pencil eyeliner topped with white eyeshadow to set it.

5. With an angle brush, draw some 'veins' with the same black eyeshadow. The longest 'veins' should be at the outer corner and slowly becoming shorter as it reaches the middle. I have also filled in my brows lightly with a light brown eyeshadow.

6. Line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner and wing it out. I didn't show it here but you should tightline your eyes with a pencil eyeliner so that there's no 'gap' shown.

7. Apply false eyelashes. For the top lash, I chose ones which has the most volume to achieve that Barbie lash. As for the bottom lash, they're actually top lashes but I applied them on invertedly for a gothic look.

8. Lastly, stick those paper lashes on for that final finish! It's optional if you can't get these but they makes your eye makeup really captivating. :)

Contour your nose with a darker tone than usual and highlight it for that Barbie nose! I decided to skip the blush for this look and you can finish up with a nude pink lipstick or go for more impact like me, a black lip colour with gold gradiation.

Spooky enough for your taste? TRICK OR TREAT!

It was a fun look to do but my legs were getting numb from sitting down for more than an hour. Nevertheless, I hope you'll try out this look or perhaps it has inspired you for you Halloween look this year!

I wanted to add a little bit more fun so I drew some scars with burgundy and black eyeshadow. Now it looks like I got scratched by my cat! :P

It's a Halloween look and of course I have to end this post with a quirky face! :P

Have you got your Halloween costume prepared this year? I'd like to know! :D

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