August 18, 2013

{Review} Etude House BeBe Foot Mask - My Feet Diary

Holla~! I'm back with a review. This time it's not something for your face, instead it's something for your feet! You'd probably know from the title itself already, here I am to review on Etude House's BeBe Foot Mask!

Girls love to wear heels, don't we? It makes your legs look prettier and longer but you pay the price by ending up with calluses or crack heels. I do spa pedicure at home occasionally, but that only gives me smooth legs for a few days. So I wanted to look for something which helps me to soften my feet other than the spa pedicure.

Whoops! Naked face, just came out from shower! :P

Etude house had a sale of buy one free one last month which I bought my trusty Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence priced at RM29.90 so I had an option to choose another product for the promotion. I kept browsing through the store looking for something cheaper or equivalent and I ended up with this foot mask. Thought it would be fun to try out anyways, haha! The foot mask is priced at RM29.90 too and it can only be used once, which I thought is rather pricey for a foot mask... :/

Anyways, here's what's saying on the back of the packaging:

Easy and comfortable foot care sheet that makes sleek and clean feet with the effect of removing keratin, relaxing foot odor and others by wearing it.

1. Wash the feet cleanly and remove the moisture to wear the sheet on the feet.
2. After 1 hour ~ 1 hour and 30 minutes, take the sheet off and cleanly wash off the remaining solution.
3. After 4 ~ 6 days, the keratin is naturally peeled off and the keratin is completely peeled off after about 2 weeks.

Since the skin's supposed to peel off after 4 ~ 6 days, I made it a thing to mark down the date where I applied the foot mask, when it starts peeling and how long it took to completely peel off. Kinda like a feet diary, haha!

3 August 2013

So here's the foot mask looks like out from the packaging. The two 'socks' are attached together and the product are in the 'socks' itself. You'll need to cut it into two so you can wear them on. The package came with two stickers for you to stick onto the socks to hold them still so you can do other things during the 1 hour 30 minutes of waiting. Honestly, although you still can walk with these on, it doesn't feel that nice to walk about, lol. I would choose to use them while sitting in front of my laptop looking through updates on my social media sites :P Also, I would recommend that you use these after your bath when your feet have been soaked or washed in water. :)

After the application of the foot mask, wash off the remaining product. It takes some effort to wash it off completely. A funny side note, I didn't notice that I had to wash it off after the application and the product dried on my feet. It was so sticky and gluey!


8 August 2013

After the application, I've almost forgot about it lol. That night just before I sleep, I was laying on my bed while watching some videos on Youtube then I somehow started rubbing my feet against each other, maybe I'm fidgety that's why. Then I felt like there was a lot of cracked skin coming off. To my amazement, my skin was actually peeling off by itself! It's kinda gross to see but it's fun at the same time, hahaha! The picture on the right was taken the next day. You can see the skin on my heels started peeling off too!

My tip to get rid of the peeling skin is to wash your feet and rub it off while you're taking your bath! Peeling it when it's dry seems like a forever task to me and I'm just too lazy to do so. So I remove the peeling skin in the shower instead! :D Talk about fast and efficient! :D

18 August 2013

And here's my feet as of today! Skin has finished peeling off, ta-da to my smooth feet!

It definitely feels softer now and there are less calluses compared to before, but I find that the foot mask doesn't completely remove all the dead skin :( It's a fun experience though, to try on a foot mask, haha! And just as the packaging said, it did took around 2 weeks to see the finish result. (^^)

Will I buy it again? Well, honestly, given the price and the result, I might have to reconsider. It's not bad, but that that great to me either. But I sure know that I need to get my toenails painted soon~! :P

Thanks for reading and I'll be posting again soon!

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