October 21, 2013

Ally's Sweet 18 Birthday

Long day today! I finally got back home and sorted out the pictures I took today. I left my charger and USB cable at Ally's house but I'm glad I have other USB cables which did the trick too. I can't bear to delay any blog posts lol!

She bought a rainbow cake with mint colour butter cream covered! It was interesting to see and it's my first time tasting a rainbow cake. It tasted like any other cakes to me haha, but I'm not a big fan of cakes so I don't even get a cake for myself on my birthday. :P

I had a good time gathering with my high school friends and catch up with them. Lots of great food were served and can you believed they were all prepared by her parents?! We had some karaoke and game session but our 'high school friends' group couldn't mingle with her college friends as much since we're too reserved lol. Funny things like getting shouted at my ear, princess carrying Angel and Angel slapping a guy which we're not close to, haha! Don't worry, all those were just a game they were playing. :)

It's my first time in a long while attending a birthday party. While mine is drawing closer too I don't plan to celebrate it grandly, just a nice gathering with my family or an outing with my close friends is more than enough to me. I'm a simple person, but what matters is the happiness I could gain from simple things like these. :)

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