April 14, 2013

EOS Fuzzy Petal Pink review

What's better than wearing PINK lenses for this Sakura season?

Mukuchu has recently sent me a pair of EOS Fuzzy Petal Pink lenses and they are really pretty! :D It's my first time wearing pink lenses so I was really excited to try them on!

Indoor lightning

These pink lenses are so eye captivating! If you have darker eye make up, they would stand out even more! I think they are perfect for parties, a night out with your friends or for those who wants to focus attention on their eyes! :D

Close up

I wore them for around 10 hours and they only got a little dry and uncomfortable after my classes. It's inadvisable to wear lenses for excess long hours but I have to get ready at 6am every morning and only take them off in the car ride home which is around 4pm. I hate taking out my lenses halfway throughout the day if I still can tolerate the dryness but these are still pretty alright compared to some which made my vision blur and uncomfortable. #vain

With flash

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

Colour/design: ★★★★
These light pink lenses are unique in terms of colour however the design is not much to be impressed about. As most lenses, they have a black outer rim for a dolly effect but they can look mesmerizing as well. However, because it stands out a lot, these might be unsuitable for those who wants a more subtle effect.

Comfort: ★★★★
I feel that they are really comfortable and I had no problem wearing them for long hours. Even while looking at presentation slides for a long period of time, they still feel comfortable while worn, in fact, I sometimes forget that I even had them on!

Enlargement: ★★
Yes, these do enlarge your eyes as most lenses do. For dolly eyes enlargement, I would say that they are slightly lacking in that part. Yet, as these have a black outer rim, they can still give an illusion of enlargement. To me, these lenses aren't about enlarging your eyes, but they capture attention to your eyes and creates a mesmerizing effect.

I would recommend these lenses for those who wants their eyes to stand out. I really love these because of how it differs from the usual, yes, I like to stand out XD Comfort is a must to me for lenses as I tend to wear them for long hours so if that doesn't satisfy me, I would simply put them away until they are expired lol! But who doesn't want their lenses to be comfortable? I can't stand blinking the whole day and making my eyes suffer. > <


  1. Those are really pretty! I love the colour. I am new to circle lenses, these looks like its worth to try out :)

  2. These are cute :) They are so vibrant too!

  3. Chee- Wow! That's great to hear! :D Usually people who are new to circle lenses often choose those which look more natural instead. But I'm happy an impressed to hear your point of view! (^^)

    THT Christina- Yes, yes they are! :D I love them so! :D

  4. Oooh the pink is really pretty. Love how it's subtle but when you go up close, you can see the pink

  5. Kiwi- I'd like to call it sakura pink as it's a really soft colour. Yet I love how vibrant it looks :D