June 21, 2013

Mega Sale @ GlassesOnline.com.my


TGIF! How has your week been sweeties? :D College has been keeping me real busy throughout the week! I have a to-do-list which is forever adding increasing every time I cleared one or two. To keep up with my college homework, assignments and tests, I've been sacrificing my sleep lately and that hasn't been good for my health. What's prominent from that are my panda eyes which worsens day by day. :(

Although the best way to reduce panda eyes is to get sufficient sleep, vain people like me would resort to ways of concealing my panda eyes and diverting attention from them just to look good. Thus, circle lenses comes to the rescue! :D

Why I love wearing circle lenses? Not only do they enlarge my naturally small irises, they brighten up my eyes even when I look tired! There are a wide range of circle lenses selection available nowadays and you don't even need to step into a physical shop to purchase them! A while ago I stumbled on GlassesOnline.com.my and I must say that I'm amazed by their wide range of glasses and contact lenses. They have so many well-known fashionable glasses brands such as Ray Ban, Gucci, Guess, Marc Jacobs and more. As for contact lenses, they carry brands ranging from Acuvue, Freshlooks, SofLens and more for those who need prescriptions or are looking for toric lenses and Geo lenses for people who wants to beautify their eyes like me!

Honestly, I'm rather stingy at times and would not pay for items which are overpriced to me. I tend to look out for sales and discounts to grab items at a cheaper price instead. Which is why GlassesOnline caught my attention as their prices are slashed up to 40% during their Mega Sale promotion! More than 700 products of the best brands are on discounted prices during the promotion, so go grab 'em good deals!

I was browsing through their products and came across the Nunettes sunglasses collection which I found so cute!

Don't you think these J'ADORE sunglasses look so swag? I think they'll go well with most of my coordinates!

I❤☺ sunglasses which are so colourful and fun looking! I'd love to have these as well!

Like what I've said about getting cheap prices, GlassesOnline has kindly sent me a voucher code which I can share with my dear readers! For a minimum expenditure of RM100, you get RM20 off with the above voucher code, GOhanie20. The voucher applies for any products from the shop so happy shopping! :D

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