June 12, 2013

C2age SLAM

I had an awesome weekend at C2age SLAM! Unlike previous years, the event was held at HELP CAT instead of Tropicana City Mall. Perhaps it's the budget constrain? The spotlight of the event was of course, the appearance of Reika, Alodia, Ashley, Clive and Ayase! It wasn't as packed as Comic Fiesta, but there's enough to see (^^)

I met lots of friends at this event! My close friends kept telling me that I know a lot of people and I have lots of friends in the cosplay community, but the truth is I'm not! (^^;) Although I started cosplaying since 2009, there are still people who asked me if it was my first time cosplaying > < Perhaps I'm not active enough or maybe I look different all the time? Hmm...

What made me really happy aside from meeting my friends was to meet all the cosplay guests! I didn't have a media tag this time (which I heard it was of no use) but I saw Reika by accident! Didn't manage to get a photo with her but she looks exactly like her cosplay photos! Also, on day 2 of the event, Alodia, Ashley and Ayase were the judges for the cosplay competition. I was sitting down waiting for it to start and the security team asked us to make way for the guests. Alodia walked past me and smiled at me (she was really looking at me in the eye)! It made me feel happy although I didn't get to meet Reika up close (^^)

Like any other ACG events, I'm currently having what I like to call, Post-Event-Syndrome. Cosplay ideas keep popping up in my mind and I just wish to meet even more cosplayers and maybe arrange a photoshoot! Who knows how long it'll last this time, haha!

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