August 3, 2013

MURUA mode face

Aside from Harajuku styles, Mode is the booming trend now in Japan! One of my favourite style icon is Momoko Ogihara, producer of Mode brand, MURUA. Her simple and chic outfit combinations are to kill for! And of course for a makeup avid like me, I couldn't stop myself from noticing MURUA makeup!

I follow Momoko Ogihara on Instagram I really enjoy all the visuals. Even the MURUA staff and models look so pretty!

Gorgeous, isn't she? :D

Then a while ago I came cross two pictures of MURUA makeup face chart and I was so thrilled to see them! You don't know how much I love their makeup and I finally found a guide for it!

Since I've got the guide for MURUA look, why don't I make a mini tutorial for it? Of course, I don't have all the exact items and shades for this look so instead of a direct replication of the look, here's an inspired version!

Since it's a mini version therefore I didn't take picture of the step by step eyeshadow instruction. Well no, actually I tried to do so but my memory card was full so the photos weren't saved and I only realized afterwards, haha! Nevertheless, I hope it's understandable!

For the top part, first use a bronze eyeshadow and apply it all over your crease. Blend it out well. To intensify the look, I used a grey eyeshadow and apply it onto the eyelid and blend it out as well. You want to achieve a smokey effect. :)

As for the bottom part, first I go over my entire bottom eye area with the same bronze shade and blend it out slightly so that there isn't any harsh lines. Then, apply black eyeshadow to one third from the outer corner. Similarly, apply gold eyeshadow to one third of the bottom eye area but from the inner corner. This is optional, but you can highlight the inner corners and under the browbone with a vanilla shade if you wish to.

For the eyeliner, go for a classic cat eye wing! I noticed that Momoko Ogihara has lash extensions so a generous amount of mascara for her is good to go. I tried so but obviously my lashes weren't long enough. If you're just like me, you can opt for false eyelashes instead.

Urgh, I need new mascara soon, look how dry mine has become... (- -) Any recommendations? :D

Once you're done with the eyes, go ahead any apply blusher and lipstick! MURUA style loads blusher just below their eye area. Go for something like a rosy pink shade. I actually applied crazy amount of blusher here but it's not showing up in the photo. My mom saw me and she was shocked at the amount of blusher on my cheeks lol!

Finish off with a pink lipstick for a subtle look or you can try a striking lip shade such as red or plum! :D

I had fun doing this look! Lash extension is a bomb in Japan! I see so many fashion icons getting lash extension. Saves time and extra effort, haha! I'm thinking of getting them done too only if I have the money. :P

I have a whole week off from nail courses and I'm enjoying my first day of break with a bowl of noodles and a cup of self-blended fruit juice. Added celery into the juice and I must say that it's my WORST decision ever. I hate celery!

Thanks for reading and Happy Weekend! <3

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