July 9, 2013

Trim and shape your eyebrows!

Who wants messy brows??? (> <) Eyebrows play an important part in shaping a person's image! Having messy, untrimmed brows are a big NO NO! So today I'll be showing you how to trim your brows and shape them in various styles! :D My cousin previously asked me on how to trim her brows and I thought why not I let my eyebrows grow out for weeks so I can post a tutorial on that? :D I'm sure most of you out there are wondering about this too~ :)

So... before you start trimming your eyebrows, you'll need to know the basic proportion for beautiful eyebrows~! The head of the brows should align with the sides of your nose. The arch of the brows should align from your nose to your iris. The end of the brows should align from your nose to the outer end of your eyes.

This is a basic guideline, of course, you can always change a little here and there to achieve eyebrows which suites you well!

By the way, the nearer the head of your brows are, the slimmer your nose will look. However, don't draw them too close to each other or it'll look unnatural! (The image of unibrows come into my mind, lols!)

Messy brows D: Note: I took this picture a few days before I took the rest of the pictures below, which is why you will notice that the lenses are of different colour.

How do I trim my brows? I always use a tweezer. I know there are many ways out there such as using a pair of mini scissors and cut of some of your eyebrows or shaving the excess off. But just like any hair on your body, the more you cut or shave, the thicker the hair will be. Why would I want that?!

Plus, using a tweezer to slowly trim your brows allows precision as you pluck out hair by hair. Remember to always look further away from the mirror once in a while so that you won't over-pluck!

It takes quite some time but I'm done with shaping my eyebrows! Time to fill 'em up!

For this tutorial, I'll be showing two types of eyebrow shapes... You've guessed it! It's Korean and Japanese eyebrows~!

We'll start off with Japanese eyebrows, shall we? :D For this tutorial, I'm going for a Harajuku style!

Japanese usually sport thinner brows compared to Koreans. It has a slight curved arch and it's usually a few shades lighter than their hair colour. Most of them bleach their brows as well! It's pretty natural so I would use eyebrow powder to fill my brows! And if you have eyebrow mascara, you can always use it too! I don't have one so I'll just skip that.

Lightly fill in your brows and try to keep them slightly curved! It's very natural so you don't need to fill it in a lot. Blend out and voila! You're done! :D

My half-failed attempt on Harajuku style... (T T) I'll try harder next time! :D

Moving on to Korean eyebrows, Korean usually have thick and straight eyebrows. But sometimes they do have eyebrows which slightly curves. However, some Korean celebrities have eyebrows which are more arched than others. It's up to whichever that complements your face shape. Koreans usually fill in their eyebrows with shades similar to their hair colour. And they usually use eyebrow pencil and powder. I'll just stick to powder, lol~

Start from the end of your brows, fill it in like a triangular shape. Sometimes the end can arch downwards a bit depending on your preference. Slowly work your way to the front, with small short strokes. As Korean eyebrows are usually thick and most of us don't have naturally thick brows like so, fill in the empty spaces but make sure you do that moderately! Crayon Shin Chan eyebrows are NO NO~! Blend out the head of the brows slightly and you're done!

It's Korean Ulzzang style so there must be some selca! <3 class="separator" data-blogger-escaped-div="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

Anyways, My best friend to fill in brows is definitely an angled brush! I got mine at Etude House for around Rm12 I think. It's really good! You should get one too! :D

I hope the tutorial was easy enough to follow :) I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to provide step-by-step pictures. m(_ _)m It would've been easier if I was able to film it though... Maybe I'll do that next time (^^;) But if you have any questions do leave them in the comment section! Thanks for reading!