October 29, 2013

I dyed my hair lighter!

It's my birthday in two days time so I thought I should dye my hair for this special occasion. I've always wanted to try blonde and had tweeted bout it numerous times already. With a happy mood, I went to a housing area hair saloon which my mom recommended me (I am really disappointed with my decision to do so and it makes me doubt my mom's judgement on things like this).

I thought I can finally get the colour I want until I was told that they don't want to bleach my hair because they claim that they want to maintain my hair quality. (-1) And when I was asked about my previous dye jobs I told them I dyed twice at a saloon and once at home and they said I had bleached my hair because the colour was already so vibrant. No, that's not true at all, I had never bleached my hair before, it's just that my hair gets coloured easily and it becomes even lighter after fading each time. (-1) They suggested that I dye my hair with the lightest dye possible, which was blonde and I can get maybe two shades darker than what's shown. It's not what I want but I tolerated. (-1) I got my hair washed before dying it and when they tried to comb out my hair they were tugging it like crazy. I know my hair is considered dry even though I try my best to keep it healthy but when I went to 76 style nothing like this happened. Even when I was the color model. (-1) Then, the dye job began and I had two stylist applying the colour onto my hair. Tugging even more than ever, it felt like every part they apply they pulled out few strands of my hair. I have a pretty good tolerance for pains like this but it was just too painful that it make me cringe. (-1) Once done applying, I had to get the chemical washed out and the stylist applied conditioner on my hair to make things easier. But when she tried to separate my hair stands while I was lying down at the basin, she pulled my hair so hard that my head was pulled to one side and mind you, it hurt so badly because the sink was hard. (-1)

I was crying inside for my hair. Thus, 6 (-1) thumbs down.

But it's only RM140 so you pay for what you get. I have no say on this but I know I won't be going for cheap alternatives like this anymore. I'd rather fork out my savings for a good experience.

This was my hair before which had faded from Ash Brown back in July.

And here's my hair today. It's a brassy yellow tone and I hope the yellow goes away soon. :(

It's my birthday month and I hope I can get an appointment booked with 76 style for treatment and perhaps I can get some advice from them on how to fix my hair. I took their advice since July and my hair was much manageable the past few months!
October 21, 2013

Ally's Sweet 18 Birthday

Long day today! I finally got back home and sorted out the pictures I took today. I left my charger and USB cable at Ally's house but I'm glad I have other USB cables which did the trick too. I can't bear to delay any blog posts lol!

She bought a rainbow cake with mint colour butter cream covered! It was interesting to see and it's my first time tasting a rainbow cake. It tasted like any other cakes to me haha, but I'm not a big fan of cakes so I don't even get a cake for myself on my birthday. :P

I had a good time gathering with my high school friends and catch up with them. Lots of great food were served and can you believed they were all prepared by her parents?! We had some karaoke and game session but our 'high school friends' group couldn't mingle with her college friends as much since we're too reserved lol. Funny things like getting shouted at my ear, princess carrying Angel and Angel slapping a guy which we're not close to, haha! Don't worry, all those were just a game they were playing. :)

It's my first time in a long while attending a birthday party. While mine is drawing closer too I don't plan to celebrate it grandly, just a nice gathering with my family or an outing with my close friends is more than enough to me. I'm a simple person, but what matters is the happiness I could gain from simple things like these. :)
October 19, 2013

Good Night

Today has been a long long day for me. Waking up at 6.30am for my CAE test which was fairly good, I can't wait for the results in a few months time! :D

My light makeup for the test today. I didn't wear lenses today as we had to take an official photo but I wanted to look at least presentable. :) I look tired here as I just got home after a long day.

I have another event to attend to tomorrow, which is my dear friend's birthday party. I hardly meet up with my friends now and I've really got to take the opportunity to catch up with them! It's a hectic weekend but I must say that I am excited! :D

This is a short update, literally, if you read the title of the post, as I'm typing here with droopy eyelids. Honestly, I am feeling a little sick and it hints that I might get a sore throat soon *prays hard for good health* So I'll be getting some sleep now and leaving you with some pictures of my sweet Anko which I took the other day. :)

What are you dreaming about my sweet girl? Good Night my loved one. <3
October 15, 2013

Avant Garde Barbie

Avant Garde (new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature).

Halloween is drawing near, are you as excited as I am? I'm not dressing up for Halloween as usual but I'm excited about it since it's on my birthday itself :P This year I tried something different from my previous years Halloween tutorials and go for something more spooky.

My first Halloween tutorial for this year is Avant Garde Barbie. Barbie has always been portrayed as beautiful and perfect so I wanted to give her look a bit of a Halloween twist. Let's get started shall we?

Applied my primer > foundation > concealer > powder > eyeshadow primer.

My skin condition had been terrible lately and it's still healing with lots of redness and scars. Makeup do wonders in covering it up nice, don't you think so? :P

As this is a Halloween - Avant Garde Barbie look, I tried to keep the Barbie style even with elaborated makeup.

1. Using a hot pink eyeshadow, dab it all over your lids but not over your crease area. Dabbing motions helps to intensify the colours more.

2. Using a burgundy eyeshadow, apply it all over the area above your crease and under your lash line. Don't be afraid to go over, after all we want it to look exaggerated.

3. Slowly build up the gradation with Private Viewing by M.A.C which is a reddish brown eyeshadow.

4. Intensify the gradient even more with a black eyeshadow. Keep in mind that all the eyeshadow used should be matte. Also, here I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes with white pencil eyeliner topped with white eyeshadow to set it.

5. With an angle brush, draw some 'veins' with the same black eyeshadow. The longest 'veins' should be at the outer corner and slowly becoming shorter as it reaches the middle. I have also filled in my brows lightly with a light brown eyeshadow.

6. Line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner and wing it out. I didn't show it here but you should tightline your eyes with a pencil eyeliner so that there's no 'gap' shown.

7. Apply false eyelashes. For the top lash, I chose ones which has the most volume to achieve that Barbie lash. As for the bottom lash, they're actually top lashes but I applied them on invertedly for a gothic look.

8. Lastly, stick those paper lashes on for that final finish! It's optional if you can't get these but they makes your eye makeup really captivating. :)

Contour your nose with a darker tone than usual and highlight it for that Barbie nose! I decided to skip the blush for this look and you can finish up with a nude pink lipstick or go for more impact like me, a black lip colour with gold gradiation.

Spooky enough for your taste? TRICK OR TREAT!

It was a fun look to do but my legs were getting numb from sitting down for more than an hour. Nevertheless, I hope you'll try out this look or perhaps it has inspired you for you Halloween look this year!

I wanted to add a little bit more fun so I drew some scars with burgundy and black eyeshadow. Now it looks like I got scratched by my cat! :P

It's a Halloween look and of course I have to end this post with a quirky face! :P

Have you got your Halloween costume prepared this year? I'd like to know! :D
October 13, 2013

My First Self Reward!

Visited Korean Village at Ampang a few days ago to buy some Kimchi and got a Popsicle at the korean mart too. I shouldn't be eating anything cold but please excuse me. :P

Honestly, I wouldn't lie about how my life has been going through a lot of ups and downs lately. Sometimes just when you think things are going the way you plan, something pops out and tells you to go off plan instead. I'm not going to reveal what it is just yet, but if I am going to take that big decision then I guess I will be revealing in my blog~

Hard decisions in life never fail to bug me. When I have to make a choice which carries much impact to myself, often I'm thrown into a dilemma which ultimately leads to stress which causes me insomnia. I kept praying for an answer from God and yes, I broke down crying and praying last night, venting out to God, lol. Not sure if that's an answer but as I flipped open Nick Vujicic's book Unstoppable, the title of the chapter which I stopped at was 'Letting Go to Reach Higher'. I know the whole thing seems vague right now, but once I've properly blogged about it, you'll know why...

All the worry and crying made me feel so down when I woke up this morning for church. After service I went to Starbucks (It has become one of my favourite chill out place) and I myself a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino. A simple smiley from the barista made my day (at least for that moment). Thank you so much!

My day just kept getting better today! We had some time off after church so I went to Low Yat with my parents to seek out my birthday gift. The camera I had on my mind was Sony's NEX-5r which has been discontinued as replaced by the NEX-5t, with just an additional of NFC function which I don't need at all. It was sold out at many shops and I was getting quite disappointed, after all I saved up since last year for my dream camera! I was getting desperate so I said a simple prayer that I'll be able to find my desired camera, guess what? The next shop I asked had it! And it was the last stock!

Presenting to you~ My Baby Camera!

Initialy I wanted it in Black or White as a second option. But they were all sold out and there was only Silver left. Had me sitting at the counter pouting to my mom for some while but in the end I decided to get it anyways since it's the photography which matters to me more rather than the colour of it, lol.

My budget was RM2300 and this was discounted to RM1880. I added a 32GB memory card (RM150) and a lens protector (RM150 with purchase of the camera) which entitled me to a free screen protector. A total sum of RM2170 which is within my budget! How great it is to still have money left after buying something you wished for for so long? :D

Anyways, I still haven't get to play with it since it's still charging as I'm typing this post but I'll be playing with it tomorrow! Haha! And I'm so excited to be taking photos of my first Halloween tutorial this year with my new camera!

It comes with an external flash too. But once you attach it you can't use the 180 flip which bothers me a bit, but I heard the night mode is good enough that a flash is not necessary. :) I'll be carrying it for my travels soon, can't wait to snap lots of pictures with it!

I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment to have finally achieved one of my long term goals! :D Something to be ticked off the list now, hehe~
October 3, 2013


It's been a long while since I've blogged! These days I just felt demotivated to do much, including blogging. :( Still, I'll try my best to keep my blog alive! :)

Yesterday I was invited by my mom's friend to tag along to a beauty fair (a skin care expo, precisely) and it was well, pretty boring to be. Honestly, I'm not too interested in skin care compared to dressing up beautifully. Most of the products promoted were for aging skin, botox or fillers, which didn't interest me that much. Not to deny that fillers seemed interesting once to me as the results were pretty natural however I've decided that I'll never do anything extreme to my face unless it's necessary. Loving yourself is the best beauty you can give yourself. :)

Before meeting up with my mom's friend, I went for lunch myself at Sushi Tei, Pavillion. Restaurants are ALWAYS packed with people during lunch time and I had to wait for more than 10 minutes to get a seat. And the position of my seat was the WEIRDEST I've ever been seated to...


It's really weird to me to sit in that position, as if I've done something wrong and am getting timed out while having lunch! Hahaha! Though, the Chawanmushi (RM5.20) and the Shoyu Ramen (RM12.80) I ordered were pretty good!

Don't worry though, the waitress kindly seated me to another table later on! :D All is good!

On another note, I went to a Chinese Therapeutic Center recently to check on my bloatiness and constipation problem. Turns out I had even more problems than just that... :( I was told to sleep earlier and wake up earlier which I'm having much trouble with these few days. My mind becomes so active just when I'm about to sleep! Besides that, I have to avoid certain foods such as banana, broccoli and anything cold. :( Bye bye to my beloved desserts...