July 18, 2013

{Review} Etude House Ac Clinic Intense

So, for the first time ever I'm showing you my bare skin. No foundation or filter, just a little editing on the brightness of the photos. It might seems as if I have really good skin in my pictures, but I have always been battling with pimples and scars, scars especially! I'm a big fan of Etude House and they had sales previously so I personally bought the AC Clinic Intense range to try them out. I've been using them for more than a month already so I'm here to tell you what I feel about the product! :D

Excuse me that I put on some eye and lip makeup, it's the least I could do to save my vanity self, haha! But I assure you that I applied ZERO foundation!

I got the travel size ones but I find that I can use these for quite some while! :D

I usually get breakouts at that time of the month or when I'm too stressed out so I only use them around that time. But I suffer from lots of scars and these don't go away easily. Sometimes I get with pus but sometimes I get those which doesn't, it just swells up and it hurts. I hate those where I can't get the pus out cause they're usually harder to get rid off completely.

In the AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm set, it came with the Red Spot Balm and Acne Foam Cleanser.

There's a spatula for the Red Spot Balm so you don't need to worry about contaminating the product with dirty fingers. But make sure that the spatula is clean! The balm is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress and it claims to supplies blemish care with fast care and brightening benefits. Basically what I acknowledged from the Sales Assistant is that the product will help to control minor acne problems and helps to lighten up scars. As for me, I thought that the product does help to control minor problems but it doesn't lighten up scars as effectively as I thought it would be. But I tend to use it on days where I have to go out just to control the pimples from getting worse. The balm turns invisible after some while so it's okay to apply light makeup on your skin after you applied it.

The Acne Foam Cleanser which came with it had no descriptions in English and the sales assistant did not explain about it to me so I don't really know what it's about. I use it along with the other products of this range and I find it pretty normal to me. It does its job on cleansing but I don't find any prominent oil control like other acne cleansers. Though, it has the smell of some plant extracts(?) which might treat acne problems?

Update: So I tried using the Acne Foam Cleanser for a week and I find that for my combination skin type, it dries out my non-oily parts of my face. I guess this cleanser is meant for oily, acne prone skin therefore it dries out certain parts of my face.

Here's the AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot set. In it there's Pink Powder Spot, Pink Powder Water and a pack of cotton buds which I've used up. It's really considerate for them to provide cotton buds! :D

I usually use this set for more serious pimple areas. As it leaves a mark after application so I only use it on days where I don't go out or at night only. For the Pink Powder Spot, you need to use a cotton bud and dip in perpendicularly (90°) to pick up the powder. You don't need to shake the bottle itself, just dip in and pick up the product then dab onto areas where it is needed.

Look at all the spots on my face...

The product is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress. AC Clinic delivers trouble care, Pink Powder alleviates trouble swelling on contact to minimize damage.

The other product which came in this set was the Pink Powder Water which is meant to be paired up with the Pink Powder Spot. For this one, you'll need to shake the bottle prior application. Thereafter you can apply with your fingers or with the cotton buds as well. For hygiene reasons, I would prefer using the cotton buds instead.

I must say that I love this set so so so much!!! I actually bought this set before I got the Red Spot Balm set and I was amazed by how fast it cured my pimples! It usually takes up to a week for my pimples to de-swell but this product shortens the time to about 2 to 3 days! It has a strong medicine smell but I'm fine with that. I even let my mom who has an oilier skin around her T-zone than mine on her pimple and she gave positive remarks seeing how it helped her pimple which had been troubling her for days heal the next day itself! I would totally repurchase this set and recommend to my friends!

Pimples be gone! I won't miss you~!

Of course, even with the help of acne products, sufficient sleep and drinking plenty of fluids is important to achieve clear skin! Your body will thank you too for a healthy diet so try to avoid oily or fried food! Lastly don't forget that hygiene is the utmost importance in taking care of troubled skin! :)


  1. I agree with you. It's the best skincare I've ever tried!

  2. Safura Nadhirah- Yay! I'm happy to hear someone else love it too! :D

  3. naomi angela- Hi, I'm wearing Puffy 3 tones Brown. :)