June 29, 2013

GEO Color Nine AN-A49 Blue Review


Hello lovelies~! Previously I have blogged about GlassesOnline.com.my. They are an online shop selling sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses. If you haven't read it yet, click here to read!

GlassesOnline has kindly sent me a pair of lenses for review purposes! :D

GEO Color Nine AN-A49 Blue
Diameter :14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Material :HEMA
Water Content :42.00%

Natural Lighting

Colour/design: ★★★
These blue lenses are indeed blue! When I fist saw the lenses in the containers, I thought, maybe these won't show up that well after all. But I was wrong! The blue stands out so well! As for the design, I didn't find it very special. Instead of a solid black rim, the design of these lenses are made up of many tiny dots! No, they don't look pixelated, just dots~

Indoor Lighting


Comfort: ★★★★★
I always have no complains on the comfort aspect for Geo lenses! As usual, they are really comfortable!

Enlargement: ★★
At 14.2mm, these lenses are pretty small to me. I have naturally small irises and these didn't enlarge them as much as I thought it would. So if you're looking for enlargement, then these aren't for you. But if you're looking for lenses which are natural (well, not on the colour) then these would be good for you! :D

Overall I find these lenses pretty great! In fact, I will wear them to college as they are comfortable! :D GlassesOnline had been providing great service to me! They replied my emails within hours and I was informed thoroughly on the status of the lenses! Not to mention that their staffs are friendly as well; It makes the whole shopping experience fun! Thank you so much!

Btw, if you didn't know, GlassesOnline has also provided me a discount voucher to share with you all! For a minimum expenditure of RM100 on any items, you get RM20 off with the above voucher code, GOhanie20. How great is that? Happy Shopping!

June 24, 2013

Double Face Portrait - Portraiture.my

Hello! The haze hasn't got better so far so I'm still cooped up at home. :( There isn't class in college today but we have work to do online from our lecturers.

Anyways, a few months back I had a concept photoshoot with my friends! Well, it's more like I'd volunteered when my friend asked me if I could do her a favor and I agreed after knowing how unique the concept was. We travelled all the way to Nilai and it took us more than an hour but time passes by quickly when you have a friend with you, don't you think so? :D Long words short, here are the photos I got!

The concept was double face so you can see a 'profile face' painted on my face. We did this with face painting and it was a huge mess to wash off I must say! The paint dries rather quickly and cracks when I try to move so we had to repaint many many times! As the paint got thicker and thicker, it became harder and harder for me to wash it off.

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience! It was my first concept photoshoot so it was a nice exposure to something I've never done before. I love the artistic factor of the whole concept, it's not something I usually see but I get to experience it myself! :D And... if you're wondering, I was wearing a top, haha! It may not seem so but we made sure to keep only my shoulders area in the frame. :)

Many thanks to my friend, Naito and her photographer friend, Calvin! Both of them were fun and friendly! And I was taught many unique poses you can do with just your hands! :D Do check out Calvin's photography Facebook page at Portraiture.my!
June 23, 2013

College makeup + Products Reviews

Hello lovelies! The weather has been pretty bad here in Malaysia with all the haze from our neighboring country, Indonesia. :( It happens every year but this year the situation has gotten worse than before. D: I've been seeing and smelling haze everywhere since yesterday and it's been making me feel sick. Remember to drink lots of water, wear a mask and avoid going out if it's possible! Take care my dearies~!

So today I'll be doing a simple tutorial on College Makeup! I rush to get ready every morning so I try to keep my makeup as simple and fast as possible! I wake up at 6am for college and get out of my house at 6.30am. It's a pretty short time to get dressed and everything else so I limit myself to get my makeup done within 10 minutes. I need my makeup to be long lasting as well, since I'm usually out for 12 hours. That's pretty long isn't it? Well, if you're just like me, then this would be for you! :D

Also, in this post, I'll be doing simple reviews on the products that I use for my daily college makeup!

Etude house's Precious Mineral BB cream is one of my most loved product ever!

Product desciprtion:
Precious Mineral BB Cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage, Contain sadenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection.

The shade I'm using is W13, Natural Beige. I have lots of pimple scars here and there and this product actually conceals 80% of them for me and by the end of the day there's still about 60% coverage which I'm fine with. Just a small pearl size pump of the BB cream does wonders for me! I usually apply a sheer layer over my face first then reuse the product as a concealer at the same time to cover up my under eye circle and blemishes. Saves lots of time doesn't it? :D

Does the product oxides? Well, it does, but it doesn't turn orangey or dull. It fits my original skin tone nicely! Also with SPF30/PA++, it protects my skin from the harsh midday sun when I go out for lunch with my college friends. I find it really funny that my face is fair whereas my body is slightly tan! XD

Here's Shiseido's Maquillage Aura Beauty Face Powder which I got last year from my aunt.

This product not only acts as a translucent powder, it can also be used as a highlighter, blusher and eyeshadow! I use it to set my BB cream with a light sweep over my face then using the brush that came with it to highlight my nose, forehead, shin and cheekbones. Sometimes when I'm really rushing to get out of my house, I even use the blusher at one go!

The product has a gentle fragrance which I love! It doesn't cake up my face too so that's another thing I like about it. My principle for base makeup is always, 'Less is More'. When I cake up my face too much, I find that it irritates my skin and my face oils up much faster instead. Moreover, a caked up face never looks nice in real!

Next up, Kate's Designing Eyebrow N Ex-5 which I've been using for years! Once again, it's another product which can be used for more than one purposes. Time factor is really important for me!

I used this to contour my nose and filling in my eyebrows. It comes with a mini brush but I hardly use the angled brush end. The fluffy side is alright for contouring, but I find using Etude House's angled brush gives me more control when I fill in my eyebrows.

I don't always stick to a certain eyebrow shape. Sometimes I make them look bold and sometimes they look natural, depending on my outfit for the day. :) But I like how the shades in this eyebrow powder kit compliments with my skin tone and my hair colour for now.

Candy Doll's blush in Strawberry Pink is my default blush shade. The blush is rather pigmented so try to apply it light handed and gradually add up if needed! It brings about a cute natural flush to my face. My complexion is pretty pale so blusher is pretty important to me! I find that the long-lastingness of the product of average only as 50% of it would be gone by the time I reach home. :/

I usually apply it on the apples of my cheeks, from the sides of my face or horizontally. I really do not have a fixed way of applying my makeup as it depend on my mood and outfit each day.

On days where I wake up late and has to rush like mad wihtin 5 minutes I'll only apply a highlighter to my eyes. I find that highlighting your eyes instantly brightens them up, making you look more awake if you were staying up late the previous night. Apply it to the inner corners of your eyes, under the browbone and the center of your eyelids to create more dimension to your eyes while brightening them.

One of my recent purchases was this K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP Micro - Jet Black! What attracted me to this product was the super fine 0.05mm tip!!!

I had been using Dolly Wink's eyeliner for years so I decided to try something new instead. I tend to draw my eyeliner really thin on the inner corners and thicken it towards the end so the super fine feature caught my eye. The price was around the RM50 range as well so it wasn't that cheap to me.

The fine eyelining is well, but I don't particularly like this product after trying it out for some while. I find that the consistency of the eyeliner isn't so great afterall, perhaps it's due to the thinness of the tip hence it wasn't so much of a jet black line. I had to go over it a few times and that annoys me when I need to get my eyeliner done quickly. As for the long lastingness, I guess there wasn't anything amazing which I can talk about since it sometimes fades away when I reach home. I'll have to finish using this up before I can switch to another eyeliner...

Curled my lashes and it's time for mascara! I had lots of experiences using mascara which has tiny bits of stuff which falls off after some while. I don't know what those are but it really irritates me as they sometimes fall into my eyes!

My current love is this Dejavu Fibrewig mascara! It claims to paint on your lashes lol. But what I love about this is that it doesn't have those tiny bits of stuff clinging onto my lashes. It's easy to apply and is removed easily as well! It doesn't clump up my lashes while lenghtening them so that's another plus point! :D

Combed out my messy hair and I'm good to go! I usually skip lipstick because I'm just too lazy to reapply it after meals lol. And if I do apply them they'll leave me with a 'lipstick frame' around my lips if I don't reapply them (you get what I mean right?). Normally when I have sufficient time this is how I would look in college. But on days where I wake up late (I'm sure I'm not the only one) I'll skip mascara instead.

In case you're wondering, my parents are perfectly fine with me going to college with makeup. As long as I maintain my studies well and manage my time well they are okay with it :D Sometimes I do wonder, if I had enrolled into a Fashion college perhaps my dress up would be much more different than now. But oh well, sooner or later I plan to get myself into that industry. I'm just taking a detour instead. :)

My apologies that the pictures in this post was off colour. My phone camera could not detect the white balance well enough and I did not have much time to slowly take the images because, well, I was rushing to college... And in case you don''t know, all (or most) pictures on my blog were taken with my phone camera because I'm simply too poor to afford a proper camera lol. I'm saving up for one already, just a few hundred to go! Doesn't saving up money for something you want so badly seems like something which takes forever to accomplish? Hmm... Anyways, I'll make sure to post better pictures next time! :)

June 21, 2013

Mega Sale @ GlassesOnline.com.my


TGIF! How has your week been sweeties? :D College has been keeping me real busy throughout the week! I have a to-do-list which is forever adding increasing every time I cleared one or two. To keep up with my college homework, assignments and tests, I've been sacrificing my sleep lately and that hasn't been good for my health. What's prominent from that are my panda eyes which worsens day by day. :(

Although the best way to reduce panda eyes is to get sufficient sleep, vain people like me would resort to ways of concealing my panda eyes and diverting attention from them just to look good. Thus, circle lenses comes to the rescue! :D

Why I love wearing circle lenses? Not only do they enlarge my naturally small irises, they brighten up my eyes even when I look tired! There are a wide range of circle lenses selection available nowadays and you don't even need to step into a physical shop to purchase them! A while ago I stumbled on GlassesOnline.com.my and I must say that I'm amazed by their wide range of glasses and contact lenses. They have so many well-known fashionable glasses brands such as Ray Ban, Gucci, Guess, Marc Jacobs and more. As for contact lenses, they carry brands ranging from Acuvue, Freshlooks, SofLens and more for those who need prescriptions or are looking for toric lenses and Geo lenses for people who wants to beautify their eyes like me!

Honestly, I'm rather stingy at times and would not pay for items which are overpriced to me. I tend to look out for sales and discounts to grab items at a cheaper price instead. Which is why GlassesOnline caught my attention as their prices are slashed up to 40% during their Mega Sale promotion! More than 700 products of the best brands are on discounted prices during the promotion, so go grab 'em good deals!

I was browsing through their products and came across the Nunettes sunglasses collection which I found so cute!

Don't you think these J'ADORE sunglasses look so swag? I think they'll go well with most of my coordinates!

I❤☺ sunglasses which are so colourful and fun looking! I'd love to have these as well!

Like what I've said about getting cheap prices, GlassesOnline has kindly sent me a voucher code which I can share with my dear readers! For a minimum expenditure of RM100, you get RM20 off with the above voucher code, GOhanie20. The voucher applies for any products from the shop so happy shopping! :D
June 13, 2013

Nail Art - Colour Application

Proper colour application is important for you nail lacquer to be more long lasting! It also makes the finishing looks better!

I hope the previous post on filing had been a help to you (^^) The next step in achieving beautiful nail art is colour application!

From the left, OPI Chip Skip, OPI Natural Base Coat, OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red and OPI Top Coat.

OPI Chip Skip
To maintain the lacquer on your nails, first you need to balance out the pH level on the surface of your nails. This product by OPI will do the job! Just apply it onto the surface of your nails and it will dry out instantly! It leaves a whitish appearance but that's not to worry about. However, keep in mind to keep the surface of your nails from contact with anything, even your fingers! Or you'll have to reapply the product again.

OPI Natural Base Coat
I'm sure you've pretty much heard of base coat, no? Base coat is needed to protect your nails from yellowing. Besides that, it also makes the colour application smoother, leaving you with a more beautiful finishing!

OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red
We usually use red nail lacquer for practice as mistakes are easily seen with this colour. It's a striking colour and most people wouldn't dare to try this on their nails, but I think you should! :D It makes your hands look fairer! And oh, while I'm using red for this tutorial, that doesn't mean that it's compulsory to use red for

OPI Top Coat
Apply Top Coat when you are sure that your nail lacquer is dry! Topcoat seals up the colour, makes it shine and ensure your nail colours to be more long lasting!

The key in proper colour application is a round cuticle area and even strokes. Try not to get the colour onto your skin.

Start practicing on a piece of paper before colouring your nails. Start from one side and go over to the other side. The below videos shows you how to hold a nail lacquer bottle and how to apply nail lacquer. They're in Japanese but the video itself is self-explanatory.

Once you think you've practice enough, you can proceed on painting on artificial nails or on your own nails. The difference between painting on a paper and on your nails, is that your nails might have a less roundish cuticle line and has a curved surface. But the steps are just the same, so don't worry too much about it. Afterall, practice is the key in mastering colour application!

Good luck on trying!
June 12, 2013

C2age SLAM

I had an awesome weekend at C2age SLAM! Unlike previous years, the event was held at HELP CAT instead of Tropicana City Mall. Perhaps it's the budget constrain? The spotlight of the event was of course, the appearance of Reika, Alodia, Ashley, Clive and Ayase! It wasn't as packed as Comic Fiesta, but there's enough to see (^^)

I met lots of friends at this event! My close friends kept telling me that I know a lot of people and I have lots of friends in the cosplay community, but the truth is I'm not! (^^;) Although I started cosplaying since 2009, there are still people who asked me if it was my first time cosplaying > < Perhaps I'm not active enough or maybe I look different all the time? Hmm...

What made me really happy aside from meeting my friends was to meet all the cosplay guests! I didn't have a media tag this time (which I heard it was of no use) but I saw Reika by accident! Didn't manage to get a photo with her but she looks exactly like her cosplay photos! Also, on day 2 of the event, Alodia, Ashley and Ayase were the judges for the cosplay competition. I was sitting down waiting for it to start and the security team asked us to make way for the guests. Alodia walked past me and smiled at me (she was really looking at me in the eye)! It made me feel happy although I didn't get to meet Reika up close (^^)

Like any other ACG events, I'm currently having what I like to call, Post-Event-Syndrome. Cosplay ideas keep popping up in my mind and I just wish to meet even more cosplayers and maybe arrange a photoshoot! Who knows how long it'll last this time, haha!
June 10, 2013

Konata Izumi @ C2age


Cosplayer- Hanie
Series- Lucky Star
Character- Konata Izumi

Photo by Bubblegraphy

Photos by Razrig

Surprisingly both pictures that I got from both photographers I met at C2age posted up my picture with the same pose! :D I only have photos of my cosplay for C2age on Day 2 so far. The first photo was taken by my friend who has just started her photography page, Bubblegraphy! Do support her! :D The second photo was taken by Razrig whom previously took photos for my Erio cosplay as well! Thank you for the photos!

More updates on C2age coming soon! (^^)
June 8, 2013

Nail Art - Filing

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants beautiful nails yet unwilling to spend bucks at the manicurist, right??? Nails grow out fast and before long, the money you have spent on beautifying them will be gone. I will be posting several tutorials on basic nail art skills, which will show you how you can decorate your own nails at home! :D

To get started on Nail Art, first you will need to learn the right way to file nails!

The basic nail shapes are Square, Squoval (combination of square and oval), Round, Oval and Diamond!

Square, squoval, oval and diamond are recommended for longer nails. If you have shorter nails, round is recommended but you can also try squoval too! :D

The tools you need for filing are a smoother file (240 grit), a cushion file (180 grit) and a nail clipper of course!

Before you start filing your desire shape, trim your nails to your desire length or leave it, if you plan to grow them longer.

Grits represents how rough a nail file is. The lesser the grit, the rougher it is! For example, a grit of 100 is much rougher than a grit of 240. It's important to keep in mind that using a grit lesser than 180 will damage your nails! Also, there is a difference between cushion files and non-cushioned files! Cushion files have a foam layer in between to lessen the pressure applied when you file your nails. Non-cushioned files are usually used to file areas which are hard to get into such as the edge of your toenails. :)

To hold a nail file, place four fingers on top and your thumb below. Just a firm hold is okay so that it's easier for your file to move around when you file your nails! :D

Filing Square or Squoval nail shape!
1. First, place your file parallel to your nail and file until it is straight.
2. Place your file parallel to the side edges of your nails and file them straight.
3. File a little of the corners of the nails for square shape to keep them less sharp. For squoval, file a little bit more to achieve a rounder corner.
4. Lastly, smooth the edges of the nail with a smoother by filing upwards then downwards and along the edges.

Ta-da! Square and squoval nail shape! :D

Filing Round nail shape!
1. First, cut off a bit off the corners if you had squarish nails.
2. Start filing from the side edges and work your way to the middle.
3. Move your file along the round edge a few times to smooth the curve line. Finish up by smoothing the edges with a smoother with the same steps as how you smooth the square and squoval nail shape. :)

Round nail shape is done!

Filing Oval nail shape!

Oval nail shape is similar to round nail shape, it's just that you cut of a bit more of the corners compared to round shape.

Oval nail!

Filing Diamond shape nail!

For diamond shape, cut off the corners completely! Make sure that the mid point is at the middle! File file file~!

Diamond shape nail is done! :D

There~! All five nail shapes are done! :D

Filing is pretty easy to master. Just practice a few time on artificial nails then on your real nail and I'm sure you're good to go! On days when you don't apply nail polish, filing itself will make your nails look prettier already :D Good luck trying!