September 10, 2013

Gradient Lips Tutorial

Gradient lips are SOOOO popular right now! They started as a boom in Korea and are now brought onto the runway too! And the best thing is, it's really easy to achieve gradient lips effects, which is what I'll be showing you in this tutorial! :D

Gradient lips or so known as ombre lips or stained lips have been around for quite some time. I remembered I first saw them a few years back with those visual kei styles, from red to black usually but there are many variety as well. In Korea, gradient lips are very popular as they gives you that dolly, kissable bitten lips look. In fact, there are so many types of gradients you can try out but I'm just going to show you on the basic steps to get that everyday gradient lips look and the different varieties you can try on!

Gradient lips are as simple as 1, 2, 3! (Ok, maybe not here since there's six steps :P)

1. Moisturize! This step is very important, especially for gradient lips. As you apply concealer (later on) it will dry out your lips so prior moisturizing is crucial! Cracked lips are a big no no! And it'll also makes your lip application looks messy. :(

2. Using light motions, dab the concealer along the edges of your lips. There are lip concealers in the market but I prefer to use concealer itself. The one I'm using here is Etude House's Surprise Stick Concealer in shade 2.

3. Blend it out with your finger!

4. Next, choose a lip tint/ lipstick of your choice and dab it on the inner parts of your lips. I like to make five small dots. The lip tint I'm using here is Relay Race by M.A.C.

5. Again, blend it out with your finger. Try to keep the gradient by not over-blending.

6. Finally finish up with a clear lipgloss. I'm using Jelly Drop Gloss by Nature Republic.

And it's done! Can't believe it's so simple right? And the effect is really pretty as well!

Alternatively, if you want to keep your fingers clean while blending, you can use a lip brush instead. The effect is nearly the same. :)

And here are some different variations!

Instead of using red lip tint, here I'm using red lipstick.

Hot Pink Gradient! Check out my new shades from Ellui! I finally got myself a pair of round shades and I love them so much!

Light Pink Gradient. The pink is not very visible as it's really light, but if you like this effect you can try it out too. :) Instead of a normal nude lip with orangey tint, having some pink changes the feel of the look! :D

Lastly, here is also another type of variation you can try. I did not conceal my lips here.

First I applied coral lipstick onto the whole of my lips. Then, I used the red lip tint and blend out for a red to coral gradient. Another idea you can try is a hot pink to light pink gradiation.

Have fun trying and if you have more ideas on gradient lip colour, do leave them in the comments below! Good Luck! :D


  1. Nice tutorial! I think gradient lips are really cute :D

    xx Mandy

  2. Thanks for this tutorial, it's really easy to follow step-by-step :3 I love gradient lips too and another color combination could be from orange to light pink? haha I never tried this but I saw some koreans do this color combination too :D You look so lovely QwQ I can't stress about it enough times haha. I'm like stalking your whole blog atm lolol SENPAI NOTICE ME LOL


    1. No problem! Glad it helped you (^^) You should try it out someday!
      Thank you for your compliment, hehe. And thanks for reading my blog! <3