August 26, 2013

Mom's birthday celebration @ Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill

Hello sweeties~! I'm still sick with flu and fever right now but I want to blog about my mom's birthday celebration yesterday at Starhill! :D We hardly ever go there because it's a high class mall with branded shops everywhere and the food there cost a bomb. But we bought a 8-dish chinese meal set from Groupon for mom's birthday. (^^)

Happy times can be simple with just your family :) And yeah... I was sick but I wanted to join mummy for her birthday celebration and make her happy, thus my sick face (> <) As a small family, we tend to celebrate our birthday as simple as possible, no parties or the sort. All we do is to have the birthday person choose a restaurant that he/she wants to dine in and we'll all have dinner there! :D Present wise, since both my parents do not want us to spend money on useless things (displays etc) thus they rather have us save up the money instead. But this year I decided to take out a little money from my savings and gave mummy a small present! It's just some organic biscuits which she had wanted for some time but it was rather pricey so she could only walk away from the shelves. Glad that she's happy with the gift since it can be eaten thus it serves some purpose, haha!

Our 8 dish meal at Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill.

We actually thought there are a lot more but when we asked the waitress and was told that there is all we were like 'That's all?!'... It was really little for four of us hence we had to order some add ons to fill our tummies. And by the way, the prices here are so expensive that I can have two to three meals somewhere else...

However, the quality of the food is definitely up to its price. In fact, every dish was nice to me, but please don't trust my taste buds 100% since I was having flu :P Luk Yu Tea House often post up promotion on Groupon so do check out for offers! This time round we got two vouchers for RM 25 each. :) The procedure to purchase is really easy, but remember to mark your bookings at least 2 days before you dine at the restaurant!

Our add on, Braised Ee-Fu noodles with Crabmeat, Golden Mushrooms and Dried Scallop at RM30.

My first time trying Ee-Fu noodles and I must say that it's pretty nice! It's a little chewy and the dish tastes pretty good.

Noodles with Assorted Seafood in Soup at RM26.

The noodles are good too and the soup has a tinge of Chinese Wine. However if you say seafood, I noticed that there're more vegetables than seafood? It's nice though since my family and I prefer vegetables more however I personally dislike pea pod so I left that out :P

Overall, it was an enjoyable night. We ordered Pu Er Chinese Tea which was, well, a few times cost of what you can get somewhere else but we'll just enjoy the dinner without looking at the figures too much, lol. My parents were happy that we get to dine at places like this once in a while however my brother much preferred western food instead :/ The restaurant is nice, great atmosphere and great service. I guess you pay for what you get here~
August 24, 2013

My Favourite Youtube Gurus

It's Saturday again! It's scary how fast time passes by! Initially I wanted to do a post on gradient lips today but last night I started getting sore throat and when I woke up this morning it was hurting badly and I'm having a runny nose at the same time... (;_;)

It's a free day from me as I have absolutely no plans for today other than resting so I decided to blog. My fingers are always up to some exercise anyways! XD

On free days like this, I really enjoy browsing through videos on Youtube, in fact, I check updates from my subscriptions everyday! There are so many youtube gurus out there who are constantly updating with fun or informative videos. I love what they are doing and their generosity for sharing so many information with us viewers! So here are some of my favourite Youtube gurus!

Bubzbeauty! I love her inspiring videos! In her beauty channel she creates looks which are easy to follow and nail are which are simple and cute! I also love how she prioritize skin care which is so important for a beautiful canvas before you apply any makeup on. She also has another channel for her vlogs which I love too, seeing so much fun in her life makes me feel happy as well. Bubz has the cutest dogs and funniest husband ever, congratulations on their wedding! Check out her videos!

Next, another Youtube guru who emits so much of happy energy, Kandee Johnson! She's been on Youtube for a long time but I haven't got to watch her videos until last month and I must say that I'm hooked onto her quirky and fun personality! She's also very creative and knowledgeable in makeup which is my main interest. She has a blog as well and I enjoy reading her posts. It feels like she's just talking to you, haha!

You know I love makeup, so how can I miss out Michelle Phan?! She gorgeous and talented and has such a beautiful voice! She's one of the Youtube gurus which I have subscribed to for the longest time. I love many of her videos and I'm happy that she has released her own line of cosmetics! How I wish I can be like her someday, hehehe~ One of the videos I love from her was her Draw My Life video. It was so touching and beautiful seeing how she had been through many ups and downs to where she is today.

For more makeup tips, check out gossmakeupartist! Yes, he's a guy but his knowledge in makeup is so much more vast than us girls! You're gonna be impressed by the information he shares in his channel. There are so many tips you and I didn't know and he explains them in detail. Definitely must watch if you are a makeup enthusiast! :D

Next, here's another makeup Youtube guru, Pearypie! She's from Thailand so most of her videos are in thai but she's so gorgeous and versatile with her looks! Although there's a language barrier for us non-thai speakers, I enjoy watching her step-by-step tutorials. It's pretty much understandable to me actually, hehe~ Check out her Instagram and Facebook page!

If you are keen on Japanese culture like me, then don't miss out on J Diary! The channel has just started recently but the video quality is awesome! They show you lots of kawaii stuff such as food, crafts and songs! Do subscribe to this channel! :D

Here's a Youtube guru from Hong Kong, Hana Tam! Her videos might not be for everyone because they are in Cantonese but I love her makeup looks and her bubbly personality! She does vlogs, tutorials and reviews so it's a great channel to subscribe to! Occasionally she does song covers too and yes, she can really sing! Check out her latest video~

Lastly, a channel I recently subscribed to, Blogilates! I found her channel through Bubz and her positive attitude got me hooked onto her videos! For a lazy person like me, for once, I like working out with her! I just started recently on her videos and I'll be posting a post on getting fit soon! Stay tuned!

So what are your favourite Youtube channels? Share them with me in the comment section, perhaps we'll find a mutual interest~! :D
August 19, 2013

Bold and bolder lips

Hello! So bold lips have been on trend for some while now and they are so fun to wear! The colours are so bold that some might not be adventurous enough to wear them out. But it's perfectly alright as you can wear these fun and vibrant colours in gradient lips/ombre lips/stained lips style. (Whatever it's called, haha!)

I only got my hands on a few shades of lippies which shouts BOLD and here they are!

From the left, I have Pink Alarm by IN2IT. It's a drugstore brand but it's very good for its cheap price at RM19.90. This lipstick glides on so smoothly and stays on for long hours! And it's true to its colour shown which is what I love about it! In the middle, I have Sheer Plum by M.A.C. I had it for a long time already and haven't been getting to use it. It's sort of a warm brown tone instead of a plum shade. Very different from the range of colours of lipsticks I have. As for the one on the right, it's Viva Glam by M.A.C. If you read my older posts you'll know how much I loved this lipstick. It has a cool undertone but my skin tone matches both cool and warm undertones so it's alright for me. :)

To show you the comparison between gradient lips and lipstick applied fully, I have took several pictures and put them side by side for comparison. Here I am once again bombarding you with lots of selcas~ :P

On the left I applied Pink Alarm in gradient style. On the right I applied it fully onto my lips.

A hot pink shade is a vibrant shade and it's one of the colours telling you to get out of your comfort zone of safe colour lippies. If you're not daring enough to sport the shade being applied fully, try applying in gradient style instead. Hot Pink brightens up your complexion and make your whole look looks fun!

Viva Glam in gradient style on the left and applied fully on the right.

Red is fun shade! Before you get yourself a red lipstick, do take some time to learn about your skin undertone! Here's a very informative video by Michelle Phan. :) Personally I find red gradient lips very beautiful. It made my lips look dolly and cute! And if you ever face problems such as lipstick staining your teeth, just suck your thumb and pull it out to remove the excess lipstick. (^^)

And here I have Sheer Plum in gradient style on the left and applied fully on the right.

It's fun to see how a brownish lipstick looks on me. :D For the gradient part, I actually blended a little red into it as the shade itself made me looked sickly. :/ But overall I think it looks okay. It's never wrong to try for fun anyways! :D


HAHAHAHA! Never thought I would do so but as I kept trying on lipstick shades black came across my mind and I decided to try it out! I don't have a black lipstick so I used an eyeliner to line the edges and filled it in with my black cream eyeshadow. What do you think of my black lips? Let's kiss someone with black lips hahahaha!
August 18, 2013

{Review} Etude House BeBe Foot Mask - My Feet Diary

Holla~! I'm back with a review. This time it's not something for your face, instead it's something for your feet! You'd probably know from the title itself already, here I am to review on Etude House's BeBe Foot Mask!

Girls love to wear heels, don't we? It makes your legs look prettier and longer but you pay the price by ending up with calluses or crack heels. I do spa pedicure at home occasionally, but that only gives me smooth legs for a few days. So I wanted to look for something which helps me to soften my feet other than the spa pedicure.

Whoops! Naked face, just came out from shower! :P

Etude house had a sale of buy one free one last month which I bought my trusty Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence priced at RM29.90 so I had an option to choose another product for the promotion. I kept browsing through the store looking for something cheaper or equivalent and I ended up with this foot mask. Thought it would be fun to try out anyways, haha! The foot mask is priced at RM29.90 too and it can only be used once, which I thought is rather pricey for a foot mask... :/

Anyways, here's what's saying on the back of the packaging:

Easy and comfortable foot care sheet that makes sleek and clean feet with the effect of removing keratin, relaxing foot odor and others by wearing it.

1. Wash the feet cleanly and remove the moisture to wear the sheet on the feet.
2. After 1 hour ~ 1 hour and 30 minutes, take the sheet off and cleanly wash off the remaining solution.
3. After 4 ~ 6 days, the keratin is naturally peeled off and the keratin is completely peeled off after about 2 weeks.

Since the skin's supposed to peel off after 4 ~ 6 days, I made it a thing to mark down the date where I applied the foot mask, when it starts peeling and how long it took to completely peel off. Kinda like a feet diary, haha!

3 August 2013

So here's the foot mask looks like out from the packaging. The two 'socks' are attached together and the product are in the 'socks' itself. You'll need to cut it into two so you can wear them on. The package came with two stickers for you to stick onto the socks to hold them still so you can do other things during the 1 hour 30 minutes of waiting. Honestly, although you still can walk with these on, it doesn't feel that nice to walk about, lol. I would choose to use them while sitting in front of my laptop looking through updates on my social media sites :P Also, I would recommend that you use these after your bath when your feet have been soaked or washed in water. :)

After the application of the foot mask, wash off the remaining product. It takes some effort to wash it off completely. A funny side note, I didn't notice that I had to wash it off after the application and the product dried on my feet. It was so sticky and gluey!


8 August 2013

After the application, I've almost forgot about it lol. That night just before I sleep, I was laying on my bed while watching some videos on Youtube then I somehow started rubbing my feet against each other, maybe I'm fidgety that's why. Then I felt like there was a lot of cracked skin coming off. To my amazement, my skin was actually peeling off by itself! It's kinda gross to see but it's fun at the same time, hahaha! The picture on the right was taken the next day. You can see the skin on my heels started peeling off too!

My tip to get rid of the peeling skin is to wash your feet and rub it off while you're taking your bath! Peeling it when it's dry seems like a forever task to me and I'm just too lazy to do so. So I remove the peeling skin in the shower instead! :D Talk about fast and efficient! :D

18 August 2013

And here's my feet as of today! Skin has finished peeling off, ta-da to my smooth feet!

It definitely feels softer now and there are less calluses compared to before, but I find that the foot mask doesn't completely remove all the dead skin :( It's a fun experience though, to try on a foot mask, haha! And just as the packaging said, it did took around 2 weeks to see the finish result. (^^)

Will I buy it again? Well, honestly, given the price and the result, I might have to reconsider. It's not bad, but that that great to me either. But I sure know that I need to get my toenails painted soon~! :P

Thanks for reading and I'll be posting again soon!
August 13, 2013


Great things have been happening lately, and I thank God for his gracefulness. Firstly, for the first time ever I get to go on an overseas trip with my family! It's a 8D7N trip to Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand and I'm really looking forward to it! We've been struggling with financial problems all these while and we finally managed to settle some problems and obtained some money for a trip. It's a budget trip but I am very much grateful to be even able to travel overseas with my loved ones. God is good! :D

My parents converted to Christians when I was 8 and I just followed along without truly understanding about this whole concept. Yet I was told to attend church services and lifegroup gatherings by my parents. Feeling obliged, I followed what they've told me to do and joined these services at church but never really enjoyed it. We attended an Assemblies of God church and tongue speaking was pretty much emphasized there and I couldn't cope with that at all and I finally broke down and cried to my mom. I was lost, I didn't know why did I believed in God, what changes did that belief brought upon me. As my heart wavers, I declined any approach towards God by not attending church services, ignoring the hymns my mom loves singing and their words of advice taken from the bible teachings. It was all unmeaningful to me.

It was a heartbreaking moment for both my parents seeing that their daughter rejects salvation. Mom kept asking me the reason why I felt so and I always gave answers with twist and turns. I'm too shy to speak my feelings directly even to my own parents, haha! However, a mom always understands her child, eventually she gave me the book by Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life. It was inspiring, but it was a 30 day read and I wasn't going to do that do I stopped after about two weeks. It lifted my spirits a little higher than before but it dropped pretty quickly as well.

My grandmother came back from Canada and she wanted to attend Cantonese church services which is available at the Baptist church. My parents thought why not give another church a go and they insisted me to tag along. Of course I wasn't enthusiasted about that too and I have difficulties understanding preaches in Cantonese or Mandarin despite my Chinese speaking background as I've been receiving English education mostly. In the end I gave the English service a try and it was much better than before. But what got my spirits uplifted was an extremely inspiring read from Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limits.

I first saw that book featured by one of my favourite Youtube Gurus, Bubzbeauty and was very curious about it. I love reading and Nick's appearance caught my eye and I wanted to know more about this person. I bought the book and started reading it and as I go, thoughts reflecting on my life compared to his kept popping up in my mind. I was wondering, how could he be able to do so much when he's facing physical deficiency whereas me who's bodily perfect gets cooped up at home doing nothing much? He said to belief in ourselves and know that we have potential to do so much more than we expected, to push the limits and try things we've never thought we could achieve. But most importantly, believe that these blessings came from the God above and have faith in him at all time.

It takes a while to completely change, but I felt more love for God and have more faith in him. I used to think maybe God doesn't exist, but now I can feel that he's watching over me all the while. I put my faith in God for every hardships I face, and challenge the possibilities that would become through my prayers. I pray not just for me and my family, but for everyone which touches my heart. You see, I don't always kneel down and pray with my eyes closed with bombastic words. I pray as I'm doing something, as I'm walking, eating, breathing and sometimes even when I'm in the restroom doing my business, haha! I believe that every prayer is heard, and I'm starting to see it! I prayed for Bubz's wedding procession to be held smoothly and was glad she posted a message thanking each one of us that it was a good weather that day. And I prayed for Audrey's delivery too and was glad to see that Fighter looks healthy although he's still a premature baby. Stay strong Audrey, Timothy and Jude! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

It's a very long and wordy post, but if you've read all that, I thank God that you've read it all. It's my first time that I've ever wrote out my testimony after so many years and I just wrote what came out on my mind. I'm happy to have achieve a little something though. :)
August 7, 2013

Food Rage

Although it should be a good thing when my brother who's 10 this year starts to have a good appetite, I can't help but to get extremely frustrated. Everything I saved up to eat is gone in a flash. Let's say mom bought some jackfruit the other day and I had one piece and decided to leave it in the refrigerator to have it later on. But after an hour when I checked the refrigerator again, it's gone! And my told me my brother ate all of it (there were more than 10 pieces).

Well of course I got angry that what I tried to save up to be eaten later on was gone so soon, into his tummy. (- -) Jackfruit was just an example of his glutton lately, he ate a lot more of the stuff I want too.

I'm the sort of person who saves up food and consume them slowly, one by one. Yeah, I cherish food :P If I had a cake with a strawberry on it, I'll have the cake and save the strawberry for last. Which is why I tend to get angry when someone else steals that strawberry which I deliberately tried to save up.

I stand at a slight advantage compared to my brother because I have more allowance than him. That means I can either choose to save it up or spend them on stuff. I confess that I'm rather timid and have several times kept snacks which I bought myself in a corner of a shelf in my room. Of course my family found out and my brother complained that I was not sharing food with him. So I tried to keep food where food should belong, in the kitchen.

What angers me the most is when the food I bought which I wanted to try was gone before I even had it. Look, it's my allowance and i you want to eat it, would you please ask my permission? I would gladly share it with you if you presented good manners. :) DON'T EVER be a rat and gobble up my food without asking.

In my brother's case he had a sister like me so he has to ask first. But I'm the eldest so I only have to ask my parents. I might not understand his position but I've been through the period where you want to eat 24/7. Yes, it's hard to control as you're growing but I remembered that I asked my mom every time I wanted to eat something. When I told my mom about my dissatisfaction towards my brother, she tried to make my see things more open minded. To see the positive side of things instead of the negative ones. To be honest, it's very hard to do so.

I pray that perhaps God would open up my mind about being selfish over food. There should always be enough for us if we ask humbly from him. Perhaps this is something which I have to learn to overcome. They say no matter how tough the challenge is, once you've overcome it you'll become stronger. Just a few days ago I saw Nick Vujicic's tweet saying that there's a FEAR NOT for each days in our lives. Thus we shall not fear as we face the challenges in our lives as God will be there to watch over us when face challenges.

On a side note, a few times I got so angry I told my family that I'm going to buy a mini refrigerator and lock up my food inside. Now that I think of it, it sounds really funny!
August 3, 2013

MURUA mode face

Aside from Harajuku styles, Mode is the booming trend now in Japan! One of my favourite style icon is Momoko Ogihara, producer of Mode brand, MURUA. Her simple and chic outfit combinations are to kill for! And of course for a makeup avid like me, I couldn't stop myself from noticing MURUA makeup!

I follow Momoko Ogihara on Instagram I really enjoy all the visuals. Even the MURUA staff and models look so pretty!

Gorgeous, isn't she? :D

Then a while ago I came cross two pictures of MURUA makeup face chart and I was so thrilled to see them! You don't know how much I love their makeup and I finally found a guide for it!

Since I've got the guide for MURUA look, why don't I make a mini tutorial for it? Of course, I don't have all the exact items and shades for this look so instead of a direct replication of the look, here's an inspired version!

Since it's a mini version therefore I didn't take picture of the step by step eyeshadow instruction. Well no, actually I tried to do so but my memory card was full so the photos weren't saved and I only realized afterwards, haha! Nevertheless, I hope it's understandable!

For the top part, first use a bronze eyeshadow and apply it all over your crease. Blend it out well. To intensify the look, I used a grey eyeshadow and apply it onto the eyelid and blend it out as well. You want to achieve a smokey effect. :)

As for the bottom part, first I go over my entire bottom eye area with the same bronze shade and blend it out slightly so that there isn't any harsh lines. Then, apply black eyeshadow to one third from the outer corner. Similarly, apply gold eyeshadow to one third of the bottom eye area but from the inner corner. This is optional, but you can highlight the inner corners and under the browbone with a vanilla shade if you wish to.

For the eyeliner, go for a classic cat eye wing! I noticed that Momoko Ogihara has lash extensions so a generous amount of mascara for her is good to go. I tried so but obviously my lashes weren't long enough. If you're just like me, you can opt for false eyelashes instead.

Urgh, I need new mascara soon, look how dry mine has become... (- -) Any recommendations? :D

Once you're done with the eyes, go ahead any apply blusher and lipstick! MURUA style loads blusher just below their eye area. Go for something like a rosy pink shade. I actually applied crazy amount of blusher here but it's not showing up in the photo. My mom saw me and she was shocked at the amount of blusher on my cheeks lol!

Finish off with a pink lipstick for a subtle look or you can try a striking lip shade such as red or plum! :D

I had fun doing this look! Lash extension is a bomb in Japan! I see so many fashion icons getting lash extension. Saves time and extra effort, haha! I'm thinking of getting them done too only if I have the money. :P

I have a whole week off from nail courses and I'm enjoying my first day of break with a bowl of noodles and a cup of self-blended fruit juice. Added celery into the juice and I must say that it's my WORST decision ever. I hate celery!

Thanks for reading and Happy Weekend! <3