August 26, 2013

Mom's birthday celebration @ Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill

Hello sweeties~! I'm still sick with flu and fever right now but I want to blog about my mom's birthday celebration yesterday at Starhill! :D We hardly ever go there because it's a high class mall with branded shops everywhere and the food there cost a bomb. But we bought a 8-dish chinese meal set from Groupon for mom's birthday. (^^)

Happy times can be simple with just your family :) And yeah... I was sick but I wanted to join mummy for her birthday celebration and make her happy, thus my sick face (> <) As a small family, we tend to celebrate our birthday as simple as possible, no parties or the sort. All we do is to have the birthday person choose a restaurant that he/she wants to dine in and we'll all have dinner there! :D Present wise, since both my parents do not want us to spend money on useless things (displays etc) thus they rather have us save up the money instead. But this year I decided to take out a little money from my savings and gave mummy a small present! It's just some organic biscuits which she had wanted for some time but it was rather pricey so she could only walk away from the shelves. Glad that she's happy with the gift since it can be eaten thus it serves some purpose, haha!

Our 8 dish meal at Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill.

We actually thought there are a lot more but when we asked the waitress and was told that there is all we were like 'That's all?!'... It was really little for four of us hence we had to order some add ons to fill our tummies. And by the way, the prices here are so expensive that I can have two to three meals somewhere else...

However, the quality of the food is definitely up to its price. In fact, every dish was nice to me, but please don't trust my taste buds 100% since I was having flu :P Luk Yu Tea House often post up promotion on Groupon so do check out for offers! This time round we got two vouchers for RM 25 each. :) The procedure to purchase is really easy, but remember to mark your bookings at least 2 days before you dine at the restaurant!

Our add on, Braised Ee-Fu noodles with Crabmeat, Golden Mushrooms and Dried Scallop at RM30.

My first time trying Ee-Fu noodles and I must say that it's pretty nice! It's a little chewy and the dish tastes pretty good.

Noodles with Assorted Seafood in Soup at RM26.

The noodles are good too and the soup has a tinge of Chinese Wine. However if you say seafood, I noticed that there're more vegetables than seafood? It's nice though since my family and I prefer vegetables more however I personally dislike pea pod so I left that out :P

Overall, it was an enjoyable night. We ordered Pu Er Chinese Tea which was, well, a few times cost of what you can get somewhere else but we'll just enjoy the dinner without looking at the figures too much, lol. My parents were happy that we get to dine at places like this once in a while however my brother much preferred western food instead :/ The restaurant is nice, great atmosphere and great service. I guess you pay for what you get here~


  1. Wow , such yummy food! OOO: LOL share plis~!
    You checked out my blog a while ago, and i would like to thank you for doing so, because i have been inactive for a while. Would you like to follow each other now? :D xoxo

  2. Ivy- They were good! :D Your blog is good, do keep blogging! :D I'm following yours on Bloglovin, do follow back :D Thanks sweetie! <3