April 7, 2013

College Life

The blog is not dead yet! I'm sorry that there hasn't been any updates for the past month. Let's just say that I was pretty occupied with college preparation.

Our orientation was on April Fool's itself but gladly no one played any tricks on me :D It was a really fun orientation but as soon as I reached home and had dinner, my body laid itself on the bed and when I was awake again it was the next morning already.

There are lots of activities going on at Taylors College all the time, so it's not just bland college life filled with studies. We even had a class party last friday! But it was meant to break the ice between ourselves since it's still our first week. (^^;) I really do hope that we will have more class activities together, after all it should be fun having new friends in college even though we're only going to be studying together for 7 months... (._.) Yeah, that's right, I'm taking an express SAM programme so I foresee a huge load of tasks to be completed.

To be honest, the speed we're studying at is just right for me! I think that if we had been taking it really slow like the January intakes, I would've been lazing around most of the time by now. But getting things done asap is my virtue!

My aim in college? To score well and get into university and making as much friends as possible!

I'm tired of being introversive all the time when I was in secondary school. Unable to express myself or give opinions due to extreme shyness and lack of confidence made me really depressed deep inside. But I thought, why would I want to keep quiet when I am given the right to express myself? What is wrong with speaking up? I realised that all these while I had been sitting down and waiting for others to approach me to talk but why did't I take the initiative to voice out instead? I aim for a change this year!

Anyways, I do realise that as college start, I'd probably be blogging much lesser. It breaks my heart to say this but with college and nail art classes going on at the same time, my schedule is basically packed every single day so it is very hard for me to sit down and blog a proper post. But for my readers, I'll try my best to manage my time better so I can have at least an hour each day to draft out my posts :D And that's another goal I wish to achieve as well. (^^)


  1. Wow, good luck! That sure is a lot of work crammed in just 7 months (._.')
    I am so envious! :) It seems like you will have lots of fun at college, and you also seem to love what you're doing. I'm still struggling with finding my path, and I will graduate in 3 months. Hopefully I will find something I like just like you.

    Can I ask, what is your course/major (not sure what applies to SAM)?

    All the best, and enjoy your college life! :D

  2. Christabel Ehui- Ehehe~ (>///<)

    Alice- Thanks for your sweet comment! :D I'm sure you can find your path! Just believe in yourself (^^) I don't have a major yet hehe, SAM is a pre u programme, equivalent to year 12 in Australia. But after college I plan to study business in university :D