September 18, 2013

Pictures of Anko

These days I've just been lazing around, partially because of those monthly blues I guess, so I haven't been doing any reviews or tutorials lately. Anyways, I was just lazing on my parents' bed the other day where my cat 'sister' sleeps every noon so I decided to snap a few pictures of her.

Her name is Anko (you probably already knew) and that stands for red bean. I came up with the name because is sounds really cute and sweet as well. But this girl is a total opposite of the name since she's more of a cool beauty, haha!

Sometimes I do think that we have similar traits, like we both dislike socializing that much and would rather be left alone than being in the crowd. That doesn't mean we're 'hermits' since we love to dig into things to know about everything, hahaha! She loves affection once in a while though! :P

I love this picture! The only light source was the sunlight from outside. Just the other day at dawn, the ceiling light in my parents' room fell down (we're still using those fluorescent light tubes) hence there wasn't any light source other than the sun. Personally I have a preference of natural light over electrical light source. I feel that it illuminates the subject and creates a warm atmosphere. :)

Here's her annoyed face after being disturbed by me snapping pictures of her sleeping continuously. I can imagine her saying 'Enough of this already, let me sleep!' It's the exact expression I make when I get mad at my brother lol!

Oh btw, it's my birthday next month and I will finally get my longed for camera! Honestly I've been saving since last year for this present for myself and I have almost come to the end of my goal! When you want something earnestly and put effort into obtaining it, it feels so much better than asking it from your parents. To me, it's not the amount of money I saved that's important, it was the process of saving which holds the true meaning to my gladness. :)

I've been interested in photography since long ago and my close friends know that too. All these while I have been using only my 5MP phone camera which I must say did a fairly well job in capturing all the post moments. Although the quality is not that great, I'm happy to reminisce through the photos I took. That's why I wanted to take my photography interest onto another level by investing in a proper camera. :)


  1. hello! :)

    It is really good to know that you are finally able to get a proper camera for yourself and play with more photography skills! :)

    Besides, I am happy for you that you are doing something you enjoy all time and you will now be able to do more.

    Glad that you are doing well and feeling happy! :D

  2. Natalie Chan- Thanks you your sweet comment! <3 I'm happy to be doing something I love and I hope you are happy too. :) Happiness is contagious and I hope you feel it too, haha!