May 31, 2013

New haircut with 76style, Midvalley

After reading countless reviews regarding 76 style, I decided to pay a visit for a haircut today!

I wasn't sure what haircut I want but I know that I want something shorter as I was bored with my previous hairstyle. I was contemplating for a long time which saloon I should visit and I settle for 76 style in the end. Leave it to the professionals, haha!

Awkward look since I'm too shy to take much pictures in public. (∩。∩;)ゞ

It's best to make an appointment beforehand as the slots are usually full! My appointment was at 12pm but I arrived around 12.15pm and was seated to wait for my turn. My hairstylist was Shaun and he asked me what I wanted to do with my hair before proceeding. I told him I wanted something different as I got bored of my current long and straight hairstyle. He kept telling me how dry my hair was and gave me advise to do the Ultrasonic Treatment. (^^;) I'll be back, alright? :D

Anyways, first I got my hair shampooed and combed through and as always, I felt sorry for the one who had to comb through my seriously tangled dry hair. (._.) However, unlike other saloons, they do not tug my hair hard so I was pretty happy about that :D

The haircut took a while as my hairstylist had to attend to many customers so I was left alone for quite some time. (°^°) And where's my cuppa tea? (°Д°)? Still I'm happy that the hairstylist was patient with me since I told him to cut my hair even shorter after it was nearly done. (^^;) My hair grows fast so I wanted it shorter so that it'll take longer to grow out again...

So here's how it looks in the end! :D

I'm happy with how it turned out! My head feels lighter with half of my original hair length gone! Shaun told me to grow my fringe longer to get a smaller face effect :D I'll grow it out even if it's annoying then XD

Lastly with my new lippie in hot pink :D Mad love this shade for this season!
May 30, 2013

Park Sora Inspired Look

If you love Stylenanda just as I am, I'm sure you will know who Park Sora is. (^^) Not only she has got the looks, she's able to express various types of styles through her modelling. I love her look!

Park Sora's signature points are her thick eyebrows, elongated eyes, deep parallel eyelids, heavy blusher and hot pink, coral or orange lipstick.

Today's tutorial will teach you how to achieve those points!

First of all, you will need to apply BB cream, concealer and set your base makeup with loose powder. Then, you can go ahead and contour and highlight your nose, cheekbones and chin.

1. To achieve Park Sora's eyebrows, first, outline the shape. You want a straight line with an arch on top and a slightly curved line at the bottom.

2. Fill in your brows.

3. Using a pearl white eyeshadow, apply it all over your eyelid to brighten up your eyes.

4. Using a neutral orangey brown eyeshadow, apply on the outer corner and a half of the bottom of your eyes.

5. Highlight the inner corners and under the browbone area using a white shimmery eyeshadow.

6. Line your eyes and wing them out, downwards, about 1 cm. Keep the line as thin as possible. Then, line the inner corners of your eyes to further elongate your eyes.

7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes generously. To achieve Park Sora's deep parallel eyelids, you can use double eyelid tape or the glue method. Although I have parallel eyelids myself, they weren't as deep as hers so I used double eyelid stickers to deepen my double eyelids. (^^)

To finish up the look, blusher horizontally from the corners of your cheeks and blend them out. Don't worry if the blusher looks over exaggerated, that's how Park Sora wears it. (^^) I tried to achieve that but it's not showing well in my photos. (._.;) Don't forget to put on some coral lipstick and you're good to go~!

Park Sora's look gives off an innocent yet mature with a slight sexiness look. The colour combinations that she uses are always in trend so it's good for a daily makeup! :D It doesn't take too long to get your makeup done either! I enjoyed experimenting with it and I think I'll keep her eyebrows style for my daily makeup!

It's been a long while since I've posted up a makeup tutorial. Since I'm still on my sem break, I will be posting up more tutorials so do follow my blog if you're interested! :D
May 28, 2013

I fainted

What has gotten into me, I'm unsure. Yet today I decided to muster up my courage to visit a dentist, which I had been avoiding doing so since my last visit which was, 5 years ago.

I wanted to get rid of the root of a baby back tooth which was not properly removed. And that meant that I had to visit the dentist.

Yes, I do have dentophobia but it wasn't so before my visit to the dentist 5 years ago. Dental visits used to be fine until one day I had to remove a back tooth so I decided to visit a dentist. It was a terrible experience. Not only had he injected my gum at the wrong place twice, he did not wait for the anesthetic to kick in before he pulled off my tooth. And I had not visited any dentist ever since.

Although the dentist I visited today was kind to me and she had the procedures carried out skillfully without hurting me, I fainted. I clearly remembered thanking her as I went out of the dental room and sat down on a chair. My head started to swoon and after a while I was breaking in cold sweat and was unable to hear clearly anymore. My eyelids were shutting and my vision went blur.

Soon later, I was carried up and was slowly dragged into the dental room to lie down for me to recover. My senses slowly came back and I saw my mom, the dentist and the nurses around me. I knew I had fainted then, and I was feeling rather embarrassed.

My mom told me later on that if I had been unconscious for much longer, I would've been admitted to a hospital. I never thought that my phobia could go into this extent. And to make things clear, my wound wasn't bleeding badly at all.

I feel really silly. After all I was the one who wanted to go to the dentist, I was telling myself not to be afraid, I felt relieved when it was removed successfully but I never expected myself to actually faint at the dentist. I want to laugh at myself at the same time cry for my weakness.

It's been a long day and I'm going to rest for now. :)
May 27, 2013

New Layout + Changing Link


I'm sure it must have surprised you that the layout had changed! :D
I opted simplicity for this layout as I wanted to emphasize more on my contents instead of a layout which distracts readers from the main post. It took me a whole afternoon sitting down in front of my laptop toggling all the html coding! I'm happy with the results and I hope you will too (^^)

It's not 100% complete yet as I have yet to change my header but I decided to change the layout first for now. It might take forever for the new header to be up (Opps! :X).

By the way, I have an important announcement to make, that is, I'M CHANGING MY BLOG ADDRESS!
The new URL will be
The URL will be effective from 30 June 2013 onwards. Please remember it! I will be sad if I lose my readers D':

The reason I wanted to change my URL even though I've been using for the past 2 years is because I wanted a blog address which is easier to pronounce and identifies me more. My blog is an important platform for me to express myself hence I wanted it to be as unique as possible.

That's all for now, I will be updating soon! :)
May 18, 2013

One week more


Awaiting for the end of next week for my semester break. I need a rest from college badly!
May 11, 2013

Happy Code

Exams after exams have been keeping me occupied for the past few weeks. There isn't much time to catch a breath at all in this course I'm taking. I had thoughts of blogging daily however I know that I won't be able to do so as my day starts at 6am and towards midnight 80% of the stuff I do is related to college. I don't want blogging to be part of a burden to me, after all, it should be something I enjoy, isn't it? :)

I barely go out on weekends nowadays. So far I had only gone out for shopping once after college started.

Photos in this post were taken on labour day; you can tell how long they've been postponed before I had time to post them up.

That day I took the opportunity to dress up a little bit more. Oh boy, you don't know how much I enjoyed that! College fashion is simple and comfortable. Even if I did dress up, I still felt that something was lack, haha! I usually put on light makeup to college given the time constrain every morning, I'm sure many face that right?

If you have the choice of choosing one makeup product to use, what would it be?

I would choose BB cream for now as my skin condition is not very well yet. However, if my skin gets better, I would choose eyeliner instead! (^^)

I miss those days when I had ample of free time to do whatever I wanted to do. Nowadays I have college stirring around my brain most of the time. I'm envious of those college or university students whose courses are not as bulked up as mine as they still get to do things they enjoy. Momentarily I do wonder that if I had chosen the right course. It's not that I dislike the course, but I felt that I wanted something more than just books and notes.

What can I do? I still have to go through this for the remaining 5 months. It should be alright if I can still set myself straight to my goal. The funny thing is, I find pleasure in ticking off each days that has passed. I felt a sense of relieve and achievement when I see that I have manage through my course for such period of time already.

Every time I tell someone that my course is around 7 months long, and after deducting the holidays, weekends and examination days it's about 4 months plus it had never failed to surprise them. It is really sped up, I admit so but I am not the first batch to go through this express course, there were many who went through this too and excelled.

A goofy picture with my brother (^^)

College friends are pretty okay for now. There are some people I enjoy chatting with and I find enjoyment through so. My classmates crack jokes all the time and I sometimes laugh to myself while reminiscing my daily thoughts.

However, there are times when people get too reliable on me, I get rather uneasy and irritated. I am a little selfish sometimes but I try to help when I can. When a question is asked repeatedly over and over again, I can't help but to reject them. What had been bothering me lately is that my classmates tend to over rely on me during psychology quizzes. Honestly, it was my smart idea (although I wouldn't call it that smart anymore) to start up the quiz. I only wanted more social interaction with my classmates but never would I have thought that people will get over dependent on me as I tend to get almost every question answered correct. The outcome is that I felt that I was the only one doing the quiz in my group sometimes, and that makes me really depressed. :'(

I sincerely hope that other classmates will be able to catch up with the subjects and be able to answer the questions too. I will feel really happy if it's them who answers the questions instead of me. :)

Things that makes me happy the most now are my family and my cats. I love them so much and it really relieves my stress when I interact with them. Of course, they do give me stress sometimes but when you love something, that feeling would overcome the negative feelings. (^^)

It's a rather long and wordy post since it's a huge sum up of what I felt recently. If I had had more time to blog, daily posts of what I feel would've been shorter instead, haha!