April 17, 2013


Tested out my webcam today!

College life had been busy lately! Don't worry, I'm not stressed out at all about the amount of work given everyday. I somehow manage to clear them off hahaha!

I hadn't had enough sleep last night as I was woken up several times by my cats which ran around my room and over me while I was sleeping. Lack of sleep makes me really gloomy and down. D: Good things happened today though! My english teacher surprised us with a home baked chocolate cake! She's a serious aura all the time so we were really taken aback by her kindness!

Anyways, I just got my new laptop the previous weekend and I'm really happy to be able to own a laptop of my own! Not needing to share it with others and having absolute private in things I do (I don't mean dirty stuff in case your thoughts went sideways XD). I'm a rather shy person and I hardly ever blog in front of my family members even though my mom knew the existence of this blog, haha!

It's weird that I don't mind people who are close to me to read my blog but I get really uneasy when someone is watching me editing the photos and typing out my blog content. I'm sure some of you can relate to that, can't you?

I had been trying to make friends for the past two weeks. I pretty much talked to most of my classmates and made some friends in the progress, however it seem to me that I still haven't found a group to settle with. Finding friends is not that easy. You find someone which you think is good, yet after some while you find that both of you can't click with each other.

And that progress just have to go on and on until you find someone trustable.

But of course, there are some friends who stick to me (^^;) I like it though, somehow, even it may annoy me sometimes as they 'bombard' me with lots of questions as I feel that I get to learn at the same time. Keeping my mindset positive and being less selfish helps a lot in socializing with others.

Making friends in college is part of college life experience. Keeping your mindset at your college goal and having fun at the same time is important. I always feel that people whom you meet at various stages of your life has a meaning to it. People don't just appear out of the blue you see, even if they may not be the ones that you click with but if you think carefully, these people will help you grow mentally too. And I am grateful to have meet them.

I must admit that it feels really good to allocate some time daily and just pour out my feelings in text. I may not be close to my readers at a personal level, but it always makes me feel good to know that there at at least some people who are reading my feelings. I really appreciate all your support! Every comment makes me smile and they always lighten up my mood no matter how short they are. Thank you :)


  1. I'm not really one to say this as I'm quite a shy person as well, but don't worry about not finding good friends! I was really lonely during my first few weeks as well but things got better over time. :)

    I'm also a college freshie, studying next door at Inti ^^

  2. xAoiSora- Ehhh??!!! Really?! Maybe we can meet up for lunch someday! :D

  3. I'm the same! I like blogging in the library at school when I have no classes...but I don't like people watching me blog or editing my photos on it -.-
    Fighting! ^^ Have fun making new friends! I can't wait until I start at uni...I only have 4 weeks left of school now T-T then I leave!
    It's sad, but I can't wait to move on and try and be less shy! ^^
    Have a great day sis!

  4. Katie Clark- Thank you! Do enjoy your last few weeks of school! We need to step forward and keep walking in life even if we have to part with the past. Appreciate the past moments but not holding on to them and stay stationary at the same spot. ;) Good Luck in uni! Hwaiting!